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Holdin it down at halftime tomorrow night! @MistahFAB @E40 #DubNation.

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Should the #Warriors still max both Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson? #DubNation.

It’ll be a rough next year but I wish them both strength and a speedy recovery 💙💛 #DubNation.

It was like 18 minutes of Game action after this but #DubNation wants to talk about calls in the 3rd Quarter. Sad. -Pavy.

El escolta de #DubNation se entregó por completo en el Juego 6 de las #NBAFinals y esto lo demuestra..

Don’t matter #DUBNATION don’t want to talk to me today that’s what matters. -Pavy.

It’s great that everyone is so happy for the @Raptors but lets be they got lucky and @warriors ran out of luck and had 2 major injuries 😣 so congrats to Toronto but the Dubs will be back and better than ever! #dubnation.

Very few teams put up a fight like yesterday and like the finals ... the fighting, competitive spirit ... #WarriorsForever #DubNatٍion.

Natalo man ang Warriors, di pa rin mawawala ang paghanga, respeto, at tiwala ko sa kanila. 💯😅 Minsan kelangan din talagang mamahinga ng mga tunay na kampeon🏆 #GSW 🏆 #DubNation ❤️.

⚠️ | Klay Thompson rompeuco ligamento cruzado anterior do joelho esquerdo. (via @wojespn) Que jeito horrível de terminar a temporada, começamos sonhando com o tricampeonato e terminamos com duas lesões seríssimas de dois dos nossos all stars. Triste demais. #Dubnation.

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The Injuries of KD and Klay may have screw The @warriors out of the path to 3-peat in the #NBAFinals but kudos to the #DubNation on the spectacular season..

@warriors you guys did great for not being 100% healthy, not evey teams perfect but its not like this is the last year, we got this, #DubNation.

Klay Thompson is OUT for the remainder of Game #NBAFinals #DubNation.

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Really tough for Klay Thompson, as he will not be back in tonight’s Game 6. He was a WARRIOR tonight with 30 points and five rebounds. #DubNation #NBAFinals.

This game is freaking insane! Cmon boys pull through let’s get it! #DubNation 🤠💛💙.

Esto está siendo tremendo. Pase lo que pase, Golden State está dándolo todo! #DubNation.

10 TOs. But ain’t nobody tell me nothing. You can’t tell me nothing. #thisteam #DubNation.

I can’t believe we’re only behind by three at the half, we’ve given up 10 turnovers!!! #DubNation.

I like where we are at the half! Just gotta keep pushing!! We got this! #DubNation #LetsGoWarriors.

Superbe première MT, quelques flops mais yeeees we can do it #DubNation #StrengthInNumbers.

Great start!!! Let’s wrap this up coming back from half with less turnovers, more defense👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽#DubNation.

Let’s go Steph! Game 6 in a sports bar in Mexico, let’s fucking get it boys #DubNation 💙💛.

Game 6 @ 9am today!! Para rin sayo ‘to Looney!! 😊💪🏻 #DubNation #StrengthInNumbers.

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@lindseyadler we all know what ur rly going to be watching anyways (#Dubnation ).

Game 6, en Oakland. No puedo, no molesten. Altísima intensidad @warriors vs @Raptors #NBAFinals #DubNation 🔥🙌🏻.

Holdin it down at halftime tomorrow night! @MistahFAB @E40 #DubNation.

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