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Today, Donald Trump endorsed my most extreme opponent, Doug Mastriano. I’m Josh Shapiro — and I know the endorsements that will win this race are from the people of Pennsylvania, not a resident of Mar-a-Lago. Let’s win..

I’m wearing one of my Project Veritas T-shirts and have now had three different people approach me today to say how much they love PV’s work. @elonmusk one of your first moves needs to be bringing PV and James O’Keefe back to Twitter..

Pirates back-up catcher Andrew Knapp got ejected from the dugout and starting catcher Roberto Perez got injured So second baseman Josh VanMeter had to catch for the first time in his four-year MLB career. Pittsburgh allowed seven runs in his first inning behind the plate.

Josh Naylor has 8 runs batted in tonight. King stuff. 👑 #ForTheLand.

The FDA closed the facility because 2 babies died from bacteria linked to formula from that plant. Are you going to take responsibility for the formula that comes out of that plant, Josh?.

Josh doesn’t want ministers facing public integrity scrutiny, but I don’t recall his opposing highly publicised, ministerially authorised police raids on homes of journalists..

The 11 Senators that voted No on the $40 Billion for Ukraine bill: Rand Paul Cynthia Lummis Mike Lee Marsha Blackburn Tommy Tubervillle Josh Hawley Bill Hagerty Roger Marshall John Boozman Mike Crapo Mike Braun Thank you for putting America first. 🇺🇸.


“Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get, from the work you didn’t do.” #KeepGoing 🏃‍♂️.

The Buffalo shooter is the paradigmatic case for public executions. Someone this monstrous deserves not merely to die, but to have his life taken in the public eye, so that the community he has so irreparably wounded may have a modicum of visible retributive justice in return..

Gracias Chanel Gracias María Gracias Raquel Gracias Pol Gracias Exon Gracias Josh GRACIAS por haber hecho vibrar a un país entero, y por hacernos vivir con tanta ilusión el festival🇪🇦💖 #Eurovision.

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Dr. Oz and Dave Mccormick would easily beat John Fetterman imo. what I am worried about is Doug Mastriano Vs Josh Shapiro. I think that would be ugly.

E deu tudo certo! Josh | Instagram Stories: Eles fizeram isso! Quase tive 6 ataques do coração! Minhas orações foram ouvidas. A playoff beard .

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I thank Commonwealth Partners for joining the many conservative leaders who have given us momentum in the closing days, helping to clarify that we are the only campaign that can unite the Republican Party and beat Josh Shapiro..

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Arizona connections left in the NBA playoffs: Steve Kerr (Warriors) Bruce Fraser (Warriors) Andre Iguodala (Warriors) Josh Green (Mavericks) Damon Stoudamire (Celtics) Strong Lute Olson presence in the conference finals..

Birthday blessings bro @MwesigyeNrm . A formidable MK force to reckon with!!!.

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Martin Brundle just walking up to random celebs and just talking to them without knowing literally anything about that celeb is amazing 😂.

Frank Ntilikina, who seems to have inched past Josh Green in the pecking order, comes in late in first quarter..

Is Sam nuts?? After all Josh has out on her, she chooses to save him?? Girl deserves whatever happens next then #BBAU.

May 8, 2012: Rangers’ Josh Hamilton goes 5-for-5 with 4 HRs and 8 RBIs against the Orioles at Camden Yards..

Carolina takes a 5-4 lead in the sixth, as an error on Josh Hood allows a run to score..

Sam is an idiot for voting Estelle when she knows the votes are probably piling on her and josh ???? #BBAU.

@JoshBobrowsky Josh, what’s your opinion on how toxic the space gets when the markets don’t go up? Founders getting called rugs etc over a bad day in NFT world..

Josh Brookes puts the PBM Ducati on provisional Superbike pole at the NW200 by just from Michael Dunlop. Davey Todd third fastest ahead of Alastair Seeley, with the top four covered by less than 1 second. Glenn Irwin fifth quickest, off Brookes’ time. #NW200.

@BillsQBwatch Pre diggs, Josh Allen let the league with four 4th quarter comebacks and 5 game winning drives..

Josh doing his best to maximise the Streisand Effect on this one. Side note: I’m finding Teal to be a very relaxing colour. Hopefully Josh will come to appreciate it also. #KooyongVotes #auspol.

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Still waiting for any of these mod concepts to pop up one day in the fnf community.

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Instead of looking at it at the Josh(negative) way…I will look at it as @Raiders are improving the roster under any circumstances, gone are the days of keeping players just because we’re they were the best 53 LFG #raidernation.

1s win by 7 wickets in another strong performance. Wickets shared round between Josh, Toby & Ant. We chased down 161 within 30 overs - Dan top scoring with 77* with Craig and Mark contributing as well..

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@SmithBurner91 @Canes McAvoy slew footed Skjei, Haula took a baseball swing at TDA, and TDA got elbowed in the head first period. Quit crying.

Attention #COM feel free 2 share with everyone that you’d feel would generate great value from this Cc: @KramerKarma1 & @Josh_Young_1.

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