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Beyoncé (“Lemonade” e #RENAISSANCE), Taylor Swift (“Lover”, “folklore” e “evermore”) e Ariana Grande (“thank u, next” e “Positions”) são as ÚNICAS artistas femininas a emplacarem, simultaneamente, todas as faixas de múltiplos álbuns na Hot 100..

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jiminin çalıştığı producer ariana ve selenaylada çalışıyo gerçekten pjm1 sektörü sallayacak.

@daddyastral TOTAL. Es una carta más ariana de lo que se presenta. Además que muchos autores dicen que El Loco es el niño recién salido del útero por lo tanto podría ser una energía más ariana que uraniana..

the girls be grouping my homegirl ariana with the pop girls but my sista is a r&b girl!!! my everything clearly proved that she is an r&b dawl! my girl arianka the next brandy as they be saying.

like i dont know how you can read that and think that she’s blaming ariana. when she’s clearly talking about how upset & angry she was when the SAME company that allowed ariana to take time off to follow her music career, refused to let her take movie roles she was offered..

Jennette McCurdy ‘didn’t like’ her Sam & Cat costar Ariana Grande because she kept missing work to focus on music.

Jennette McCurdy ‘didn’t like’ her Sam & Cat costar Ariana Grande because she kept missing ….

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@_swtamira jennette said it was a senior crew member that would quit if she directed an episode, idk why people think ariana would be like that.

dont love how a lot of the comments have taken this as a slight towards ariana:( jeanette was enduring abuse at this time, the whole point of the book is speaking out about that, she had EVERY right to be jealous of her peer being able to pursue their own dreams.


All this shows me is that Ariana is a strong and dangerous alcoholic and drug user.

You can rise with your mind & make ur higher power proud Like the air u can rise Oh Selena @selenagomez.

not Lana claiming and coming for Ariana neck 💀 love Ariana but this is impressive.

@PopCrave This is foul. Jennette has stated multiple times that she has no beef with Ariana. Phrasing it as if Jennette was jealous, quotation marks or not, makes it seem as though Jennette had a personal vendetta against Ariana. But I guess we shouldn’t expect journalism from a tabloid..

yall posted this knowing her stans would see this as an attack on ariana and then attack Jennette, shes been threw enough this is so gross.

The earth can pull you down with all its gravity And the measure of your worth is sometimes hard to see Selena Queen @selenagomez.

Uma pessoa ariana é tão apegada e ao mesmo tempo desapegada não entendo😵‍💫 #Aries vcs também são assim Arianos(as)? Pq eu simm.

“As if it were shade, you would just throw it all. It’s like you’re trying not to glow at all.” — “The Light Is Coming” – Ariana Grande Sheena B HelloMelissa #SheenaBelarmino.

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