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The tutorial you never knew you needed… how to do the @officialmutombo finger wag.              🎥 »     #PhilaUnite  | #HereTheyCome.

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“ I was just trying to say something. Can we talk about this. Jimmy Please!!! Please Jimmy!!! No smoke. I’m just a light skin ninja” #HereTheyCome.

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The tutorial you never knew you needed… how to do the @officialmutombo finger wag.              🎥 »     #PhilaUnite  | #HereTheyCome.

@Peak_Process @whysoserious629 I like it. Iverson didn’t invent that you know. #HereTheyCome.

They worked their way up and now the @sixers are serious contenders for the NBA crown. With key additions to the team, the Sixers are ready to bring glory back to Philly! Can they dominate the East and make it to the promised land? #HereTheyCome.

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LIVE from the podium following our 145-123 win over Brooklyn in Game 2. #HereTheyCome.

Yeah that was a PRETTY damn good quarter. #PhilaUnite | #HereTheyCome.

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By the way, I would like to thank the 76ers for taking Ben Simmons instead of Brandon Ingram. Thank you very much! #HereTheyCome.

It ain’t they just got the 1st game. We back on MONDAY !!!!!!! Let’s Go Sixers !! #HereTheyCome.

Ben was open but didn’t shoot several times. Massive liability. They sagged off Bobi for crying out loud and he made them pay - but last year’s ROY and an all-star couldn’t do same. He passed up shots, and worse - made sloppy passes for TOs off those declined shots. #HereTheyCome.

Ben Simmons dare I say not built for this city? You won’t win Ben going against the fans. He better call Allen Iverson. Never got booed because he built up so much equity with his play and heart. He was 6’0 175 and your 6’10 230. Let me calm down. #HereTheyCome.

The sixers deserved to be booed @BenSimmons25 now learn from this game and get better from it! #TrustTheProcess #HereTheyCome.

Meanwhile Joel Embiid on the booing: “It’s understandable. They pay a lot of money. I don’t blame them”. #HereTheyCome.

That definitely sucked and cashing in on the Process could’ve gone better but thanks @sixers for a fun Saturday with friends You got this #HereTheyCome.

Play like shit, don’t utilize your skills and be deficient in a glaring aspect of your game but tell fans how to react. Got it #HereTheyCome.

I check my phone during basketball games too. What’s the big deal? #TrustTheProcess #HereTheyCome.

When asked about the phone incident, Joel Embiid said that Amir Johnson’s daughter is sick and they were looking at an update when the cameras caught them. #HereTheyCome.

What happened to this team that was so much fun to watch a few weeks ago? Ben mad at deserved boos? Looking at phones on the bench during a playoff game?!?! #HereTheyCome #ThereTheyGo.

Texting on the bench while losing to the #Nets 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 #HereTheyCome.

Idk, maybe we needed to be punched in the mouth to get the entitlement out of the way. This team isn’t owed shit, idc how many “all-stars” they have. @sixers #HereTheyCome.

I love u @sixers but that playing today was trash. Own it and move on. See ya Monday. #HereTheyCome.

A cara de nada do Brett Brown com 13 pontos atrás e 3 min no relógio, me enerva! #HereTheyCome.

And you wonder why we boo. Dumb Dumb Dumb. #PhilaUnite #HereTheyCome @sixers.

We’re about to witness the greatest game 1 comeback ever. #HereTheyCome #PhilaUnite.

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[email protected]_bigjayy_ chegou nos #NBAPlayoffs brecando a galera! Se liga no TOCAÇO que o cara distribuiu em cima dos @sixers. #HereTheyCome.

Ahahahahaha Eu não consigo me acostumar com o tamanho do Boban e essa facilidade embaixo do garrafão. #HereTheyCome.

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