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I am angered and saddened by the horrific killings of four Muslim men in Albuquerque. While we await a full investigation, my prayers are with the victims’ families, and my Administration stands strongly with the Muslim community. These hateful attacks have no place in America..

You are a liar @TulsiGabbard. You lie for notoriety and self promotion. Worse yet, as an agent of Russian disinformation you promote Russian aggression and endanger America. You have picked a side. Your side is Russia and authoritarianism..

Investments in the CHIPS and Science Law will create more than 1 million construction jobs alone over the next 6 years building semiconductor factories in America..

Dave Pell
Dave Pell

America doesn’t have a polarization problem. America has a GOP radicalization problem. Cover it that way..

Political violence is about to spread all over America. Jan 6 was a centralized attack—incited by Trump—against democracy & the cops who defend it. Trump & his supporters are now inciting decentralized attacks against democracy & the cops who defend it. This is what they want..

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, America is going to take the most aggressive action we’ve ever taken in confronting the climate crisis and strengthening the energy security of America and the world..

Impeach Merrick Garland and Defund the corrupt FBI! End political persecution and hold those accountable that abuse their positions of power to persecute their political enemies, while ruining our country. This shouldn’t happen in America. Republicans must force it to stop!.

87 years after it was initially signed, the Social Security Act is under attack like never before. We must protect and uphold Social Security because America’s seniors have worked hard all their lives. Your retirement must be safe and secure..

No 👎puedo creer que vendieran el salar de salta @C5N - el negocio del litio se lo queda el amigo de Massa, Vila dueño de América? Espero que ningún presidente o funcionario de turno se arrobe el derecho de todos los argentinos de vender los recursos naturales..

@rcpilot223 @SFGreat_America Do u hear why would we have SNIPERS AT SIX FLAGS.

Acho que eu vou torcer pelo Corinthians nessa CDB,tirando o marginal Fagner eu não tenho nada contra eles. Flu e Fla-Torcidas chata pra carai Spfc- Eliminou a gente America-Seria a pior opção.

Elrond est sur le point de devenir un pillier du web3 ⚡️ Now it’s America, what’s next ? 👀.

Our delegation had the distinct privilege of meeting with the President of Taiwan @Iingwen today. We discussed how America & Taiwan can deepen our economic ties, further strengthen our security partnership & defend our shared democratic values..

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@DineshDSouza Dinesh - As a convicted felon (for election fraud!), what are your views on prison sentencing reform? Sincerely, America.

Quote of the Day: There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle. - Alexis de Tocqueville.


@johnprendergass Wasn’t in Med school at this point. But the physician officially assigned to this FOB clinic was in Italy while I was in Central America. So technically when I needed to medevac anyone I had to coordinate with the SOUTHCOM command surgeon which is HQ around the Miami area..

A private Scottish island with a lighthouse and 5-bedroom home is on sale for less than the average house in America. Take a look..

@AaronParnas That’s a fairly key role, AP. Leaders aren’t as plentiful as you & young @JDCocchiarella seem to believe. Take it from someone who knew Kamala & Sleepy would be terrible for America.

@PanamericanaTV The occupation is bom*bing Gaza now and the hypocritical America and the hypocritical West allow the killing of the children of Gaza and stand with the children of Ukraine. This is the reality of the hypocritical world.

@deannamcraig So, you don’t believe in capitalism anymore. You must HATE America, you COMMUNIST! Just leave. Cuba is waiting.

@mediotiempo Pero estaban mame y mame y mame, con que el América habían perdido todos sus juegos vs los europeos, aquí la diferencia América un grande, Pumas un equipo chiquito.

Women in Kansas turned that rage into action and registered to vote — in large numbers. According to TargetSmart, “70% of Kansans who registered to vote after the Dobbs decision was released were women.” — @MollyJongFast.

When you have extreme poverty still in most Latin American countries and poor healthcare systems, we don’t have time to mess with new viruses. I saw how serious they take this when I was in Latham earlier this year. Good to see!.

Ver esse jogo no campo do América, deu uma vontade enorme de jogar um fut no campo de onze, com torcida e as paradas toda Vida triste.

La toma de posesión, en vivo | Gustavo Petro: “Hoy empieza la Colombia de lo posible” Gustavo Petro hace un llamado a la unidad de América Latina: Dejemos atrás las diferencias ideológicas para trabajar juntos a través de @elpaisamericaco.

@RNCResearch Middle-class families don’t make $400K a year. At least not in real America, which isn’t the billionaire fantasyland you dream about.

@RicInChampions @Kokodewa7890 vabe sul fatto che l America é un posto di merda non vedo cosa ci sia di sbagliato … è proprio diventato un posto per malati.

@RLBroud @Empty_America No rules apply. Government will let them do whatever they want. They get to do things heteros have never been allowed to do:.


@ACTBrigitte And why would he want to inflict “punishment” on Americans if he is going to save America! Once again so Christian of the party that claims to be Christian-based..

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