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A recount has confirmed what we already knew: Indicted Colorado clerk Tina Peters lost her election. Peters, a Republican, demanded a recount after losing her primary and baselessly alleging fraud. She will no longer be a county clerk..

BREAKING REPORT: Colorado Secretary of State Candidate Tina Peters Sues Every Clerk in Colorado over Recount.

Officially Official: BARD IS 🔙 The Colorado Rockies have agreed to a two-year contract extension with RHP Daniel Bard, covering the 2023-24 seasons..

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This America First movement is traversing through the entire state. Join me and Congressman Paul Gosar this Sunday in Colorado City! 🇺🇸 #Karizona.

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Just saw someone with a license plate, “way2hi” and that is the colorado moment of the day for me..

A group portrait of the Byers family at a side entrance of the Byers residence at 171 South Washington Street in the Speer neighborhood, Denver, Colorado. (1895).

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Cozy rustic cabin perched on cliff overlooking Colorado’s mountains.

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Under almost no circumstances is it good for a law enforcement agency in Colorado to tell people they were investigating a shooting but omit the fact that it was a law enforcement officer involved shooting where LE officer shot and killed someone. Withheld that info for 14 hours?.

@paulbenedict7 @gatewaypundit “Lynda Zamora Wilson was winning all night on June 28th, only to have her win ripped away after local news had called the race for her.  In fact, the Colorado officials SWITCHED her vote totals with her incumbent competitor and gave the race to him!”.

@OmegaSupreme914 Cal? Nah. ND, KU or Colorado. 5 pods of 4. 4 California teams is redundant.

@spfcinfoss Gostei da escalação, queria ter visto o colorado nela, mas apoio total ao ceni!.

The Colorado Avalanche just got vibe checked by the Toronto Maple Leafs. They failed..

“We can’t build or dam or pipe our way out of this mess. The only effective way to save the Colorado, the Rio Grande and the Southwest’s other rivers is by using less water.”.

@Raymond58453053 Thanks Raymond. Thank you for the kind words my friend. Hat tip to you in Colorado!.

@saraaabitchesss Noo, ma’am no Colorado for me for the rest of the year! I meant tipper :).


@yhuevofrito Madre si, cada año con su slip/boxer, colorado, bordeaux, fuccia o sus derivados.


LOCAL BREAKING NEWS Woman falls off escalator railing to her death at Empower Field at Mile High Via @CBSNewsColorado.

@EBHarrington In Colorado, a divorced couple is prohibited from profiting from the death of an ex-spouse in ANY manner. No ins., pension perks, property, etc..

@Tales_WOW @pgiacomelliit arboleda ano que vem consegue cidadania brasileira, colorado ninguem sabe porque veio, nao fica mais esse ano, entao fica certinho 5 estrangeiros.

@RAMONRAYA23 tampoco exageres ramon entre los jugadores que no toman con seriedad su profesión y los estas personas que están en los medios que tampoco toman con seriedad su trabajo tan malo el pinto como el colorado!.

#NFL campers from Colorado colleges: Tracking players from Air Force, Colorado and Colorado State (Via: @BrentBriggeman).

why has mason changed so much since i’ve lived in colorado this does Not feel like my hometown.

@TRutt4601 @2hrlunch Congratulations. That place you escaped is now trendy..


@JDNalton @AEiffel95 Jordan Morris looking suspiciously like his old self too 👀 his goal involvements vs Colorado were at a high pace And Roldan just carved through half LAFC whole squad including Chiellini to force an OG The haters can’t keep up.

Será um início, de tabela,muito complicado para o Inter. Pois, começar contra o ATM,é um adversário difí,com retorno de alguns titulares,o colorado estará forte e empenhados por um resultado positivo. Dessa forma, #vamointer para obter mais uma vitória e chegar na ponta😁.

@AbertoTorres4 @ABCDigital ¿Y qué dedo quieren que mueva???? el del centro? Si son todos delincuentes de la misma mafia de hedor colorado?.

@elijahforweld Take your garbage else. Keep Colorado beautiful, remove the traitors and war criminal republicans!.

@pgiacomelliit Colorado e Neves (infelizmente), só ficam até 31/12 quando terminam seus respectivos contratos..

Very pleased to see two of six remaining ‘geese’ on our adventures in Colorado Galloping Goose #4 is on static display on Main Street in Telluride. 🧵 1/.

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