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Our government sabotaged COVID-19 early treatment. Safe, cheap, widely available drugs were completely ignored. Why would anybody want to put government more in charge of health care after their miserable response to this pandemic?.

Fin de la ilusión: Corea del Norte con brote de COVID-19. Habrá catástrofe, que seguramente esconderán, pues nadie está vacunado y el confinamiento no funcionará. Kim Jong Un ha estado interesado en misiles y quizá esté ya vacunado, pero su pueblo indefenso pagará alto el precio..

Disturbing content warning. Here is the May 2020 video of Jadon Hayden beating an elderly man in a nursing home. Hayden was sent to the nursing home by Michigan health officials to recover from Covid-19..

Second + third doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine provide protection against the Omicron variant for only a few weeks, according to peer-reviewed research published today in JAMA Network Open..

Covid-19 leftover funds must not be re-allocated to the police. We need upgrades to ventilation in our schools and public buildings, and assistance to families who have lost loved ones or wages due to Long Covid. Read @MarkedByCovid statement⬇️.

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NEW: The spread of the Omicron variant has given scientists an unsettling picture of our Covid-19 future: Multiple reinfections, sometimes within months..

Higher COVID-19 Infection Rates Among Vaccinated Children Than Unvaccinated, CDC Data Show.

Este lunes, la @SCJN avaló reservar 5 años los contratos de vacunas contra Covid-19 por motivos de “seguridad nacional”. @MXvsCORRUPCION documentó que la información que ocultan farmacéuticas y gobierno representa 1,660 millones de dólares. 👇🏻.


Covid: 165,1 milhões de brasileiros completam vacinação, 76,8% da população.

世界中でパキロビッドがダブついています。使いにくいという印象やオミクロン怖くない、あるいは最近検査が減ってきたことも関係してるようです。一方、厚労省はガチガチ管理で現場はとても使用しづらいです。余ってんなら、どんどん供給して必要な人に使いたいー。 .

Immune response in #COVID-19: what is next? Have a look at our review on this hot topic! Just out on #celldeathdifferentiation.

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Executive at COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Moderna Abruptly Resigns After 1 Day.

Some Victorian schools have been forced to cancel classes for whole year levels, and return to remote learning as they deal with staff shortages and student absenteeism amid COVID-19 and flu outbreaks..

Pandemi Covid-19 telah mengubah hidup banyak masyarakat. Termasuk hidup dari Habibi, seorang penggemar cosplay. Untuk menambah penghasilan, dari yang awalnya hanya hobi, akhirnya menjadi sebuah profesi. #BeraniBerubah #PerubahanPerilaku.

Pandemi Covid-19 telah mengubah hidup banyak masyarakat. Termasuk hidup dari Habibi, seorang penggemar cosplay. Untuk menambah penghasilan, dari yang awalnya hanya hobi, akhirnya menjadi sebuah profesi. #BeraniBerubah #PerubahanPerilaku.


The Russia-Ukraine war led to massive global food insecurity, which has been already impacted by the warming temperatures and the #coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

África ha mitigado brotes de viruela del mono durante la pandemia de Covid-19.

Cek Fakta: Vaksin COVID-19 Penyebab Hepatitis Misterius pada Anak-anak IKN Rajut NKRI.

Los que andan arrechos. Porque el Covid-19 se fue. Son los malandros. Ahora sin #TapaBoca se pueden identificar..

Bancroft Elementary, posted and dated 5/11, for 1 person last in school on 5/9. #DCPSCovidCases.

Aumentan contagios de Covid-19; si presentas síntomas quédate en casa.

Toksik Epidermal Nekroliz. COVID-19 Aşısı Sonrası - Bildirilen İlk Vaka.

Langdon Elementary, posted and dated 5/11, for 2 people last in school on 5/6. #DCPSCovidCases.

News hosted a panel of experts in pediatric care to discuss how the future of treating children continues to evolve in the face of COVID and the response to it..

. A 49 year old woman with no previous medical history went to the ER one week after the Pfizer Vaccine and was diagnosed with toxic Epidermal Necrolysis..

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Hingga 24 April 2022 di Jakarta Barat usia 12+ yang sudah di vaksinasi sebanyak 83,39% (Dosis 1), 74,58% (Dosis 2), 35,27% (Dosis 3) dan anak usia 6-11 sebanyak (72,14%). Salah satu upaya yang dilakukan untuk segera mengakhiri pandemi covid-19 adalah dengan vaksinasi..

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4 Manfaat Vaksin Covid-19 yang Wajib Diketahui IKN Rajut NKRI.

Wabah Covid-19 sampai saat ini masih terus melanda di Indonesia. Sampai tanggal 18 April 2022,.

Through the trials and challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, what helped the Academy of Our Lady of Guam Class of 2022 get by was their resilience, positive mindset and collective sense of humor..

Not to be interpreted as what it is: the vaccines are not working: Growing Number Of COVID-19 Deaths Among Vaccinated People: Federal Data | ZeroHedge.

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