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Thanks to her Las Vegas residency, #LadyGaga is going to make around $1 million PER DAY. 😱.

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Lady Gaga - Las mejores reacciones de Twitter

Apple employees all had a big party at Apple Park Friday night, celebrating the completion of the new campus, and there was a surprise guest! But things got awkward for a minute..

How did Sweden become the leading music producer in the world, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adriana Grande, Back street boys, Pink Taylor Swift wouldn´t have a career without them. #Eurovision.

me: if u pay €5000 just to see someone front row u need to be institutionalized coco: u were ready to do that for lady gaga like yesterday.

Lady Gaga paid tribute to Steve Jobs and performed on giant rainbow stage in Apple Park: Watch.

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リアーナ、レディー・ガガがアラバマ州の中絶を禁止する法に反対。「恥を知れ」 Rihanna, Lady Gaga Protest Alabama Abortion Ban: “Shame On You” @pitchforkさんから.

【 氷川きよし 】 きよしのズンドコ JUDAS 【 LADY GAGA 】 #sm18279503 #ニコニコ動画.

Lady Gaga performs live at Apple Park official opening, with Tim Cook paying tribute to Steve Jobs..

I would kill to see Lady Gaga when we go to Vegas but the cheapest tickets are nosebleed seats @ $450 so there go my shattered dreams.

eu nunca esperei por esse momento, mas pela primeira vez na vida a lady gaga errou e feio kkkkkk.

• JONAS BROTHERS ~ Sucker 🖤 - • LADY GAGA ~ Always Remember Us This Way 🖤 - • ALEC BENJAMIN ~ Let Me Down Slowly 🖤 - • KENDJI GIRAC & CLAUDIO CAPÉO ~ Que Dieu Me Pardonne 🖤 - • SOPRANO ~ Fragile 🖤 - • MAÎTRE GIMS ~ Miami Vice 🖤.

leo top 5 artists this week: Lady Gaga (85), St. Vincent (32), Kim Petras (31), Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (30), Declan McKenna (29) #jotafm.

Apple a inauguré l’Apple Park : hommage Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga et scène arc-en-ciel étaient de la party (photos, vidéos).

ICYMI - Lady Gaga rumored to perform at Apple Park opening by @edfromfreelance.

Meesha Shafi, Chris Evans, Lady Gaga and others condemn #AbortionBan.

28. Мне легче перечислить исполнителей. Pet Shop Boys, a-ha, David Bowie, Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Joy Division, New Order, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, Moby, Lana Del Ray, Florence and The Machine, OneRepublic, Maroon 5, The Weeknd, etc. Я люблю голоса..

Lady Gaga condemns ‘heinous’ Alabama abortion ban: ‘This is a ‘travesty’ - The Independent.

@Jhonatta11 eu so sei que tem a ver com lady gaga que fez a musica e que gustavo lima traduziu pro portugues, não ouvi nenhum dos dois. Abraços..

I’m fucking happy and i love lady gaga’s old songs and coffee that’s all -hope nothing ruins it.

Celebrating Steve Jobs with Lady Gaga @ Apple campus . Just another day at work. 🎉😍.

SAME. we are the legendary height of Lady Gaga, Winona Rider, Prince, and Wolverine..

Jony Ive’s latest product is the Apple Stage, a giant rainbow under which Lady Gaga just played.

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En las fiestas de empresas de Apple canta Lady Gaga. En las de mi despacho canto yo hasta que el dueño del karaoke me echa pot poner en riesgo el mobiliario. Such is life 😓 @ladycrocs @ALevySoler.

Thanks to her Las Vegas residency, #LadyGaga is going to make around $1 million PER DAY. 😱.

Paula Fernandes e Luan Santana: “Juntos e shallow now” Lady Gaga:.

⚡Temos uma prévia da versão de Paula Fernandes e Luan Santana para a música de Lady Gaga. Vamos ouvir e shallow now?.

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