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breaking bad bear plushie giveaway 🐻 like to enter 💟 new winner every 250 likes until the release friday!.

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Pipe down, peasants! You must not embarrass your Elite betters by pointing out the disaster that is the Biden economy. So mind your business and eat your gruel and show proper gratitude to your Elites..

Barry is right up there plot-wise with Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and the character writing is so good. Every decision they make seems to come from careful consideration of character, choices consistently unexpected but not unrealistic.

she’s a 10 AND she writes feminist analyses of breaking bad. what more could you want.

gecenin üçü oturup balkonda miss gibi kafa rahatlığıyla mis gibi havada kahvemi içip breaking bad izlediğim 2015 yılını bulun bana pilizzzzz.


being able to know the context of nearly every single breaking bad gif is such a blessing.

Follow me if you like: Eminem Breaking Bad Video Games Anime Sopranos The Office JID Jay Z Kanye West Lil Wayne Kid Cudi.

Sopranos, The Wire, Mas Men, Battlestar galáctica e breaking bad.

The national average for a gallon of gas sits at more than $.

@LionBrosPodcast Give me Game of Thrones. Finally finished Breaking Bad and I did very much enjoy it, but it never got to the peaks that Game of Thrones hit (although it was more consistent).

Listening to Nonagon Infinity as I prepare to make bad decisions in the name of having a good time and breaking away from this oppressive season of burnout I’ve been stuck in.

@LionBrosPodcast Game of thrones. Way more substance than the other 2. Sopranos is good. Breaking bad is one of the most overrated shows I’ve ever watched.

@ghostoffatwhite The last 6 episodes of Deadwood dropped it behind Breaking Bad but your other 2 are indisputable..

llo when memes de otaku pendejo con plantilla de Breaking Bad:.

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@ClintsAyebare Yaaa thats the Breaking Bad one of the Best Series to ever exis Give it 2 episodes.

My goal is to finish Breaking Bad and then see all the episodes of Better Call Saul so I can catch up with everyone and see the finale with y’all.

i would disagree with this tweet but considering breaking bad doesn’t have kim wexler…maybe oomf has a point.


my gf blocked the breaking bad irony acc bc i was sending too many memes. i’m heartbroken.

Nothing has made me want to ditch my smartphone for an old ass flip phone with a loud annoying ring tone quite like binge watching Breaking Bad has.

55: breaking bad season 5 walter white really was one of the most guys ever put on television.

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@arrascaetista las peliculas se me hacen cortas, no sabria que responder, soy mas de series ahi te puedo decir breaking bad.

Hoy empecé nuevamente con Breaking Bad y recordé cuanto odio a Skyler White😩 no se si la odio más que a Wendy Byrde pero se dan un tiro las desgraciadas.

Ya voy por la cuarta temporada de breaking bad y no puede caerme peor Walter White creo que nunca un protagonista me cayo TAN mal, ser inteligente para comportarse como un pendejo orgulloso pelotudo cada vez que tiene la oportunidad me violenta.

@nabilouchk J’dois finir breaking bad pour décider mais pour l’instant c’est mon top 1.

@BoSnerdley Idea for new Breaking Bad prequel: Breaking Balls, the Hank Shraeder story..

si hank s’était retenu de chier la fin de breaking bad aurait été bien différente quand même.

@inversobrio Una forma única de narrar, de contar con lo que estás viendo, con lo que sucede, que acapara toda la atención, dejando a los diálogos en un segundo plano. La mejor serie sin duda hasta la fecha, por encima no cabe duda de breaking bad..

@TfamDaYungOG No kidding Which Breaking Bad actor will be the main villain in Far Cry 7, Aaron Paul?.

Berturut2 nonton Breaking bad, Better call saul, Ozark dan beberpa film mafia lain, tiba2 penasaran nonton Srigala terakhir series. Jeleeeek benerr Series indoo, taii tai.

Senator Heidi Campbell, Anthony Scaramucci & Debbie Edwards Headline #MovingHumanityForward Panel on The “Bad” Brad Berkwitt Show Thursday July 7, 2022 – Breaking News.

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