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last summer at electric lady, i was downstairs and @florence had the upstairs studio. we decided to trade vocals and sang on each other’s records. i’m on “girls against god” and “dream girl evil.” love u forever, flo, u magical genius sorceress sister ❤️‍🔥.


A dança? Era contagiosa! Dance Fever de Florence + the Machine estreia com 87 no Metacritic. A neta da bruxa e sua banda não são poupados de elogios, ganhando 100 da Independent: “Selvageria maravilhosa da estrela pop mais emocionante de sua geração”..

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Ask Alexa to play the new album by Florence + the Machine to hear a message from Florence ✨ @AmazonMusicUK @alexa99 #DanceFever.

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As a massive Florence + the Machine fan, let me tell you, songs about drowning in rivers really speak to me #SBSEurovision #POL.

this might be the best song I’ve heard maybe ever or maybe I have recent bias and love Florence.

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Me: *complains about Florence Lyrics* Partner: …? Me: I’ve read too much Milton and Good God Stuff. Partner: are you a…God snob? YES. YES I AM A GOD SNOB..

『結婚するにはまだはやい!?』 作-蒼井悠ゆ 様 KPC/KP Glamis・Winchester / ∴∵ PC/PL Noah・Florence / 窒素さん エンド1にてシナリオクリアしました〜💍💖🦀 グラノアに…幸あれ……🥹.

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【 𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌 】 Another side of Louise life ? letsgo tonight malming bareng uis sambil main Florence ! - Today, 14 May 2022 - WIB (GMT+7) waiting room : - #louistream.

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¡Buenos días #Venezuela! 🇻🇪☕️✨ “Educar no es enseñar al hombre a saber, sino a hacer”. – Florence Nightingale – Enseñemos a nuestros hijos a ser ciudadanos empoderados, capaces de adaptarse al cambio, respetuosos de los derechos humanos. #14May.

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@FilmUpdates I adore Dakota but come on, Florence Pugh looks like a young Hillary. Missed opportunity..

florence destined to be the woman timothee just settles for oh wow.

One thing I am noticing and really appreciating is that this time around lots of press and reviews are being done by people who LOVE or LIKE Florence + The Machine and not the same old people who are often like OKAY? I really appreciate that. They finally let us out of the cage..

I hope you don’t mind if my mind is still wandering the streets of Florence. 😍😭.

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J*ck Anton$ff is homogenizing and diluting once unique and strong female artists. This new Florence album is a bore which is something I’d never thought I’d say..

How Can Buhari Be Silent On Sokoto Murder? Lawyer Asks Shehu Shagari Friday the 13th We Cry Together Spotify Apple Music Florence Igbo and Shayo #WhiteMoneyNaWeWe #MrMoraleAndTheBigSteppers Kendrick Islam Atiku.

who did florence pugh sell her soul too why does she get to work with the best directors lol genuinely curious same with jessica chastain like.

Florence + The Machines new album is amazing! Dream Girl Evil is my fave song so far..

How are you doing witches happy Friday 13 and make sure you stream Dance Fever by Florence and the Machine ❤️‍🔥.

meu deus essa do kendrick com sample da florence quando começou fiquei sem entender nada.

@JolieSoleil Qué hermoso el look Florence Welch, necesito salir de compras con el único objetivo de conseguirlo 😍.

Need another Florence set in my life, when she walks out it’s like you’re in the presence of a god.

@MickNovitch Demain préférons Florence à Montréal ville d islamwokigauchiste 😏.

não acredito que a florence lançou o solar power dela este álbum era suposto ser.

infelizmente pensando a florence pugh filmou midsommar e little women um atrás do outro com apenas (atenção) 21 anos . kk🧍‍♀️.

Well, that was intense. Somewhere inside I will always be floaty lil Florence Pugh in the dance competition, experiencing joy for the first time in years.

making the responsible choice to not go see don’t worry darling because i already know seeing harry eating out florence’s pughssy on a dining room table is going to awaken something deep within me.

Mi elektra haciéndole publicidad al nuevo álbum de Florence 😍😍😍😳.


Both Benito and Florence dropping projects I really liked with a week of difference… life is good.

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@Dr2NisreenAlwan I was amazed that Florence Nightingale was a believer in Fresh Air, and ensuring all the wards had fresh air..

Everybody say thank you to Florence Welch from for providing lots of material for my final thesis chapter on modern perceptions, citations, and performances of the “Pre-Raphaelite” and the idea of a “Pre-Raphaelite Woman” in the present day.

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