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Updated: February 1st, 2023 04:46 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendTweet Volume
1.Chelsea 452K+
2.Beşiktaş 316K+
3.Enzo 219K+
4.HERE WE GO 180K+
5.#NeverLetMeGoSeriesEP8 166K+
6.#BunnyPrinceDoyoungDay 159K+
7.Brexit 157K+
8.#따끈따끈_도영빵_생일이_왔옹 157K+
9.#SoundCheckรักก็รักดิซีนุนิว 142K+
10.Benfica 112K+
11.Batman 99K+
12.スクフェス 98K+
13.Romance 91K+
14.#الذكري_١١_لشهداء_الاهلي 89K+
15.Sabitzer 75K+
17.Superman 66K+
18.Robin 58K+
19.#FebruaryStarJihyoDay 53K+
20.Eriksen 48K+
21.Rui Costa 48K+
22.Newcastle 46K+
23.#DCStudios 43K+
24.チェンソーマン 41K+
25.テスカトリポカ 40K+
26.Saints 39K+
27.Southampton 38K+
28.Todd Boehly 37K+
29.Ben Kemal 35K+
30.Broncos 34K+
31.Denver 34K+
32.Sean Payton 33K+
33.Eurovisión 32K+
34.The Authority 31K+
35.Fabrizio 30K+
36.Wallace 30K+
37.Damian 28K+
38.トラロック 28K+
39.The Flash 27K+
40.#NUFC 26K+
41.#BenidormFest2023 24K+
43.Texans 24K+
44.HepSeninle ElifNurYel 22K+
45.Isco 21K+
46.Doherty 21K+
47.Edgar Báez 21K+
48.Agoney 21K+
49.エレちゃん 21K+
50.James Gunn 21K+
51.#俺たちとみんなでTwitterライブ 20K+
52.DeMeco Ryans 18K+
53.Supergirl 17K+
54.Superman Legacy 17K+
55.The Brave and the Bold 15K+
56.Big 12 15K+
57.Pro Bowl 14K+
58.Haas 14K+
59.شهداء الاهلي 13K+
60.Swamp Thing 13K+
61.Carlos Cornejo 12K+
62.Megara 12K+
63.Tuki 12K+
64.Callao 12K+
65.Booster Gold 12K+
66.Green Lantern 12K+
67.Karagümrük 11K+
68.#InterAtalanta 10K+
69.Tanyel 10K+
70.Woman of Tomorrow 10K+
71.プレデター 10K+
72.Muleka <10K
73.Bradley Chubb <10K
74.第119話 <10K
75.#SalarioRosaEnLasMejoresManos <10K
76.King of the Hill <10K
77.球春到来 <10K
78.Liga MX <10K
79.Alice Wonder <10K
80.Şenol <10K
81.دارميان <10K
82.Tyler Huntley <10K
83.Cavill <10K
84.نيوكاسل <10K
85.日村さん <10K
86.Yon de Luisa <10K
87.公式ライバル <10K
88.Chad Green <10K
89.#hakangecenler <10K
90.吉沢さん <10K
91.Midnighter <10K
92.Paradise Lost <10K
94.マキマさん <10K
95.Peacemaker <10K
96.تشيلسي <10K
97.Bruno Guimaraes <10K
98.ククルカン <10K
99.Elseworlds <10K
100.Gods and Monsters <10K
101.#الراجحي <10K
102.이번 달도 <10K
103.Redmond <10K
104.도영날 도영시 <10K
105.Meler <10K
106.Mónica Naranjo <10K
107.tove <10K
108.Damian Wayne <10K
109.福田和子 <10K
110.第376回 <10K
111.Fangio <10K
112.DCEU <10K
113.Wembley <10K
114.のりさん卒業 <10K
115.#星野源ANN <10K
116.Lil Wayne <10K
117.Lanterns <10K
118.Apex Legends Mobile <10K
119.支配の悪魔 <10K
120.Fusa Nocta <10K

Worldwide Popular Tweets Today

Here are just a few of our plans. Up, up, and away! #DCStudios #DCU @DCComics

Jorginho to Arsenal, here we go! Deal agreed on £12m fee, Chelsea accept conditions and documents are being prepared 🚨⚪️🔴 #AFC Personal terms agreed, contract until 2024 with option further year. First contact revealed yesterday night — medical booked. Arteta, key factor.

Twitter trends Worldwide - HERE WE GO by Fabrizio Romano

Marcel Sabitzer to Manchester United, here we go! Full agreement reached on loan deal, no buy option — confirmed 🚨🔴 #MUFC #DeadlineDay Deal set to be signed with Bayern in the final hours as personal terms agreed too. Boarding completed - ✈️ Manchester @TurkishAirlines

Twitter trends Worldwide - Sabitzer by Fabrizio Romano

Enzo Fernández to Chelsea… HERE WE GO! Agreement reached right now between Chelsea & Benfica 🚨🔵🇦🇷 #CFC #DeadlineDay Important: clubs running to get the documents signed before end of the window, it’s finally agreed. Boarding set to be completed — London ✈️ @TurkishAirlines

Twitter trends Worldwide - HERE WE GO by Fabrizio Romano

🚨 Manchester United have agreed personal terms with Marcel Sabitzer — he has immediately accepted and he wants to work under Erik ten Hag. #MUFC He will be in Manchester later tonight waiting for breakthrough in the talks between Man Utd and Bayern on loan deal.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Sabitzer by Fabrizio Romano

And Finally ACTION KING @akarjunofficial on board 🔥 #Thalapathy67

Twitter trends Worldwide - Action King by Seven Screen Studio

Marcel Sabitzer has told Manchester United through his agents that he’d be more than happy to join the club and Erik ten Hag’s project. 🔴🇦🇹 #MUFC Bayern and Man Utd, in contact to discuss terms of the deal with just 9 hours left. Sabitzer didn’t train today.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Sabitzer by Fabrizio Romano

Acabo de llegar a 1 000 000 de seguidores 😭😭❤️ Siempre ha sido una gran meta para mí y se ha logrado. Era mi objetivo para 2023 y lo hemos conseguido Enero. Que locura. Gracias ❤️

Twitter trends Worldwide - Mi 2023 by Shadoune666

Marcel Sabitzer wants to leave and Manchester United are now pushing in talks with Bayern. Discussions on the formula of the deal, ongoing. 🚨🔴 #MUFC #DeadlineDay Chelsea are currently busy with other deals and not with Sabitzer as things stand.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Sabitzer by Fabrizio Romano

“Go for it now. Future is promised to no one”. Sofyan Amrabat post ⤵️📸🇲🇦

Twitter trends Worldwide - Amrabat by Fabrizio Romano

Enzo Fernández 🚨🇦🇷 #CFC It was again a tense night of talks as there’s still no green light from Benfica president Rui Costa to Chelsea €120m proposal. Chelsea wanted breakthrough in the night but nothing yet. Negotiations will continue in the morning. #DeadlineDay madness.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Rui Costa by Fabrizio Romano

Enzo Fernández is currently undergoing medical tests with Chelsea staff there while clubs and lawyers are making sure deal is signed 🚨🔵🇦🇷 #CFC Enzo will fly to England with private flight in the next hours to be unveiled as Chelsea player.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Enzo Fernandez by Fabrizio Romano

Jorginho has completed medical tests and he’s set to sign the contract as new Arsenal player until June 2024 with an option until 2025 🚨⚪️🔴 #AFC £10m plus £2m fee confirmed. 🎥 Ziyech-PSG talks continue, Enzo, Amrabat and more:

Twitter trends Worldwide - Enzo by Fabrizio Romano

Marc Anthony se casó por cuarta vez y aun llora con el mismo sentimiento, viva el amor.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Marc Anthony by Indie 505

Manchester United statement: While investigations continue, assessments indicate that Eriksen is likely to be out until late April or early May”. 🚨🔴🇩🇰 #MUFC “However, there is hope that Christian can return in time to play a role in the final stages of the season”.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Eriksen by Fabrizio Romano
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