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Updated: February 4th, 2023 11:41 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendTweet Volume
1.كاس العالم 388K+
2.Arsenal 324K+
3.#ทฤษฎีสีชมพูEP11 210K+
4.Messi 176K+
5.Liverpool 116K+
6.#BAEKHYUN_is_back 97K+
7.Palace 95K+
8.#배켜니_소집해제한다_짱이지 86K+
9.#MUNCRY 71K+
10.Ali Koç 68K+
11.Wolves 66K+
12.#OurLovelyTreasureTAEHYUN 65K+
13.#태현이의추억으로완성된22번째악보 65K+
14.#كاس_العالم_للانديه 62K+
15.Casemiro 61K+
16.#AZN_LIVEday1 56K+
17.Everton 55K+
18.Saka 54K+
19.#大病院占拠 50K+
20.Gomez 49K+
21.Martinez 47K+
22.ヨハンナ 46K+
23.雪まつり 44K+
24.Rasa 43K+
27.Antony 37K+
28.#カンテの愛し方しか分からない 34K+
29.Leicester 33K+
30.#미지의별_지성의_스물두번째_여행 33K+
31.Newcastle 32K+
32.ناصر 31K+
34.Toulouse 29K+
35.Martinelli 28K+
37.#الهلال_الوداد_المغربي 27K+
38.#ダウンタウンvsZ世代 27K+
39.Wales 26K+
40.Hughes 26K+
41.Klopp 25K+
42.Wizkid 23K+
43.Sabitzer 22K+
44.#EVEARS 22K+
45.源氏物語 20K+
47.Leeds 19K+
48.Nunez 19K+
49.سالم 18K+
50.للهلال 17K+
51.Chandler 17K+
52.Martial 16K+
53.#大河ドラマが生まれた日 15K+
54.McGregor 15K+
55.ブライトン 15K+
56.Burnley 13K+
57.Trossard 12K+
58.Renato 12K+
59.入間くん 12K+
60.Odegaard 11K+
61.Şenol 11K+
62.Keita 10K+
63.Hakimi 10K+
64.نصف النهايي 10K+
65.ارسنال 10K+
66.大光ちゃん <10K
67.かんしゃく玉 <10K
68.リヴァプール <10K
69.Muammer Keskin <10K
70.伝説の教師 <10K
71.Haller <10K
72.中井貴一 <10K
73.Tarkowski <10K
74.大光くん <10K
75.Cryo 5 <10K
76.ABC288 <10K
77.予選の難問 <10K
78.ボーンマス <10K
79.Doucoure <10K
80.Pyro 5 <10K
81.Iheanacho <10K
82.佐田啓二 <10K
83.彩果の宝石 <10K
84.ジンチェンコ <10K
85.︎大会詳細 <10K
86.McNeil <10K
87.ニッポン放送大好き <10K
88.كاسيميرو <10K
89.エバートン <10K
90.日本一の称号と100万円 <10K
91.Wydad <10K
92.チコハニ <10K
93.トロサール <10K
94.岐阜旅行 <10K
95.Dendro 5 <10K
96.ランパード <10K
97.上位300名 <10K
98.カゼミロ <10K
99.世界ふしぎ発見 <10K
100.あさきゆめみし <10K
101.Matip <10K
102.ベルモット <10K
103.#TEPPEN <10K
104.Xhaka <10K
105.#ドッキリGP <10K
106.ايفرتون <10K
107.Necip <10K
108.دياز <10K
109.出川さん <10K
110.ヘディング <10K
111.福岡タワー <10K
112.كوستا <10K
113.唐人町商店街 <10K
114.千ちゃん <10K
115.武蔵刑事 <10K
116.Geo 5 <10K
117.Onana <10K
118.Perth Scorchers <10K
119.こはくくん <10K
120.ラキドロ <10K

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Breaking: Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, league sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The franchise has been informed that Irving prefers to move on ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline – or will leave in free agency in July.

It’s good to be back, but time to get to work! Appreciate the love 💙

Twitter trends Worldwide - Appreciate It by Reece James

The Chinese Spy Ballon is currently floating over our county reminding the world how utterly worthless and weak the Biden regime is.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Thank goodness, the wisdom of the people has prevailed! I am deeply appreciative of the jury’s unanimous finding of innocence in the Tesla 420 take-private case.

Açın gözlerinizi bakmayın şaşı, alayınız gelse yıkamaz şanlı Beşiktaş’ı.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Beşiktaş by Beşiktaş JK

🎧 Kulaklık meselesi tezimizi doğruluyor, kararlar aleyhine olursa bağır, lehine olursa kulaklık tak. #BeşiktaşTümTaşlardanAğırdır

Oh wow, weekend upon us again. Should be working but have a late call….so thought will catch up with some queries. If u have any. Go ahead #AskSRK ( also no marriage proposals today as I have a saying ha ha )


🚨FAMOSOS: Xuxa Meneghel aceita convite da primeira-dama Janja para ser embaixadora da campanha de vacinação com o Zé Gotinha.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Xuxa by CHOQUEI

The same Government that says it doesn’t want to poke a hole in the Experimental Chinese Spy Balloon because it might injure people, Is the same Government that had no problems poking holes in people’s arm with an experimental gene therapy for a Chinese Virus.

Twitter trends Worldwide - The Chinese by Rob Schneider

$356M spent in January and seven new players added to the team… …and Chelsea still drew Fulham 0-0 😐

Twitter trends Worldwide - Fulham by B/R Football

Enzo Fernández starts for Chelsea on his first night as a Blue — Mudryk and Badiashile, two more signings in the starting XI. 🔵 #CFC

Twitter trends Worldwide - Starting XI by Fabrizio Romano

Would Trump have let China fly a spy balloon over our country? Would Reagan? JFK? Truman? No, no, no, and no. So why’s Biden letting China off the hook?

Quantos anos vocês ficaram sabendo que as indicações de Forbes under 30 são pagas? Eu: hoje anos

ESPN Sources: Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving has not shared a list of preferred teams, but he has maintained an interest in the Lakers. LA is expected to be among the teams that’ll explore a possible trade with the Nets.

Graham Potter on Aubameyang out of Chelsea UCL squad: “Pierre has done nothing wrong at all, no problem”. 🚨🔵 #CFC @NizaarKinsella “It’s just unfortunate and Aubameyang will fight for his place until the rest of the season”.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Pierre by Fabrizio Romano
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