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Carl Sagan’s prediction about America, from 1995. From The Demon-Haunted World.

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.@RepLizCheney reportedly is not able to campaign for re-election at open, public events in Wyoming because of threats to her safety. This, in the United States of America, folks. Think about that..

The FBI raids Trump’s house and the Democrats vote to add 87,000 new IRS agents to go after Americans. Wake up, America..

Impeach Merrick Garland, gut the DOJ, defund the corrupt FBI, and Impeach Biden. Weaponized law enforcement is communism and has no place in America..

The United States of America can be defined by one word: possibilities. This week has shown us that there’s nothing we can’t get done..

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The Inflation Reduction Act will begin to restore fairness to the tax code by making America’s largest, most profitable corporations pay their fair share..

Our only-in-America political system: A 57-43 vote to cap insulin prices fails. A 57-43 vote to exempt private equity subsidiaries from the minimum corporate tax rate succeeds..

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O Brasil está condenado a crescer por 10 anos, PIB subindo além do previsto, desemprego em queda e inflação caindo mesmo com guerra e anos de pandemia! Veja o que os amigos do ex-presidiário estão fazendo pela América do Sul! Venezuela, Argentina… (+).

We can choose to build a future where everybody has an even shot. That’s the America I believe in. And today, we’ve come a step closer to making that America real..

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When I am in America I miss Japanese food. When I am in Japan I miss American food.ーKonosuke Takeshita.

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Facebook and Twitter worked for the Biden Administration to silence its critics such as @AlexBerenson and others. If the government can silence its critics this easily and without outcry or apology, America loses..

plastic off the sofa at the bottom?? church girl being TEN?? HEATED ABOUT AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM???.

Siempre es un buen día para recordar el sacrificio, compromiso y honor de José de San Martín - un patriota que liberó a naciones y prefirió el exilio a la corrupción. Héroe como pocos, es una inspiración para la integración de América. Honremos su memoria..

@FoxNews BIDEN and HARRIS have pics a WAR, with AMERICA, a WAR that will be there downfall, The HARRIS BIDEN Administration is now thinking like HITLER, and nobody can stop them.

Dear Good People in America, Whatever you wish good people in Germany were doing in 1933–do that now. Let’s shut MAGA fascism the hell down..

Jamie Oborne, agente da banda, também confirmou vinda à América do Sul num twitter de resposta à comunidade @THE1975online. Dessa forma, os ingleses vão tocar no Brasil, Argentina e Chile, onde serão realizados os três Lollas da região..

This rule with a perfect record says the market hasn’t bottomed, says Bank of America’s star analyst.

@tamzinblake @celeste_lumin7 Female presenting poison was available in arcades for over a year in the US and Europe it got a worldwide release in arcades before it got a console version. The SNES version was censored by Nintendo America not Capcom, Nintendo did this a lot in the 90s..

@VP Yes, History for Screwing up AMERICA. 👍Yet the Law has not been ENACTED🤥🤡👀 ⚡️Watch out Voters Who you vote in Office b/c you got Screwed Once. Your Raring for a Second 🧐.

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@RepMTG Your “America First”, is a fictitious label you use to imply that non-Christian nationalists aren’t real Americans..

this the exact energy i feel when i play america has a problem. it’s just too good.

@SteveTiger999 Only in heaven. We try as hard as we can in America and we separate ourselves from the undesirables..

Two prominent men died on the Titanic – were they secretly a couple?.

America also isn’t as merciful when it comes to immigrants unknowingly committing crimes once they come to the states. This whole BG case is bringing light to bigger issues while also distracting us from others..

I guess America is like a woman always falling gor@the same lies over and over and getting screwed everytime. O well wait until next time America will fall it again. Let’s go Brandon.

Климатичният пакет на Байдън преодоля най-голямата политическа бариера.

@GregAbbott_TX What Texas people are racist and want to keep out those that helped build America. I refuse to believe that oh no wait a second Texas people are American people hate is bread into them..

@UnaGirovaga O zemo sta per (T9)=SCEMO OPPURE zemo (padre + figlio) sono due nazisti avversari di Capitan America.

@SAtractic @NoContextBrits You knew what I meant, most people just say America for ease.

@warden_america 마르시: 역시 사샤야 아침 댓바람부터 러브레터를 저렇게 많이 받아서 태워버리는구나.

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