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The media is spreading paranoia and hysteria about COVID-19. Dr. Fauci is doing the same. I’m a medical doctor and I’m looking at this virus from a perspective of sober facts and data. Retweet this & follow my account so that people can see FACTS rather than FANTASY!

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RotoBaller ()

KBO DFS Lineup Picks For 6/30/20 - DraftKings, FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball by @RotoBaller

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson ()

Adam is one of the many analysts kicking ass right now @YardsPer! Check out his latest piece on Cam Newton’s fantasy impact with the #Patriots. 👇🏻

She-Ra Would Know What to Do
She-Ra Would Know What to Do ()

@wrenisdead The author wrote HDM as a response to The Chronicles of Narnia, because of its heavy Christian-themes. HDM is an atheist fantasy series about being who you are and it being okay that who you are is a changing thing. Definitely class conscious. Dares to discuss actual Romani exp🤯

Ray Harryhausen
Ray Harryhausen ()

Armature sketch of Talos’ hand, from ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ (1963) The resulting 10” model was used to reach through the rock-arch on the beach during one of fantasy cinema’s most epic sequences. #HarryhausenWatchParty

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Marxistfilm ()

Fantasy football is one of the greatest historical atrocities

Swollen Monky 🇬🇧
Swollen Monky 🇬🇧 ()

@kinkycouple4u O M G is damned That is my ultimate fantasy. Best answer evwr. Yeeeees 🔥😘😍🤤🍆

Da ()

Aku yg gasuka genre fantasy like the king n goblin can’t relate 🥺

Tamuna Tsertsvadze ♎ ♀️ 🇬🇪
Tamuna Tsertsvadze ♎ ♀️ 🇬🇪 ()

@WordsLovePhotos Earth-chan and Friends. Fantasy. Earth-chan is the only girl in the Planetarium College who has parasitic humans in her hair. She is struggling with her health and social life.

Arrowhead Report
Arrowhead Report ()

When the #Chiefs drafted Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the first round of the NFL Draft, fantasy owners immediately rushed to predict great things for the rookie. But is he worth his current average draft position? @tuckerdfranklin breaks it down:

A J Charalambides
A J Charalambides ()

Reviewers say - “Dialogue that is a thing of beauty. I love language and how it flows together and this writer brings it to the fore” Black Blade #rerelease #fantasy

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ちきち ()

オスだから仕方ねーだろうるせーしらねーfinal fantasy!!言えるような子ならいじめられてなかったんだと思う。

自分の好きなものbov ()

〔おれは しょうきに もどった!〕 タイトル FINAL FANTASY IV キャラクター カイン 使用場面 二度目の裏切り 個人的な感想 文章がおかしいですよと突っ込むまでもなくオイオイって感じですけど(失笑) #FF4

Katie ()

@scmfusion Life is Strange & Before the Storm, Final Fantasy XV and Horizon Zero Dawn 😊

RotoUnderworld ()

Nick Chubb is one of the safest running backs in fantasy football drafts:

Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall ()

@adamlevitan @JohnAMiceli You my friend are sleeping on N’Keal Harry. He will be heavily targeted and could be a big time fantasy player this season.

SeitanF1 ()

Σαμποτάζ από τώρα; Εδώ το σωστό το link για τη λίγκα στο F1 Fantasy League;

니니 Jay 👑🐧🌹
니니 Jay 👑🐧🌹 ()

@nekohuni Yes 👀 aahh this is how some people mistaken flower fantasy as a romance song 😂

Fantasy Football Force
Fantasy Football Force ()

@Cooper_DFF He has been saying for a decade consistently he plans to play until 45 so I would assume that for this poll

Iliana Cabañas
Iliana Cabañas ()

Flower Fantasy es mi cancion favorita del album y me da emocion que ahora la vayan a promocionar 🤩🐧✨

robert shar
Robert shar ()

@RyanShead When and until fox channel and talk radio is openly labeled entertainment or fantasy commentary which contains no truth in fact. people will be brainwashed openly in the name of republicanism.

Gwennekin [ASMR👂/ Games 🎮]
Gwennekin [ASMR👂/ Games 🎮] ()

@SirenShadow2 My favorites— Cute: Fruits Basket, Action/Sci-Fi: Attack on Titan, Wholesome: Hunter X Hunter, Dark Fantasy: Tokyo Ghoul, Suspense: Death Note, Action/Logic: Code Geass, Period Drama: Rurouni Kenshin (which has a Japanese live action that’s great!) Movie: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Avartos, der Spieler
Avartos, der Spieler ()

Final Fantasy XIV - Heavensward⚔ 024: Wie kommen wir da durch? 🤔

Sya ()

i would like to thank the fantasy who gave jaeyoon that headband and bear paws!! i owe u one

T Kira Madden
T Kira Madden ()

@MorganJerkins Stonewall is ultimately yet another cartoonish fantasy about white saviors and square-jawed heroes; it should be called Independence Gay. 😯

Αλέκο Π.🍀
Αλέκο Π.🍀 ()


のばな ()

@_fantasy__00_ いえいえ、こちらこそご連絡いただけてありがたいです😭🙏🏻 おさわり交換ではなくとも、また通信とか機会があればさせてください……!🙌🏻

𝙋 𝙧 𝙞 𝙣 𝙘 𝙚 ³³ 🏰
𝙋 𝙧 𝙞 𝙣 𝙘 𝙚 ³³ 🏰 ()

1. Week 5 (@ DAL) 19 rush attempts 107 rush yards 4 rush TDs 8 targets 75 receiving yards Best fantasy performance by a RB ( ppr)

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David Webb
David Webb ()

If the communist #antifa left gets their fantasy of a shooting civil war, think about this. 393,000,000+ lawfully owned firearms in America. Uncountable rounds of ammo. Crossbows, bows, knives and other weapons. Now add the military. Still think you can win?

諏訪部順一 Junichi Suwabe
諏訪部順一 Junichi Suwabe ()

あ、先日のツイートで勘違いされていた方がおられるようなので。こちらが「Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀3」のタイトルロゴです。キービジュと謳ってないので、このビジュアルは暫定イメージかな?2のラストに出てきたアイツがいますね〜。どうなるパート3!?

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Dr. David Samadi
Dr. David Samadi ()

The media is spreading paranoia and hysteria about COVID-19. Dr. Fauci is doing the same. I’m a medical doctor and I’m looking at this virus from a perspective of sober facts and data. Retweet this & follow my account so that people can see FACTS rather than FANTASY!

☚ #LastKissDay Himno ☛
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