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Quem se revoltou com George Floyd tem que repudiar esse tipo de coisa também - e que acontece com uma frequência enorme no Brasil

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Quebrando o Tabu
Quebrando o Tabu ()

Impressionante que poucos meses depois da repercussão mundial do caso do George Floyd, um PM no Brasil pise no pescoço de uma mulher negra sem se importar com as consequências Impressionante que com tantos casos semelhantes, alguns insistem em achar que sempre são casos isolados

Cauê Fabiano
Cauê Fabiano ()

Quem se revoltou com George Floyd tem que repudiar esse tipo de coisa também - e que acontece com uma frequência enorme no Brasil

Manuela ()

Absurdo! Após o caso George Floyd e protestos que tomaram o mundo, em São Paulo, uma mulher negra de 51 anos foi vítima de violência policial. O PM pisou em seu pescoço para imobilizá-la. Até quando?

Carla Ribeiro
Carla Ribeiro ()

Quanto mais eu me debatia, mais ele apertava a botina no meu pescoço PM fascista. No Brasil morre um George Floyd a cada 23 minutos. Estado GENOCIDA e as FA dando piti com @gilmarmendes . Vidas Negras Importam? Para quem?

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Sâmia Bomfim
Sâmia Bomfim ()

Estarrecedor! Isto é racismo e crime policial. Um PM foi filmado asfixiando uma mulher negra e trabalhadora, de 51 anos, em São Paulo. Qualquer semelhança com a cena de George Floyd nos EUA não é mera coincidência. Cobramos justiça e o fim desse absurdo!

James Hamblin
James Hamblin ()

Six weeks since the killing of George Floyd and subsequent protests. No spike in NYC.

Hakeem Jeffries
Hakeem Jeffries ()

Stop playing games Mitch. Pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. NOW.

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the park
The park ()

to anyone wondering one of our park members made a joke about george floyd and has now been kicked and banned

Santiago Abascal 🇪🇸ENFURECIDO
Santiago Abascal 🇪🇸ENFURECIDO ()

TVE emitió el funeral de la hermanita de la caridad de George Floyd pero no van a poner el funeral por las víctimas del Covid-19 Porque de esta salimos más fuertes todos juntos y blablabla ...

Olivia ()

“Our prisons cannot continue to rely on deprivation, control, and institutional violence to maintain order” #prisonreform #justiceforall

daddy dina
Daddy dina ()

within a minute of driving on i45, i saw the names george floyd, vanessa guillen, and breonna taylor painted. love this city.

Victor Arribas
Victor Arribas ()

Esta es la etapa de Tve para la que vieron necesario echarnos y cesarnos hace dos años:

Sean ()

George Floyd/Stop Killing Us. Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. 6/2020. . artistsforgeorge . Follow @jfg_nyc for events and updates for action supporting All Black Lives. ✊🏿❤️🖤💚✊🏿 ✊🏿💙💟⚪💟💙✊🏿 ✊🏿❤️🧡💛💚💙💜✊🏿 #BLM…

JASt4you ()

@washingtonpost Did anyone read the article “The racism that led to the killing of George Floyd, to quote Malcolm X, is not “just an American problem, but a world problem.” And that problem did not die on the Fourth of July”

El Diario
El Diario ()

Las noticias en estuvieron dominadas durante varias semanas por las protestas antirracistas derivadas de la muerte de George Floyd bajo custodia policial. Pero ahora el coronavirus ha vuelto a ocupar los

🌼Frances🌼 ()

@WQKE5 Before this pandemic I thought for sure it would turn red along with New York. I still do!! The Democrats running theses States are destroying them. They’re using the pandemic & George Floyd to do it!! If it stays Democrat they get what they deserve!!##Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Eduardo Gonzales
Eduardo Gonzales ()

@Oseguera2020 Reminds me of @SpeakerPelosi getting George Floyd’s name completely wrong. Seems like they are both out of touch with people and what’s happening now.

b r e n d a ❀
B r e n d a ❀ ()

If you are comparing Vanessa Guillen’s death to George Floyd’s, please unfriend me. If you believe that because a Black man killed her means that the BLM movement is bs, then also unfriend me. This just goes to show that you don’t value everyone’s lives as you preach.

Chuck ✝ ن #CCOT #MAGA🇺🇸
Chuck [email protected] ✝ ن #CCOT #MAGA🇺🇸 ()

Minnesota Gov. Walz asks Trump for disaster declaration after George Floyd riots trigger over $500M in damages ~ Why should Arizona taxpayers pay for Minnesota’s weak governance? You allowed destruction, proclaimed your guilt, and took a knee to crime.

Cheri Oteri
Cheri Oteri ()

@MattWalshBlog Because George Floyd was a symbol of abuse of power by police of all unarmed black men who’ve been killed.

Yomi 🇳🇬 IG: _obadru
Yomi 🇳🇬 IG: _obadru ()

Mayor Jacob Frey: Justice for George Floyd - Sign the Petition! via @Change

Anuski ()

El criterio de TVE: emitió el funeral de George Floyd pero no el de las víctimas del coronavirus en España a través de @elindepcom

Not So Plain Patriotic Jane The Backup❤️🇺🇸❤️
Not So Plain Patriotic Jane The Backup❤️🇺🇸❤️ ()

@BlindWillieJeff @johncardillo You are beyond hideous. George Floyd was a career criminal . This was an innocent child! Appears you don’t know her name.


@mandaxmary Idk WHY people still using TikTok either. Literally blocked out the #BLM & George Floyd’s hashtag during the peak of everything

Swag Or ︻╦╤─ -- Die
Swag Or ︻╦╤─ -- Die ()

This app went from being fun and making us laugh everyday to political and dark/evil after George Floyd’s but it’s needed.

General Ripper
General Ripper ()

@CBSNews The media is culpable for this. They deliberately stoked up coverage of racial incidents, especially the George Floyd killing, broadcast weeks of deliberately packaged gratuitous violence and vandalism, whipping up anti-police and racial hatred, to bring this movement infamy

BIG Frederick
BIG Frederick ()

@MattWalshBlog @brklynmind No one said that, I think I get the sentiment. But what are you saying? Tamir Rice was a kid killed by law enforcement. One of multiple. None received the type of press as George Floyd. Again, what point are you trying to make?

Marco Guarini
Marco Guarini ()

Simplemente indignante. Que luego digan que son imparciales, que no están comprados, que no existe un discurso de la izquierda intentando apropiarse de todo lo que está bien y todo lo que está mal. Funeral de españoles no se emite, el del americano George Floyd, sí.

New York Informa
New York Informa ()

#LOULTIMO El FBI informó que, en junio, se registró una cifra histórica de verificación de antecedentes de armas de fuego. Esto sucede en medio de la pandemia de #COVID19 y las protestas por la muerte de George Floyd, bajo custodia policial.

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Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris ()

Black Lives Matter isn’t a moment—it’s a movement, and we will not stop demanding justice for George Floyd, for Breonna Taylor, for Ahmaud Arbery, for Elijah McClain and so many others.

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