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Starbucks union says CEO Howard Schultz broke the law when he publicly said he would never embrace a union and suggested that unionization would inevitably lead to poor customer service The law requires Schultz and Starbucks to negotiate in good faith.

@markdreyfusQCMP Have you organised to drop the Bernard Collaery case yet? We need to get on with charging Howard & Downer with abuse of our neighbour Timor-Leste. Nothing will show Timor-Leste more we are committed to good relationship #auspol #Australia.

@TC_Hughes @Howard_Cole Look around the a lot of hitters are hitting .200s now.

- Manage to piss off every sane American, in the country ✅ - Show how incompetent and weak he is, on the world stage ✅ - Showed us how great Trump is ✅ - Gas prices higher than he can walk up stairs without falling ✅ How much time you got? 😂.

[CTA#26] ⛔ Elevator outage reported at Harlem/Lake for Green Line (The Howard- and Linden-bound platform elevator at Wilson (Red, Purple Lines) is temporarily out-of-service.)..

[CTA#1357711] ✅ Elevator back in service at Harlem/Lake for Green Line (Howard- and Linden-bound platform)..

Don’t sell John Howard short,a lot of what is wrong with can be traced back to him..

“It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” — Howard Ruff.

The Railway Museum in York appealing to the public to identify the #Windrush generation arrivals to Britain in spring 1962 before British Government Immigration Act 1962, came into force. Taken by 20 yr old Howard Grey at Waterloo station in London..

The journalism produced by the 69th Scripps Howard Awards winners has reformed laws, led to public policy changes and helped shine a light on inequality and misinformation..

@JJKALE2 Further back I’d reckon. When Howard said that we’ll decided who comes into this country that was the beginning of the end of us. That bit seems to work for all the lnp mob now. Doesn’t matter what other issue is more important,they run with it ,that scares people. Not this time.

@Howard_Cole Friedman will but not till end of season. Friedman won’t fire someone during the season.

@AlboMP (aka hip and with it Howard) @AustralianLabor (aka Liberal Lite) when are you going to address the cruelty and inhumanity of the welfare system?! We need material change not hashtags and faux class solidarity you Vogons..

Bettin solid money “1000 plants to discover” is Tod Howard’s new “16 times the detail?.

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