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Brics: Lula diz a embaixadores que Brics deve atuar em solução para guerra e que Bolsonaro isola Brasil.

India reportedly blocked Azerbaijan from participating in the upcoming BRICS summit. Azerbaijan is not as hostile to India as it is to Greece, but they have zero tolerance to aggressors. Meanwhile, the Greek government pretends Azerbaijan is the liberal antidote to Russia..

Russian and South African youth are set to further develop cooperation & implement cultural and educational initiatives – a corresponding MoU has been signed at the #BRICS Youth Camp.

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Nchi za OPEC kujiunga BRICS, Saudi tayari imetuma maombi, waombaji waliofanikiwa kuanza kutumia mfumo mbadala wa malipo utakaotumia ruble unaoitwa; System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS). Soon Tutashuhudia kifo cha USD kama sarafu ya kihifadhi..

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🇷🇺 Russian and South African youth are set to further develop cooperation & implement cultural and educational initiatives – a corresponding MoU has been signed at the #BRICS Youth Camp.

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Já pensou em uma fusão da OPEC com os BRICS kkkk seria interessante não nego..

政治的立ち位置再確認 アンチ🇺🇦ナチ 反ゼレンスキー 反バイデン 反LGBT「推進」(権利は認める。差別は✖︎) 反NATO プーチンファン トランプファン 親🇨🇳(以前はそうではなかった) 親BRICS (国内政治。現在れいわ支持。元々安倍ファン、アベノミクス信奉者).

Leí un post y me intereso. Paises con mayor cantidad de usuarios internet: 🇨🇳 🇮🇳 🇪🇺 🇺🇲 🇮🇩 🇧🇷 🇷🇺 Tenemos a 4 BRICS y con una enorme cantidad de usuarios entre los 7 paises primeros Esto 😔 NO es una buena noticia porque.

Pres Zuma @PresJGZuma was clinching a progressive Nuclear Deal with our BRICS Friends, Russia - This what happened: ✅Gwede lobbied EFF to stop the Deal. ✅Mmusi Maimane was instructed to demonize the deal with lies. ✅NGOs lied too Today TRANSNET & Eskom are r they⁉️.

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【架空の組織】 BRIKS(ブリカス)別名英国被害者の会 元ネタ:新興5ヶ国のBRICs.

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@ZizzREF なにげにBRICsの他の国に喧嘩を売って行くスタイル モスクワ玉将は勝手に脱落してるけど.

@AZmilitary1 The BRICS are a potent counterforce to Western colonial imperial hegemony..

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Muchos países en bancarrota, como Turquía, q no tiene reservas para pagar sus deudas, están tratando de unirse a los BRICS. Es normal q los países en quiebra q han sido destruidos por el sistema petrodólar se arrimen a los BRICS para escapar de sus deudas.

1) FAKE WW3 2) Global financial COLLAPSE (Ends BRICS) 3) NWO seizes power for 3+ days 4) Military strikes FAST to arrest the criminals world-wide while 5) Public stays indoors for 10 days 6) NEW GOLD-BACKED system already in place for all sovereign nations is revealed!.

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@LandNoli That’s GOOD!But!!!SA is still distant & quite COLD on our relationship with states are benefiting from the huge opportunities coming with the changing global political & econ an economy controlled by eurocentric econ BULLIES,we MUST TRANSFORM & ALIGN.

Último minuto: Sigue la desdolarización, Turqüiye país de la OTAN acuerda comprar gas ruso en rublos y cinco bancos turcos han adoptado sistema de pagos con la tarjeta MIR de Rusia si le sumas los BRICS lo del dólar se va a menos..

@moon33_blue China - tiene prohibido la cryptomineria desde noviembre 2021 - tiene prohibido las cryptomonedas - tienen sus propios buscadores , apps etc Baidu,sogou,shemma etc - su propia moneda digital yuan - India es parte de los brics e ira por el mismo camino , lo anunciarán pronto.

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@adamboogy1107 @idrissaberkane - L’euro et l’UE exploseront tôt ou tard - La crise Ukrainienne nous emmène vers une nouvelle guerre froide et les BRICS seront les grands vainqueurs - Sociologiquement, l’Occident va connaître un grand schisme, ceux qui s’émanciperont du système et ceux qui le feront perdurer.

Je vois les tweets sur ses trajets en avion mais faut arrêter de chouiner sur le mépris de ces gens du «grand monde «Si on s’unissait en nombre c’est eux qui chouineraient Bolloré quitte petit à petit l’Afrique qu’il a bien exploité Les BRICS arrivent à grand ’a plus qu’à.

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Los BRICS está trabajando en una nueva moneda de reserva global y un mecanismo alternativo para pagos internacionales. Todos estos países están acumulando oro..

Remembering again the time I was called uneducated when I said to watch Russia / BRICS as they will ultimately band together for a new economic system… Hmmmmm - #coincidencetheorist READ MORE 🤓.

Una buena candidatura de los brics. Irán sería excelente recomendación. El canciller hace bien sus jugadas..

@myfriendblondie The MtGox chain reaction seems to trigger a crashing tether event. That’s when u strike while the irons hot later this month. With liquidity hub launch in December and the global scenarios playing out, seems we’re getting close. Plus BRICS is applying pressure on the dollar😄.

私はコミュニズムには反対派だけど 中国には日本のようになって欲しくないって思いもある。 BRICs は脱ドルで一勝だ。 ネオコンは気に食わないだろう。.


Britons must bath less but the UK gifts billions to Ukraine. Turkey becomes the GAS hub for EU. The West is in denial. BRICS is moving. Not Racism, it is cultural difference. US threatens Africa. #UK #Turkey.

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