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Pengadilan Arbitrase Olahraga resmi mencabut sanksi larangan transfer yang berlaku untuk Chelsea. Di bulan Januari nanti, Chelsea dan Frank Lampard bisa datangkan pemain baru nih..

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Ole taking maximum points from Mourinho and Pep would be an absolute madness. Like a Frank Lampard in reverse..

Lampard had an early lead against this man city team, rather than sit back and hit them on the counter knowing fully well their defensive weakness, he went all out to match them pound for pound..

Lampard slams lightweight Chelsea after defensive horror show at Everton via @NewsNowUK.

@kiers__ Exactly bro. He’s not a CM. He’s a CF. He plays off the striker really really well. However he’s not the Lampard/Gerrard midfielder everyone wants him to be..

Frank Lampard will assess the fitness and form of Antonio Rudiger before deciding whether to make a move to try to take Nathan Ake back to #Chelsea during the January transfer window. (@TeleFootball).

Lampard. I permit this week. Blame it on the ogogoro. But next week!!!! Shiiiiiii. So sad RN..

@CFCPys Stop praising christensen for crying out loud, he is crap 💩...zouma is crap should b blamed..

@Mauro_IVX 🎯🎯🎯 his in-game management is near Sarri’s level but because he’s Super Frankie Lampard & not Serial Smoker Sarri nobody will complain. Jorginho shouldn’t have been benched and if we’re chasing games he can’t put on Bastman for just ten minutes and hope..

I just hope Lampard doesn’t go into a panic buy mode and rack up deadwoods .. worrying times.

Chelsea outfought by a motivated team with a point to prove. They failed to apply what Delph would call the Basics of Football and have a lot of work to do before Tuesday night.

@_TheRealYusuf_ Lol it’s the trend nowadays to hire club legends and use the passion talk to win matches with dead tactics. But I guess you can still say there’s logic to shut up shop as he did. Cuz lampard is a poet and wasn’t going to widen the play. William does this though.

@ChelseaFC Lampard should stop all the work rate excuses we have the perfect midfield blend KJK one of the best in the league. A leader on pitch was missing today at some point I was ashamed to be a CFC fan kovacic can play 10 use him, mont should be on one of the flanks.

@onyeka18 As in asumming i fit enter TV, i will chase Kepa away from that post together with his manager. Useless fools.😠😠😠. Abraham is injured you decide its Bats,what of giroud? Until bats become injured then u will use giroud. I saw Barkley warming up,i think lampard is .....

What Chelsea lack is determination and mentality. This is where I miss legends like Terry , drogba or lampard. They were leaders in the dressing room and currently Chelsea doesn’t have such players..

Chelsea fans are so fickle a convincing win in the CL and they are back on Lampard project.

KEPA PARA EL OLVIDO Everton le propinó un rotundo 3-1 al Chelsea. Los blues no tuvieron la mejor actuación de su arquero que hoy fue de un nivel lamentable. KEPA no la pasó nada bien y ahora el equipo de Lampard se….

El Chelsea está plagado de jóvenes. Un proyecto dirigido por Lampard que está empezando a carburar. Pese a mantener por ahora la 4a plaza, es un hecho obvio que estamos ante un equipo bastante irregular. No juzguemos el ahora, sino en lo que puede llegar a convertirse..

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@onyeka18 Silva waved himself away Pochetino waved himself away Lampard will wave himself away Before end of December, the team might be in number 10 playing like this.

@its_a_CFC_thing @gate17marco Lampard still needs to see who’s good enough! We had our best period when we had loads of injuries. Alonso, Pedro, Giroud were given chances and haven’t been in 1st team since. AC will be the next player added to that list. I’ll be surprised if these 4 are with us in February..

@BIuelsTheCoIor @Guled_17 One man shouldn’t justify a team. There are 11 players on the pitch for us even though a lot of our players are average but doesn’t mean lampard shouldn’t get criticised.

Ole Gunnar vs Lampard Man U 4-0 Chelsea Chelsea 1-2 Man U. Show some respect to OLE..

Unacceptable from Frank Lampard, get boys on track from the touchline. Pull a fucking gun* outta your tracksuit and wave it around if you have to, just scare the hell out of them. The no emotions is getting on my last nerve. @ChelseaFC.

Lampard Duncan KANTEs había estado tan inFRANKIElo. Un poco forzado, sí. #TituloLMI.

@grandoldteam (For us ) “Look at his look at his ” Think I’ve waited 39 years to erase that memory of Frank Bloody Lampard! 😎.

Pengadilan Arbitrase Olahraga resmi mencabut sanksi larangan transfer yang berlaku untuk Chelsea. Di bulan Januari nanti, Chelsea dan Frank Lampard bisa datangkan pemain baru nih..

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