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The #Jets announce they have hired Kevin Carter as their OL coach & run game coordinator. This cannot be overlooked. Carter had four teams in on him. He picked the Jets..

I would love to hear Ron DeSantis give one fact or specific reason why this course is objectionable. Bet you he can’t. He doesn’t know anything about it other than it had the words African American in it. He is a modern day Bull Connor..

TRAGEDY: Newly-wed husband, Connor Rissel #diedsuddenly in his sleep. They were just married in September & had just discovered that she was pregnant. “My husband, Connor passed away unexpectedly in his sleep yesterday morning, his wife posted..

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The @CityofEdmonton announced today that they have named a snow plow Connor McBlade-It after the #Oilers captain..

Another person punished by UK authorities for silently praying outside an abortion clinic: Adam Smith-Connor, fined for praying for his aborted baby son. Adam, who drove his girlfriend to the abortion years ago, has suffered intense regret since then..

#TyreNichols is not a singular occurrence in Memphis. Please don’t go back to business as usual just because the officers were charged. We still pay Connor Schilling’s pension even though he murdered Darrius Stewart. MPD has resisted meaningful reform and will continue to do so..

Crazy that it’s now 2 weeks since Connor Watson suffered a potentially serious knee injury & there has been radio silence from the Roosters. I’m all for insular injury reporting when it has a competitive advantage, but surely informing the fans here has very little downside.

Tonight, in tank watch: Connor Bedard: 1G, 7SOG, 15/26 FO Adam Fantilli: 1G, 1A, 9SOG, 12/22 FO Matvei Michkov: 1SOG, 16:57.

Here’s a nearly 1 AM hot take: Connor Bedard won’t play a playoff game on his ELC. The team that gets him will be so deep in a tank it’ll take 4-5 years for them to sniff respectability. Thoughts?.

Mick McCarthy and Terry Connor with the North Stand after putting 5 past Huddersfield on Saturday 🍊🧡.

@soultayshi @Cole11121 We done predicted the wrong slur smh 😔.

@nabrizarp Quem acredita q o coringa vai chegar com o connor e dizer . Connor: Mãe? ..

i’m so serious when i say that i absolutely love watching connor dewar play hockey. he is so persistent and he fights so hard for the puck. idk how he does it but he is a superstar..


An 8-point night (3G,5A) for Connor Fields? Sounds like a GREAT night at the office. The Knighthawks take down the Bandits 15-12 and remain the ONLY undefeated team in the NLL. 👀 HIGHLIGHTS.


why do y’all keep asking for kit connor and joe locke on banter can we be serious for the times.

@THEHONKBOY Karl we need a kit connor and Joe Locke banter podcast please and you’re always cultured king.

He literally went from things like bf best boy friend etc to straight up just saying boyfriend..

LOVE TO SEE IT #Blackhawks Connor Bedard sweater making an appearance in Vancouver on Tuesday night.

Já que o homi voltou que tal uma header nova ?👀🇨🇵 CONNOR IS BACK 🔥.

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@Ara__Connor Pero es que eso lo tiene que valorar alguien y no va a ser un administrativo. El sistema necesita más inversión y más sanitarios, no que la gente no vaya.


@editionofc A tradução da música do teaser Você está obcecado, apenas me deixe ir Você está morto para mim Eu não sou alguém que você conhece Você está morto para mim Você poderia me deixar em paz? Você está morto para mim É meio que o dylan queria esquecer dessa personalidade do connor🤔.

Se Connor non torna dal Kenya tipo ieri, mi ricoverano 😭😭 maledetto fuso orario!! 😣😣 me devastata.

@ContraBorrado Hasta mi coño biológico de que equiparéis ser mujer a ser madre. A las únicas mujeres que nos estáis borrando de vuestra agenda de hembras con crías a quien dedicar vuestras tristes vidas es a las que no parimos ni pariremos nunca..

Well said my Labour colleagues Cllr Handley and Cllr Rhodes 👏 Make no mistake, a vote for the Tories in Crewe is a vote to remove vital investment in the town..

@aus_spirit @Caroline_Connor It does and she the world is a totally foreign landscape to me now.

🔴SECONDO CASO NEL REGNO UNITO Smith-Connor viene multato per aver pregato in silenzio per il figlio abortito 22 anni fa vicino al centro per #aborti in Ophir Road, Bournemouth dove è morto. È la seconda volta che si verifica un simile attacco alla libertà religiosa. (InfoCatól.).

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Tem chances do Dylan se passar pelo Connor e se realmente ele estiver preso Dylan de algum jeito pode se passar pelo Connor e ficar preso no lugar dele.

|| connor, not having read even one book about the juridical system in the server, offering up to be snccgs defendant, unknowing that the sense of justice in this server is Sam.

@PalhacinMuniz Talvez o Dylan seja importante para o Boltz pq ele pode trocar de lugar com o Connor q está preso pelo exército ( pelo que deu a entender ). E o Dylan pediu pra o Boltz o deixar na porta do exército, oq será que ele faria lá ? Falta algo nessa história e precisamos descobrir.

misogyny because a man (kurtis connor of all people) asked what “romanticize your spaghetti” means???😭😭😭.

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