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California owes its success to the creativity and ingenuity of Californians. So, we’re investing back in THEM - infrastructure, opportunity, bringing down costs. Spending for the future - that’s the California Way..

my dumbass scheduled my next therapy appointment on monday at 11am when i’ll be up well past 2am because of nine girls performing in california.

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Nice warm shower then bed. Long two days in California, unfortunately not a vacation.

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@ArthurSchwartz @DonaldJTrumpJr A federal judge just ruled that California ban on purchasing a firearm anyone under 21 is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!.

@elonmusk Hopefully California will fall off and take all the illegals and Dims with it, Adios 💩.

Don Henley - Hotel California (Latin Version) #Impresionante 👏👏👏👏👏.

Científicos de la Universidad de California en San Diego han desarrollado una aplicación para teléfonos inteligentes que puede detectar los primeros signos de la enfermedad de Alzheimer y….

California high school football coach was arrested for giving his football players Adderall #NFL #NFLDraftNews.

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“Things don’t have to be happening to you directly in order for you to fight for them.”.

Man is shot and killed outside Grand Central Market, sending patrons running.

“Things don’t have to be happening to you directly in order for you to fight for them.”.

On location everyday this week… And that’s a wrap on my Week 14 on an ABC show! @ Los Angeles, California.

@ExpoRecruits Aiden Shields (California) (Imperial ) (92251) GPA C/O 2023 6’2 270 D-Tackle All Valley D-Tackle 40+ Tackles 4 sacks 1 forced fumble Email: acshields04@ Instagram : ashields180 Number 760-693-8851.

@StephBennettTV @FOX10Phoenix Go home all you crazy California Washington and Oregon you’re the only one standing out there your crazy ass dog bitches.

日本時間 - 17時間 = カリフォルニア州時間 日本とカリフォルニア州の時差は-17時間。日本の時間からカリフォルニア州の時間を調べるには、日本時間から17時間戻せばよい。単純に引き算で求めることができるが、計算してマイナスとなる場合はさらに2 # #California.

@ajebasingh @elonmusk Imagine being pissed at California for this instead is your employer..

@Theresa89798981 There is no rescuing California unless you get rid of the governor trust me I live here.

@vlighteclipse that reminds me 😭ive been meaning to tell u that i had a dream that rem updated us with more california shows/bigger venue and i hope it comes true.

Mickey’s license plate number DISMISSD is one character too long for a real California plate. #TheLincolnLawyer.

Boss MobilityLife Coach Serving Black Fathers SanLeandro, California #Services4Sale @bossmobility.

@MollyJongFast In California where most of these Hollywood elites live, abortion will still b legal. Prob only a couple states will completely ban it & a couple will be up to birth. Most will have a time frame which aligns w/ apx 70% of the public, as most ppl want a 15 week window..

Anyone interested in my @oliviarodrigo Tickets at - San Diego, California for Wed, May 18, 2022 , 7:30pm Hmu if you’re interested and I’m selling them for a lower price 🙏 #oliviarodrigotickets #OliviaRodrigo.

Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Wood Panel Redwoods State Park California Beach Photo Wall Art, Calming Beach Cave, Yoga Decor, Meditation Space.

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Hit a huge PR in deadlift today. I have my eyes set on beating the California state record..

I wish there was a Japan-themed city here in Southern California where the buildings, transits, commutes, and everything look like the ones in Japan, where the population majority are predominantly Japanese, or at least Japanese-American..

not me crying thinking abt seeing twice grow up going from sixteen to selling out a 45k? stadium in CALIFORNIA!! that is so amazing and im so proud of them. watching them grow and become amazing people, amazing idols to look up to 💗 i really love them so much!! 💗💗💗.

例1:日本20時 - 16時間 = 4時(同日) 例2:日本9時 - 16時間 = -7時 → 24-7=17 → カリフォルニア州は前日の17時 逆にカリフォルニア州時間から日本時間を調べるには、カリフォルニア州時間を17時間進めればよい。夏 # #California.

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