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Simmons scores 31 points, 76ers beat Nets without Embiid #NBAPlayoffs.

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LOL Embiid was 2nd in the NBA in flagrant fouls for (h/t @internPhillip). People were making it sound like he was a compulsive flagrant fouler..

I honestly never get why people don’t like Embiid. I think he’s a goofball at worst. Ben Simmons is the true unlikable guy on that team.

Ben Simmons livre un récital et tape son record en playoffs (31 points) et les Sixers l’emportent sans Joel Embiid !.

76ers simply played at a higher level tonight despite loss of Embiid. I believe having that one year’s worth of playoff experience helped them..

Barclays was live tonight. Dope environment. Finally feels like a fan base with a team to get behind after 6 years. Kenny needs to make adjustments and play his top dogs >35 mins. Simmons w/o embiid has so much more space. It’s weird he seems to play better by himself..

IMO current NBA player rankings are 6 Curry, 7. AD, 8. Embiid, 9. Kyrie, 10. Lillard, 11. PG13.) LeBron and AD may not be in playoffs but still are still 💪time. Yes or nah? #NBA.

@realMitchRIP Joel Embiid at 25 years old can’t play in a PLAYOFF GAME bc his knee hurts and the pain was too much for him to go. Patrick Ewing at 38 years old played 79 games for the Sonics looking like this:.

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@ColinCowherd @a_lovel75 Remember your take from a year ago when you said the east was no longer “beholden to LeBron” and you’re fine without him cuz you got Ben Simmons and Embiid? Colin, I get that you’re big into “opinions can change” but you flop worse than Derek Fisher..

@BibsCorner Dude was arguing about Luka having a ton of great teammates and said DSJ was comparable to Joel Embiid as a player. He was completely serious..

Instant observations: Sixers coast past Nets in Game 3 behind dominant Ben Simmons.

Dudley: Talks crap. Gets shut down Every fan base besides Philly: SIXERS ARE IMMATURE Simmons: 38 minutes, 31 points, 9 AST, 4 REB, 11-13 FG Embiid & Johnson: Stay off their phone the entire game 😎💅🏽 that’s what you call maturity.

Ben Simmons scored a career playoff-high 31 points and the 76ers shook off the absence of Joel Embiid to beat the Nets 131-115 for a 2-1 lead in the first-round series. by @briancmahoney.

Simmons scores 31 points, 76ers beat Nets without Embiid #NBAPlayoffs.

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i lied, back for one more: Boban has been huge. unexpected but essential. this team is so much better when JJ hits threes. Tobias too. interesting that Zhaire was inactive even with Amir and Embiid both also inactive..

Philly is beating the Nets even without Embiid in the line up. #NBA #NBAPlayoffs.

brett do u know that monroe isnt embiid n just let him rebound n tell your team stop passing to him? he shouldnt be 3rd on team in shot attempts ever.

@henders0n9 Nope brett is just a moron. Smith is inactive. Embiid is listed as active.

Joel Embiid is ‘extremely sorry’ for elbowing Jarrett Allen and thinks he should have been ejected.

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@DUNPHY215 Yeah I would rather have Butler bring it up and run pick and roll wit Embiid.

How do I donate my knee to Joel Embiid so we never have to see Greg Monroe again?.

@buminkagannnn @MeteAktas76 Zaten belliydi hocam phillynin kazancagi. Asil embiid in olmamasi ve 2 onceki macin yanilticiligi yetmiyormus gibi utsune new yorkta oldugundan phila oranlari gereksiz artti sistemden dolayi 😂.

Joel Embiid is ‘extremely sorry’ for elbowing Jarrett Allen and thinks he should have been ejected.

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@Nmreilly15 Then again the Sixers don’t have Embiid and can withhold all of these runs the Nets are making.

Ben Simmons is such a good heel. Embiid is just annoying but Simmons being an arrogant fuck makes it fun to root against him.

Brooklyn NEEDS to win every game without Embiid if they want to win this series. This run is encouraging, and the Nets need to keep it going.

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