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  • 🔴 Mo Salah Goals Scored This Season: 36 ⚽️ 🔵 Eden Hazard Goals Scored Last TWO Seasons: 32 ⚽️ 🐸☕️

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  • Chelsea team: Caballero; Azpilicueta (c), Christensen, Rudiger; Moses, Bakayoko, Kante, Alonso; Willian, Morata, Hazard. Subs: Eduardo, Cahill, Zappacosta, Emerson, Fabregas, Pedro, Giroud. #LEICHE

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  • ⚽️ Goals Scored This Season: 🇧🇷 Roberto Firmino: 24 🇺🇾 Luis Suárez: 24 🇬🇦 Aubameyang: 24 🇫🇷 Antoine Griezmann: 22 🇧🇪 Eden Hazard: 15 🇪🇸 Álvaro Morata: 12 🇧🇷 Gabriel Jesus: 11 🇫🇷 Alex Lacazette: 9 🇨🇱 Alexis Sanchez: 9 🗣 "Liverpool need a centre-forward." 🤔

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  • Messi? Quaresma? Hazard? Pick wisely 👉👉👉 #UCL.

  • Eden Hazard: "When you come up against Lionel Messi, you can only pray."

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  • Eden Hazard: "When you come up against Lionel Messi, you can only pray."

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  • Grayson is a hazard, he should just stay indoors.

  • Eden Hazard: “Messi karşısında yapabileceğiniz tek şey dua etmek.”

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  • King Diamond @Vladi_Todorov @edguygz @nowayjeff @Edmon188 @Metallibanger @LauraGilligan7 @Darksun_always @gt_outlaw @OutsideDarkness @KizyGuns @atombz @fcknheadbanger @Metalmike3 @Black_Hazard @d00mfr0gg.

  • @Banquilleros @pol_balletbo Bastante de acuerdo, aunque intuyo que en Londres a mí Hazard me gustó un poco más. De la ida, por eso, me quedo con el nombre de Azpilicueta. Menudo partidazo se marcó..

  • Hazard, Kante gone and now this. The misery piles up.

  • @EdenHazard58 @CFCDaiIy @RightCentreHarf Tbh I agree with you mate, too many times where Hazard hasn’t turned up when he has the ability to, teams can play rubbish but top players get one chance and take it, we had that yesterday tbh. Him and Courtois can go if no contract is signed and you’re even a Hazard acc 👌.

  • I’d rather lose 3-0 tonight playing the way we did than lose 1-0 playing the way we did against City. Conte might have saved his job (at least until after our FA Cup game at the weekend) by giving it a go tonight and dropping the stupid idea of playing Hazard as a false 9..

  • Can’t blame Conte tonight to be honest. Also disappointed in Hazard, didn’t do anything tonight..

  • @KennyLeePhotos @AppStateJen @bFenstermacher @PattyArquette This absolutely deserves a fire/safety hazard lawsuit!.

  • @theuxalmeida @vinissinffc quem é Messi? Cristiano? Salah? Hazard? Bale? Neymar? Firmino? Perto desse moonstro!.

  • @DanielUtd Our whole team bar kante hazard is shit. Willian will inevitably become shit again. At least you have something to build off. De Gea, Bailly, Pogba, Lukaku Martial. We have no one. Hazard will leave, Morata broke, Kante will leave too.

  • Can you hazard a guess what @kaylivee wanted to use from @burgerlobsterSA to make a bed?

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  • wesh hier quand Willian et Hazard accélérer Giroud il était perdu il savais pas quoi faire.

  • केटा हो दाइ भएनि होस बाउ भएनि होस चट्कावो विकेट #NEPvsPNG

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  • Bros you fall Messi hand o...thought it should be Hazard, Dembele o

  • 顔ー!!??

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  • Hazard is tired of chelsea..

  • Someone prod Hazard awake please. #MIA #LEICHE.

  • @1961_Paul Have you complained to landlords, fire hazard......

  • When Hazard is in the mood, there’s not many players better than him. Today’s not one of those days. #cfc.

  • @RafaeI_C I would obviously rather keep hazard, but then again if he wants to go there is nothing you can do about it..

  • Top players take over games like this. Hazard has spent the afternoon hiding. Shithouse..

  • Special mention to Kante, Willian, Azpi, Rudiger, Alonso, Hazard and Christensen. You always fight for the team #CFC.

  • Offload hazard Willian and kante to us.

  • @TeamMessi was too hazardous that he neutralized the Hazard in #CFC game..

  • Are you supporting hazard or Chelsea? he was poor tonight. You think Madrid will pay 200 million after watching him tonight? Lmao

  • @MrsStegen1 Paulinho appeared on Camp Nou ground Hazard disappeared.

  • update: Hazard fa cagare. Forte contro Swansea e Hull City..