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Nah cmon Look like that geeza out of Toy Story! Jack Grealish on Instagram about his FIFA 23 face scan 😭.

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Premier League goals this season: ⚫️ Miguel Almiron: 3 🔵 Jack Grealish: 1 pLaYiNg LiKe AlMiRoN 🤪.

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🙏 “I’d love a night out with Jack!” 🤣 “I’m not sure I could stay with him, but I’d enjoy a night out with him!” Graeme Souness admits he’d love to go out for a beer with #MCFC’s Grealish! What do you think @JackGrealish? 👀.

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Diario AS

El caso de violación de Mendy ‘salpica’ a Grealish 👉 El futbolista del City mantuvo relaciones sexuales consentidas con una de las mujeres que fueron, presuntamente, violadas más tarde por Mendy..

Left out in-form Sancho and Rashford and you think you got a chance to score lmao. Grealish, Saka and Foden combined don’t even have the number of G/A Rashford bagged this season..

Adolescente que relatou ter sido estuprada por Benjamin Mendy afirma que Grealish também estava presente, diz site.

Al miembro del team hundo hay que decirle Jack Grealish porque se come a las de 17ñitos..

Y es inconcebible que con Kane, Sterling, Saka, Sancho, Bellingham, Reece James, Grealish, Mount, Foden, Rice o Bowen, el equipo sea la nada absoluta. Es evidente que hace falta un cambio de rumbo..


Procès de Benjamin Mendy : son ex-coéquipier Jack Grealish présent au moment de plusieurs viols ?.

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Jack grealish - don’t know why southgate takes him if he NEVER FUCKING STARTS.

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Southgate should get sacked immediately. With this team we should be winning trophies not get relegated..

@livescore Foden and Saka >>>>>> Grealish and Bowen It should be common knowledge by now..

Can’t physically watch England unless it’s in a tournament. Know there’s a lot of Villa who follow them home & away, feel for them. Used to get pumped for Germany/Scotland games & when Grealish featured when he was at Villa. Bore fest now 😴.

@canariopistola Ótima geração inglesa. Gustavo Scarpa >>>>abismo>>>>Grealish.

His call ups were very wrong. I mean Grealish, Maguire, Shaw out of all the players that are performing well than these 3 🚮🚮🚮.

@thin_edge1 @ga11agbon Agree mate. More to it than club form. Could be playing for a team getting hammered every week or in Grealish case playing against 10 defenders every week being told by the manager not to dribble.

Lo de Jack Grealish es un indicio de su vuelta al Aston Villa y hasta gratis porque después de ese escándalo, Aston Villa lo recogerá y lo recuperará.

You can predict it now… he’ll go safe again & then when it goes wrong he’ll bring on Bellingham & Foden / Grealish with 10minutes to go to try & change it.

For a club with: Saka, Tammy, Kane, Grealish, sterling, Foden, Sterling, as attacking threats, not to talk of a stacked midfield. England coach is clueless.

🇧🇷 Neymar 🇦🇷 di maria 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Grealish batatudo lindo 🇪🇸 Sergio Ramos 🇩🇪 Gotze 🇫🇷 Benzema 🇵🇹 Cristiano Ronaldo 🇮🇹 Chiesa 🇧🇪 Hazard 🇳🇱 De ligt.

@alcarazzz12 Juli tiene nivel de sobra para Europa y selección, pero si sos un pelado y lo re contra inflas en las conferencias, pero luego pones a GREALISH(!!!) lo terminas matando.

@MUFCKas Agree football dire. No team wins int trophies playing defensive (Greece aside). 433 or nothing. 523 shit formation. Pope James stones coady chilwell Trent Bellingham grealish foden kane sterling.

@ParmeraCom Tomará que não contrate o Grealish, o cara tem 27 anos e não tem 50 gols na carreira (aleatório)..


My mail day pt 2: Moose /30 Maldini /10 Grealish with paint splatters — I basically got that for free; less than my chick fil a for lunch.

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Play 4 at the back. Let Saka play RW. Use Toney and Abraham if things don’t go well in a game. Give Grealish a role. Call up Maddison and White. Get the best out of Harry Kane. We need the team to be braver, Gareth. There are so many ballers in the team. COME ON!.

Dari sidang kasus dugaan pemerkosaan oleh Benjamin Mendy, terungkap kesaksian salah seorang korbannya bercinta dulu dengan pesepakbola lain, Jack Grealish..

@duduaazevedo7 Tem que chegar firme no grealish da deep web pq eles vão forçar jogo nele de novo.

@amarsingh_13 Yh he’s been decent so far this season. He took the Grealish disrespect personally.

🇪🇨O Independiente Del Valle foi bicampeão da Copa Sul-Americana hoje diante do São Paulo. O destaque do jogo foi Lautaro Diaz, sósia do Grealish, que participou dos dois gols. O jogador teve 5 gols em 4 jogos titular na competição. Brabo demais!👏.

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@Blackshadie @OG_Oliverkush They are all of Irish origin. Grealish even played for Ireland.

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