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Freedom of the Press Foundation: We continue to urge the Biden administration to drop this day (the prosecution of Julian Assange) continues to further undermine the First Amendment.

Back Warrior Met strikers! Demand $ million fine be thrown out! – The Militant.

@JulianRoepcke I totally agree with your perspective Julian, wishful thinking will not help. Even if Ukranians have more reasons to fight they still need tools..

@sugarglida @latimes As Julian is the key to Obama and Clinton going to prison. The only crime was the weaponizing of the federal government, and why articles of impeachment have been filed against Garland.


@BorisJohnson brought to you by the government who currently has julian assange banged up in belmarsh for exercising that very same right.

#TalDiaComoHoy en 1924 muere el compositor argentino Julián Aguirre en Buenos Aires.

Julian Foto,Julian Foto by Elvira Montiel,Elvira Montiel on twitter tweets Julian Foto

@JulianRoepcke @OlafScholz Sagt Kriegsschwurbler Julian. Alle böse, böse extrem. Extrem links, extrem rechts. Extrem halt. Irgendwie in die eine oder andere Richtung. Alles Nazis und Schwurbelei und so. Nur Krieg ist die Mitte. Nur ich bin in der Mitte..

@snekotron Julian will go into a mental hospital after the war is over. He will still scream: “We need !!!”.

Gibson’s Bakery fights to stay open as Oberlin College stalls – The Militant.

@SkyNews Let’s be honest, none of us have read his books, he’s nothing more than a smug wanker. Free speech my backside, real free speech get crushed and criminalised like Julian Assange.

Workers in Russia protest to defend wages, conditions – The Militant.

@pinky_eage Es un encanto y es una genia, se llama Elizabeth García Luna, y éste es su Facebook:.

Lanet olsun cihatçı Julian gerçeklik serumundan içti amaa cihatçı Julian, savaş alanında olanların buzdağının görünen kısmı olduğunu anlamı Kışa kadar 129 Gün 3 Saat 4 Dakika ⏳❄️.

Julian Foto,Julian Foto by Nefes ❤️ 🇹🇷 🇷🇺 🇨🇳 ❤️,Nefes ❤️ 🇹🇷 🇷🇺 🇨🇳 ❤️ on twitter tweets Julian Foto

The gov case against Julian Assange cannot possibly have any legitimacy given that his lawyers were spied upon by the prosecutors (even setting to one side the alleged conspiracy to commit murder). #FreeAssange #FreeSpeech.

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