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Updated: November 20th, 2021 07:36 AM IST

Tyler Wade getting DFA’d after the production he had this year is stunning. They really like Andujar that much??

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I still wonder why the Yankees did not DFA’d Andujar, does he even have anything of value?

¿De promesa a pieza de cambio? 😰 Así pinta el futuro de Andujar con los Yankees:


@YungMagoo @RyanGarciaESM 116 wRC+ is good .207 ISO is great but probably not sustainable for him BB% is okay but god-like for Andujar Z-Contact rate means he hits pitches in the zone I wouldn’t really read into it though, that offensive output isn’t good enough to offset his woeful defense

@xiggy89x @Yankees The annoying thing re guys like Frazier and Andujar is we should have traded them at least 2 years ago when stock was higher

Absolutely disgusting night to be a @Yankees fan. This piece of shit organization kept fucking MIGUEL ANDUJAR over Tyler Wade. Make this right @Yankees Or I’ll kill myself

Miguel Andujar is still a trade option for Yanks but makes sense to hold and wait for NL DH to happen post lock out. Trade value will go up a little.

Oh man, now the Yankees have 10 days to trade Frazier and Andújar for the All-Star of their choice.

@EmSheDoesIt @Yankees How are the Yankees going to trade Andujar and Frazier for Ohtani if they get rid of Frazier

Breaking: Yankees designate Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar for assignment, in exchange for your teams best player 😉

@Zalman888 @Tom_Smith717 Never in a million years would I consider andujar and Frazier as a serious trade package for him just so you know

@tylermilliken_ Not the first young player the Yankees messed up. Andújar, Torres, Mateo, just to name a few

Andujar and Voit are on the roster still but my guess is that they won’t be for much longer.

Remember when those mouth breathing Yankees fanboys said a package of Andujar and Frazier would be enough to trade for deGrom? LMFAOOOOO!!!!!!

Not sure what the Yankees were thinking when they decided to DFA Clint Frazier. It’s going to be extremely tough now to trade only Miguel Andújar for Mike Trout.

Then you the add impact Judge, Torres and Andujar (I know but can’t discount his rookie year) have had and that’s a solid prospect list.

Can’t believe the Yankees would just DFA Clint Frazier like that, dude could net you at least Matt Olson maybe even Montas and Manea if you package Andujar. But now teams will just wait until he gets out on release a waste.

If you had told me a year ago today that Miguel Andujar would be on the roster longer than Clint Frazier

@andrewdifalco13 @JonHeyman How about dfa andujar and wade??? Both are garbage and shouldnt be a yankee, make your expectations higher


@JoezMcfLy I dont get why wade was DFAd and not Andujar. in what world does miggy have more value than wade?


@YankeeFanEarl Andujar has minor league options and you would assume cash knows he has some trade value

@JonHeyman We should’ve DFA’d andujar and kept Wade but none of this is surprising

What a shame, Yankees fans will have to find someone else to pair with Miguel Andujar in their ridiculous trade proposals now.

i remember when yankees fans thought the world of Frazier & Andujar and thought they could package them for practically anything 2 years ago 😂

@JenniferNYC @Yankees And we kept Andujar. Who doesn’t even really have a position. Terrible. Wade brought so much to the team


@nysportsfan2015 Wade will get picked up pretty fast he’s versatile kinda surprised they let him go and kept Gittens or Andujar. Frazier and Odor will be non roster invites to some teams ST

Would assume Miguel Andujar will be traded at some point. Also going to guess Wade re-signs. But despite his shortcomings I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a decent market for him

Tyler Wade getting DFA’d after the production he had this year is stunning. They really like Andujar that much??

For now Voit, Sanchez, Gittens, Andujar remain on #Yankees 40-man roster.

Keeping andujar over Wade when andujar cost 1 mil more and plays 7 less positions is weird

didn’t think T-Wade would get clumped into that bucket! Andujar survives and Wade goes

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