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D’Angelo Russell faces the Lakers tonight with a chance to officially eliminate them from the playoffs ❄️.

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I miss nothing, Siempre pensé que era un error ir a los Lakers y ahora mismo lo puedo confirmar Good bye dynasty.

LeBron James and the Lakers have officially been eliminated from playoff contention. Wow. This is the first time LeBron will miss the playoffs since 2005..

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Lakers really missed the playoffs with Lebron an “all time great top 3 player” in the game..

#NBA Los Angeles Lakers de LeBron James afuera de los playoffs. El fracaso de la temporada.

Shout out to the @Lakers for welcoming the Webb Ellis Cup as it continued its #RWC2019 trophy tour in California.

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LeBron James looks ahead after his Tinseltown debut with the Lakers ends without a playoff berth.

The Lakers Asked Lonzo Ball if Big Baller Brand Sneakers Are Causing His Injuries.

Who cares Mr Ball, did you not stay on top of business?.

Nba > Surging Nets eliminate Lakers from playoff picture, 111-106: #NBA.

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The takes are so bad I’m compelled to defend Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. A player I don’t like and a franchise I hate..


Lakers just ass , imagine Bron with Houston or sumn lmao.

One of Magic’s “key” bench signings is currently playing in China. Lakers had no chance lmao.

@CashNastyGaming What’s with this lebron injury excuse? He had more than enough games to get the lakers to at least 8th seed smh.

As a true loyal lakers fan i havent seen the playoffs since the 6th grade and ima senior now oh how things have changed☹️☹️☹️.

Since this tweet: Lakers vs Milwaukee: Lost Lakers vs Clippers: Lost Lakers vs Denver: Lost Lakers vs Boston: Lost Lakers vs the Nets: Lost Nailed it..

I don’t hate LeBron at all I just hate the Lakers more specifically most of their fans. Bron just caught in the crossfire.

I told y’all Lebron wouldn’t be as successful in the Western conference as he was in the Eastern conference and I’m a Lakers fan.

@MarceloCourrege Já é o sexto ano seguido do Lakers fora da pós. Então tudo normal pelas bandas de ainda mais na era Luke..

The Kings have three prospects better than the Lakers and a brighter future 🤣.

The fact you said you worry about Ingram’s playmaking shows you don’t watch Lakers games lol.

Lakers officially eliminated from playoff contention after 111-106 loss to Nets.

Niggas really told me the lakers was going to the finals man I can’t make this shit up LMFAOOOOOOOOOO.

D’Angelo Russell faces the Lakers tonight with a chance to officially eliminate them from the playoffs ❄️.

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The Los Angeles Lakers 2018-2019 “One Shining Moment” DEAD. Who. Did. This?🏀💪😂😭.

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