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Danny Green touches the roof and brings down the house! 🤯🤯🤯 (📺: @SpectrumSN ).

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Danny Green touches the roof and brings down the house! 🤯🤯🤯 (📺: @SpectrumSN ).

@GaryODonnell10 @stakes14 and danny green is against coward punchers unless he can make money off one.

@AlexJOates11 Yeh 2 minute rounds 30 seconds rest for Barry I love Danny green but that was rigged.

Danny Green chewing gum and texting on the nek minute oh fuck am I on? Grabs microphone looks interested. #CodeWar #hallgallen.

Danny Green’s new @budweiserusa commercial with Anthony Anderson..

Deadshot @DGreen_14 joins the Official Lakers Podcast to talk about his journey from G Leaguer to two-time champion! 🎧:.

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danny phantom villains seeing the ghost boy with snow-white hair and glowing green eyes for the first time.

Every time Danny Green adjusts his knee pads, take a drink..

Does anyone else notice how Danny Green is constantly adjusting his kneepad 😂😂😂😂 like constantly..

Danny Green is right about the older players back in the day not really giving the younger guys credit when they play them. I remember Joakim Noah talking about how he tried to talk nice to his idol Kevin Garnett and KG just told him to fuck off 😭.

Luke Walton didn’t have Anthony Davis, Danny Green or Avery Bradley so this a REAL stab at Luke and trash analysis..

Did Allie say Danny Green was due for a bad What kind of silly talk is that.

Book doesn’t fare well against Danny Green. Dude only averaged 16 ppg in 10 matchups. Caruso got in his head and it became a personal BIG reason why the Lakers won.

@HerciMerci @ShannonSharpe Kawhi got outscored by 5 Starters in the 2019 Finals he also got outscored by Shane Battier in the 2013 Finals as well as Mario Chalmers and Danny Green.

@kingsofthespore İlerleyen süreçte ofansif açıdan istikrar yakalamış, hatta kendini aşmış bir Kuzma ve sağlıklı bi Danny Green ile bir nebze kafa tutabileceğimizi düşünüyorum. Yine de haklısın Lebron’un yanında özellikle son yıllarda net bi şutör olmadı. Umarım bu zaafiyeti aşarlar sezon içinde.

Kawhi comes into OUR country, loves OUR way of life, loves OUR milk and honey, you could at least drop 0 points on us like Danny Green..

Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard through games of this reunion back-to-back vs the Raptors: 0-for-10, 4 points, 5 turnovers..

Theory: Kawhi knows Winnipeg exists because his boy Danny Green was in Winnipeg in the final days of his free agency and they were in contact consistently because Green was trying to wait on Leonard’s move..

Danny Green will forever be a raptor. Wishing him the best #raptors.

It’s everyone’s fault. No one played well, esp Danny Green.

@herseynba Danny green ve kawhi gibi iki oyuncuyu kaybetmelerine rağmen harika iş çıkartıyorlar, siakam ve melekleri istekli gidiyor bu sene de bakalım, gönlüm philadelphiadan yana ama:(.

Exactly !! Danny Green is a starter and had ZERO points and I haven’t heard a PEEP. Nowhere to be found.

Danny Green (@DGreen_14) embraces his old teammates in his first game against the Raps since the championship..

Raptors coach Nick Nurse on Danny Green: “Danny was a real glue guy for us. Tremendous leadership. Just a real winner ... he had a championship under his belt. He was a super individual, and super enjoyable to coach ... he’s awesome.” Added that Green’s 45% from 3 didnt hurt..

In their own words: The Raptors on how Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green forever changed them:.

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