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The Rockets are trading Christian Wood to Dallas for the 26th pick in the 2022 draft, Boban Marjanovic, Trey Burke and Marquese Chriss, sources tell ESPN..

Tragedy averted: Police in the Dallas area kill a gunman who entered a summer camp for kids : NPR.

NEW: We were in Roma, TX in RGV last night where a massive group of 250+ migrants crossed illegally. There were 138 unaccompanied kids in the group. From Oct-April, there have been 85,688 unaccompanied kids at the border. That would fill up the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium. @FoxNews.


Arsenal are the Dallas Cowboys of the Premier League. It doesn’t matter if we are good or bad - Arsenal on prime time TV is cash money. Yet again they choose us to open the season on Friday night. Unbelievable..

↪️Traspaso de Dallas Mavericks 🔀Llega Christian Wood. Así es el movimiento.

Juego de café “azteca” elaborado totalmente en plata y marfil en 1897 por la empresa Tiffany and se encuentra en el Dallas Museum of Art. Noten la cafetera que tiene una falda de serpientes (Coatlicue),y la azucarera un pectoral de cráneo y manos gusta?.

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GGs @DallasFuel. NOW WE HAVE 2 HEALER. Always Dallas is slow at the starting but I belive they will comeback stronger..

Christian Wood v Dallasu, wow! Za 26. izbor in 4 igralce izven rotacije? Poleg tega ima super plačo, če obdrži nivo igre iz najboljšega leta v Houstonu. Zelo raznovrsten center v napadu ima sicer nekaj pomanjkljivosti, vendar bo Dallas zanj pravšnja ekipa. Zakaj? 👇👇.

📱: happy birthday yo me-- บ่ายแก่ๆของวันนี้ดัลลัสฉลองวันเกิดตัวเองด้วยเค้กชิ้นน้อยในห้องมีเพียงเขาคนเดียว แม่เลี้ยงของเขาไม่อยู่เพราะติดธุระ พ่อกับแม่ของเขาก็ยังไม่กลับมาจากการทำงานอันแสนยาวนาน ถือว่าไม่สุขไม่ทุกข์เท่าไหร่และเค้กก็อร่อยดี.

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lol oh my god this is going to make so many Dallas people mad.

Dallas Turner was not a full-time starter in 2021 — just three starts in 15 games — but he had sacks, 10 TFLs, and 5 QBs. Dude was a Freshman All-SEC and Freshman All-American. Imagine him now a full starter with Will Anderson. I’ll be preaching funerals for QBs..

@Mavs_FFL Dallas fans are so dumb. They really thought Porzingis was the savior just to trade for Christian wood a few years later. Wasting Lukas prime.

CHAOS CREATORS: SONIC ARTS FESTIVAL 2022 August 6th, 2022 Dallas, TX The festival is approaching closer every day! Are you ready to JOIN THE CHAOS? Tickets 🎟 Join our Discord!.

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i don’t take any guy serious at this point especially if they’re from dallas LMAO.

I have a flight booked to Dallas this weekend but ion think im going no more.

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@dubythechef @RocketsCulture im at the half way point. i’m excited for him in dallas, but it hurts to see him go.

Mercato NBA: Christian Wood passa ai Dallas Mavericks, a Houston quattro giocatori #SkyNBA #NBA.

dallas gelecek sene yine max ikinci tur görür porzingisin biraz daha yeteneksiz hâlini almışlar amk houston da daha iyi paket alabilirlerdi ama yine de gençlerin önünü açmak için güzel hamle.

@berkayterzi_ Dallas için bence kötü hamle. Zaten kurşunları azdı 1 tane de olsa wood için vermek takımı bir yere taşımaz. Onun yerine 1-2 tane daha draft hakkı ekleyip grant veya turner’a gitmeleri takımı ciddi seviye atlatırdı. Wood’u po’da hayal dahi edemiyorum..

@Carlosguti211 Si lo han hecho por eso, tampoco habría mucho más en el mercado de Wood. Es un jugador con problemas de varios tipos. Puede ser una muy buena apuesta de Dallas. Lo hablaremos pronto en @drafteados..

This feels like a very good deal for the Dallas Mavericks. Wood is still only 26, a very good 3PT shooter at his position, adds additional size and athleticism, all of which compliments Luka Dončić, and they free up a few roster spots. No-brainer for me..

@furcaylenfox Definitely can’t wait to c what fun things we can find in Dallas huni 😊🥰💜.

Today, it’s all but certain Dallas will be announced as a host city for the #2026WorldCup - here’s a refresher on how AT&T Stadium will accommodate the needed field size. We find out what games it will get (Final🤞) in a few weeks..

Join me and my colleagues this Saturday for the ASCO Direct ™ Highlights in Dallas, TX! Have the opportunity to network with experts in the field and hear about key topics discussed at #ASCO22 Use my exclusive code for 50% off: ADHFC #gotoper.

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Josh Bowe
Josh Bowe

Latest for @mavsmoneyball — The Mavericks trade for Christian Wood is a gamble worth taking.

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The Blair Foundation and the Elite News present North Texas Juneteenth Celebration The event will feature local black-owned vendors, live entertainment, concessions, health, and beauty ....

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Morning I’m holding onto hope that tbz perform sweet when they come back to Dallas x San Jose!! It looks like it’s going to be such a fun song!!.

Trading Wood was always the right decision, all the prospects that are possibly going to fall to us are bigs. Great opportunity for CW in Dallas and a great opportunity for the Rockets to further the rebuild movement, win-win for both sides..

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Yankees é a marca esportiva maia valiosa do mundo, vale US$ pela Forbes, a 2ª é o Dallas Cowboys que vale pouco mais de 5B. #MLBnaESPN.

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