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I got Covid shots in 2021, because I believed the claimed clinical trial results, and trusted the FDA. But looking at mountains of evidence since, I no longer think I made the right decision. These shots are much more dangerous and much less effective than claimed..

Tim Young
Tim Young

How much more money did hospitals make by labeling a death COVID than death by anything else?.

CDC admits mRNA shots can cause myocarditis and blot clots. Also admits natural immunity is real. And concedes that the shots don’t prevent infection or spread of the virus. Therefore COVID “vaccine” mandates are immoral and unethical even according to govt. End all of them now..

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Os bracinhos estão prontos? O governo vai vacinar a população contra a covid-19 com a bivalente da Pfizer. A partir do dia 27/02, seremos imunizados contra a cepa original e a O @minsaude vai fazer uma campanha linda divulgando datas e idades. Chega de negacionismo!.

Federal health agencies have been captured by Big Pharma and grossly derelict in their duties throughout the pandemic. It’s time for Congress to thoroughly investigate vaccine manufacturers and the entire COVID vaccine approval process..

Who else agrees that Rand Paul was right about Fauci and the entire Covid narrative!?.

I will never go into an Emergency room alone again. During Covid lockdowns I dislocated my shoulder completely and I was forced to sit alone in waiting room for an hour with a shoulder totally out of place and no pain medication and no family…..continued.

Hoo Boy. The Atlantic needs to lay off using the phrase “conspiracy theory.” Now that Twitter has abandoned its policy against COVID-19 misinformation, anti-vaxxers are once again free to experiment wildly with their messaging, @kait_tiffany writes..

@healthbyjames Until Trump apologizes for his train wreck administration during early COVID, and for the rushed fake dangerous “vaccines”, he can never be president again..

The funniest habit I cultivated during Covid is flipping though Channels or shows-watching only 5-10 mins and forming my own story for the rest of it and then forwarding it to see if I got it right! What’s a new habit you formed lately ?.

@vgclements1 Fear mongering and ignorance from your part, Vince. COVID-19 is a pro-thrombotic infection that happens to give you flu like illness. There is nothing on that article suggesting the vaccines are to blame. Stop being lazy and inform yourself..

@simranshafqat جی نہیں شاہ صاحب، یہاں امریکہ میں بھی یہی ہورہا ہے۔ اور Covid کے دو سالوں میں یہ کام کئی گنا زیادہ تیزی سے ہوا ہے۔.

@CMerandi That doctor is an idiot. Research into Long Covid is already having results..

@sophielouisecc @benny24a123 She is being blamed for the economic problems and promises she has been unable to fulfill (including those made to improve the lot of the Māori population ) because of covid and the other major events. Lesson ! Never ever be a PM during a deadly pandemic, you can’t win!!.

Q)COVID-19に遺伝的要因はありますか? A)なぜ多くの人は無症状で、ある人はインフルエンザのような症状を示し、呼吸困難で入院する人もいれば、感染者の1%未満が死亡します。なぜこんなに多様なのか?遺伝的要因により感受性・耐性が異なる可能性がありますが、証明されていません。.

@D_Bone Hey @ChrisCuomo if you have a few minutes come talk to us or just listen. Thanks for speaking up about long covid. This community appreciates it. 🙏.

@LauraMiers I’m 99% sure I have long COVID from undiagnosed COVID in 2020. And I also have the same problem you’re talking about..


Fin Fact Friday Aussie bank $CBA has been a solid dividend growth stock over the last 20 years. Despite the GFC and COVID, $CBA have still grown their dividend 150% over the last 20 years. $100k invested 20 years ago has returned $338k in dividends alone! #financialeducation.

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Doctors and animal health specialists must cooperate more closely to ensure that pandemics like Covid-19 can be prevented, spotted and dealt with, experts say @benfarmerDT @TelGlobalHealth.


@MemoryZeta @MFA_China Switzerland might say that; or Sweden. But China? A place with such primitive hygiene, manners and mentality. 🤣.

@Richard84682325 @WhiteHouse COVID caused so much damage that went beyond millions of people dying, and long term bad health for many survivors. Many small businesses went under and people were losing jobs and income. Trump was President in 2019 when it started, and until January, when Biden was President..

@TimRunsHisMouth CAR ACCIDENTS > COVID Police, CMT were instructed to label the diagnoses as covid ar the accident scene..

@VASCinado Ele teve covid e duas lesões quase em sequência. Uma que necessitou até de cirurgia. Normal cair de rendimento..

@SpeakerMcCarthy Your side of the aisle thrived on it when you all caught covid after not wearing masks. Get off, hypocrite! If you thought it was necessary once, it still is. What a stupid issue to performance instead of governance.

New J & J Covid Vaccines Contaminated with Self-Assembling Nano Systems | Carrie Madej.

I need to watch the newer ones, cause I watched every last one of the old ones when I was stuck in the house cause of Covid.

Time Magazine | Pressão econômica do covid faz o preço da carne despencar na China.


@IanCopeland5 And your risk of getting covid is increasing with every jab. Quite the lose/lose/lose scenario..

why Ode To You Europe tour was announced back in 2020 but UNFORTUNATELY have to be canceled due to covid spreading. i’m happy for them tho, we for finally being able to see seventeen in europe. but come on, this can’t be normalized..

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