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Honestly, why does anyone want to hear what Matt Le Tissier thinks about immunology and epidemiology? It’s the direct equivalent of sticking Jenny Harries on Soccer Saturday..

Harries somos infinitxs ✨ “As it was” de @Harry_Styles lleva un mes en el Top 1 de los #SpotifyCharts🇲🇽.

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Uk and US harries fighting with each other for getting less dates than the other and i (a third world harry who’s got 0 chance of seeing him) watching them fight.

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american harries getting spoon-fed with hslot dates when international harries have to fly to another country to see him live is my villain story.

gonna make a small harries gc!!! like this if u wanna be added!! only req is that ur over 18 <3.

lamentandomi solo per spirito di partecipazione dato che date in europa o meno nn avrei comunque avuto soldi x poterle comprare 💋💋💋💋 ma io sono comunque con le mie harries preferite del cuore 👍 vicino a voi con il cuore 😚.

if you’re american and weren’t here for this you don’t deserve to be mad at international harries getting upset over these new shows.

Although I don’t even hate him I just deep down and truly hate his fucjing fans and it’s fair bc all the Harries EYE actually know and follow also hate the other harries.

harries running to watch that dr strange movie just for the dwd preview.

holy fuck nyc is gonna be filled w harries everywhere for a month this is the best 😭.

ny harries who got waitlisted & didn’t get ono tickets should get presale codes first idc. my ass was in shamble the last 24 hours this is compensation.


i swear i don’t see asian or latin harries complaining as much and if anyone had the right to complain, it’s them.

like getting angry at asian/african harries for being upset there’s no dates for them, for canadians upset only getting 2 dates and at aussies for upset that it’s been pushed to 2023 is bloody reasonable. y’all literally just had a tour and now u have ANOTHER 32 shows.

Please stop being mad at all American harries. We can’t all go to LA and New York even though he plays so many shows. Yes we’re lucky he comes to the US, but it doesn’t mean that we can all go. Be mad at management/label etc not individual fans who can’t travel that far.

people in the us seeing harries with boas, feathers, colourful and extra outfits almost every day because of harry’s tour.

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I honestly feel the worst for asian harries right now :(( I really hope he decides to tour there soon, y’all deserve it the most.


harries fighting is always so funny bc then they’ll turn around the next day and be like #tpwk 🫶🏾💞💞.

this would be the dream but there’s some shady ass harries 😭😭.

Congrats to Owen Harries for signing with Hope! Time for a speedy race tomorrow!.

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@_MrChip_ Idk some solo harries are really mad at me and a lot of Americans right now. It’s not very tpwk … just the tommo way..

you know what, i’m happy that north america gets another tour and hope everyone that goes has the best time !! it’s not the fans fault that harry and his team have decided to do more shows over there so i hope that everyone who wants tickets get them !! ALSO YAY CANADIAN HARRIES.

peoples feeling are valid like uk harries are allowed to be upset that we only get 5 shows, just like asian and african harries can also be upset!! they’re not mutually exclusive.

@daydreamlvr and a few la/ny harries have been cracking jokes like “sucks for you ig” “i love winning” literally shut the fuck up..

istg IF ONE OF THOSE AMERICAN HARRIES, show up at ANY Europe show- like bestie you had 20 different opportunities stfu.


Actually I am bc quarantine and tiktok harries were making fun of people like me in 2013.

there is not a break we can catch as harries. i am on the tip of my toes every day with this man. every time i think there is a moment of peace, he’s back with another 32 shows. let me Breathe harry pls. so grateful for you but omg.

Anyways, y’all WILL see me at harryween. And I WILL have the best costume. Bc black harries always win!!✊🏾✊🏾.

nah us harries will never know what is like to live in a small european country that only has one tour date and where the only little few tickets left were put on sale without a previous warning in the middle of a day week.

@eurodderz @CharlotteIvers Yes, and Jenny Harries said we were an exemplar in preparedness!!.

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