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Amit Shah
Amit Shah

A brilliant chase, well played Team India. Congratulations on this spectacular victory against Australia in the T20 series. Best wishes for the upcoming series. #INDvsAUS.

There are 49 million Kangaroos in Australia & million people in Uruguay which means if the Kangaroos were to invade Uruguay each person wll have to fight 14 kangaroos 🦘.

To those throwing around the We have 71 trade deals since Brexit figure: only four of those are new deals, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the EU. The rest are rollovers, , exactly what we had with those countries when we were in the EU..

Junto con @OHarfuch informamos la detención de una célula delictiva dedicada a la venta y distribución de narcóticos dentro de la Ciudad, hacia EU, Guatemala y Australia. Se confiscaron 345 kg de cocaína proveniente de Colombia, armas, autos. Hay cuatro personas detenidas..

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Fox “news” is preaching hate and division. Sky “news” in Australia is desperately trying to replicate this democracy destroying model. It’s not OK. We are a democracy, our government represents us. We must break up “News” Corporation before it’s too late. The clock is ticking..

Still at least we have the trade deal with Greenland worth about £12 and the one with Australia that makes our farmers poorer ... oh and that other one with New Zealand that will actually dent our so all good. All good..

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Australia is back as a responsible global citizen. An honour to join ⁦@SenatorWong⁩ and ⁦@SenatorDodson⁩ to represent Australia at the UN General Assembly..

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Dara Singh set fire the vehicle in which Australia’s Graham Staines & his 2 children were sleeping & burned them all alive. He is also jailed for murdering a Muslim trader & a Christian priest. Hindu right wing demanding for his release in Odisha, India..

In case anyone’s not across it, the only reason there’s a “debate” about nuclear in Australia is because it’s the latest PR scam being run by fossil fuel giants and their proxies in the media. It won’t happen, they know it, but it will further delay renewables: their sole aim..

#HTEMelbourne: Billie performing ‘you should see me in a crown’ at the @RodLaverArena tonight in Melbourne, Australia. 📸:.

Zee News
Zee News

भारतीय तेज गेंदबाज भुवनेश्वर कुमार के करियर की अब उल्टी गिनती शुरू हो चुकी है. भुवनेश्वर कुमार अब ज्यादातर मैचों में टीम इंडिया के लिए हार का कारण बन रहे हैं. #TeamIndia #Sports.

Also friends in Europe/UK, friends in Australia, friends in Southeast Asia, we got some news coming your way soon! So don’t fret! We won’t leave ya hanging! Also South America we’ll see you on this album cycle as well ❤️.

Hyderabad tickets are now available for sale. Use the below link Check out Mastercard Series 3rd T20I: India v Australia, Hyderabad.

#HTEMelbourne: Billie interacting with fans at the @RodLaverArena tonight in Melbourne, Australia. 📸: nickkpapaa.

#HTEMelbourne: Billie interacting with fans at the @RodLaverArena tonight in Melbourne, Australia. 📸:.

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Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and crescent moon just before sunrise on the 28th of April, 2022 at Perth, Western Australia. - Wonderful photo by Ren Theelen - via Cosmic Intelligence-Agency..

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Australia live news update: Albanese meets King and British PM ahead of Queen’s funeral; Australia should ‘accelerate’ to end of pandemic.

Without Jamie the FIFA Scene in Australia would be nowhere near where it is today. Enjoy the break brother 💚.

David Coulthard / Mika Häkkinen / GP Australia 1997. #F1 📸 Paul-Henri Cahier/Getty Images..

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¿Qué dirá Isabel II en su misteriosa carta? Durante una visita a Australia en 1986, la reina de Inglaterra escribió una carta la cual, según sus instrucciones, debe permanecer cerrada hasta el año 2085..

“I’m gay” “I’m straight” okay and??? Dream just blew up Australia? And you’re laughing??.

@maqwelll maxwell is happy that a Vietnamese midfielder has a high potential because vietnam players dont have a lot of potential sadly also Australia.

Queensland to allow granny flats to be rented as urgent fix for housing crisis.

Australia is vying to become an attractive hub for crypto companies, but rushing regulations could end up pushing them away, suggests Finder Founder Fred Schebesta..

This year, #SuryakumarYadav has scored 682 runs at an average of in 20 matches in the shortest format. His best individual score this year is 117.

El exsurfista australiano Chris Davidson murió a los 45 años tras recibir un puñetazo a la salida de un bar en Australia..

🏴‍☠️ Truth at last a UK will not strike free trade deal with US for years, Liz Truss admits Saying her trade priority is with India & the Gulf states, & joining a trade pact with nations including Australia and Japan Still ignoring the answer on the….

@ICC Babar play on Zimbabwe Afghanistan irreland Bangladesh like that but Kohli only nez Australia England.

Emissions from Australia’s oil and gas industry rose 20% in first five years of safeguard mechanism.

Representatives of Artemis Accords signatory nations - incl. the , Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and Singapore - met for the first in-person meeting to discuss next steps in assuring the safe and responsible exploration of space..

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