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#13ReasonsWhySeason2 - Las mejores reacciones de Twitter

  • Today at 1pm I began #13ReasonsWhySeason2. Tonight, 13 hours later, I finished it. My first-ever single day binge. I believe it was well worth it. My Apple Watch fitness tracker does not agree..

  • 13 Reasons Why Season 2: Thank you for writing such a moving season that tackles such a sensative subject. Heartbreaking but we need to look around us and find the SIGNS people #13ReasonsWhySeason2 @13ReasonsWhy.

  • — Ты её не заслужил. — Я знаю. Мне жаль. — Да пошёл ты. Просто катись к чёрту. #13ReasonsWhySeason2 #13rw.

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  • Brandon Flynn talento indiscusso. #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • #13ReasonsWhySeason2 la justicia de esta serie se parece a la que se aplica acá en Colombia 🇨🇴🤣.

  • — Это ебаная запятая. — Значит, будет обозначать паузу. То есть, ты поставил тату на паузу, чтобы упасть в обморок. — Даже татуировку не могу набить, блять. #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

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  • Holy shit that last episode is fucked up #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • You can hate it, but it has a very good and deep meaning #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • Zachhh😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😍😍😭😍😩☺️😭😍😭😭😍😭😍😭😍😍😍 #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • The fact that I wanted Tyler to go through with the school shooting just proves how much I need a therapist. #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • — ПОШЕЛ НАХУЙ! ТЫ ЕБАНЫЙ НАСИЛЬНИК! #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

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  • Finished season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, and I was not prepared for that last episode. #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • — Это не означает, что я пересплю с тобой или типа того. — Что? Даже рукой не поработаешь? — Она не совсем работает. #13ReasonsWhySeason2 #13rw.

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  • Fuck dem for leaving off on some shit like that😤 #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • Tyler, why the fuck did you kill a bird?! #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • My manzzzz clay is onnna missionnnn 😎😂 🤙🏽#13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • so surprised with zach and hannah’s secret summer 😳 #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • #13ReasonsWhySeason2 amo a Zach y sé que es un buen chico pero le falto el coraje para tomar una decisión a tiempo..

  • Bryce is really trynna pull off the fact he raped Hannah and Jessica Mann 😂👎🏽 #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • Damn! That finale. #13ReasonsWhySeason2 #13ReasonsWhy.

  • Essa temporada de 13 RW só serviu pra pegar mais ranço do Bryce #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • Finally watched the whole season of #13ReasonsWhySeason2 and I really don’t know how to feel. That Tyler bathroom scene was honestly too much for 😭.

  • oe q chch habla tan tranqui con un fantasma este pata ? #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • First of ship Zack and #13ReasonsWhySeason2 #Zannah.

  • Well, that was a load of poorly written dialogue and character development. What a repetitive crap. #13ReasonsWhySeason2 The only good thing was the talented actors who barely pulled off the shitty script..

  • Random thought: Bakit yung hs life sa #13ReasonsWhySeason2 sobrang miserable? Dito sa ph it’s memorable and fun. 🤔 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  • Episode 12!!! So close to the end 😩👀 #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • dobra wciagnelam sie,jestem ciekawa jak to się skończy XD #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • Mi sueño es ver a Bryce en la carcel pagando por todos los daños que ya ha causado #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • Watching #13ReasonsWhySeason2 and trying not to go throught the whole season at one time #challengingmyself.

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