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93. Oh man. Would you believe it again?! Laporte judged to have handled before @gabrieljesus33 swept the ball home! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! 🔵 2-2 ⚪️ #MCITOT #mancity.

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Premier League XI GK: Alisson RB: TAA CB: Virgil van Dijk CB: Laporte LB: Robertson CM: de Bruyne CM: Kante CM: Bernardo Silva RW: Salah ST: Kane LW: Mane.

So Spurs knock us out of the Champions League due to a goal occurring from the touch of a hand and VAR doesnt even look at it and then we drop points week two over a minuscule touch off Laporte resulting in our winner being disallowed. There needs to be consistency with VAR..

💥 El Tottenham sobrevivió al City 😮 El VAR anuló un gol de Gabriel Jesús en el minuto 92 por mano de Laporte 🔥 Los de Pochettino supieron sobreponerse tras estar dos veces por detrás en el marcador.

Do City fans realize the ball never falls to Jesus if it doesn’t hit Laporte’s arm?.

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@osmilthirteen @MontrezI Because theres no way laporte could have prevnted that? It was not intentional.

Best Premier League side: GK: De Gea RB: TAA CB: Van Dijk CB: Laporte LB: Robertson CDM: Kante CM: Pogba CM: De Bruyne RW: Salah ST: Aguero (Only just ahead of Kane) LW: Mane.

What did Laporte even do wrong to have the goal disallowed anyway? Was his arm in an unnatural position?.

The rule is very clear and I agree that I’d be annoyed if a winning goal was ruled out because of it, but VAR did its job perfectly. If the ball didn’t hit Laporte’s arm, it wouldn’t have landed at Jesus’s feet for him to score. No grey area anymore and it was executed well..

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@hartvictor2 @CitySection The rule states that the opportunity has to be created after he player gains control of the ball. Are you dumb? I don’t see Laporte gain control of the ball.

People moaning that VAR has ruined football/the prem, wrong. If anything, the new handball law has. Laporte isn’t intending to handball that is he? It just hit his arm, it’s not intentional. VAR has been told to look for that, so you can’t blame them for that #MOTD #bbcfootball.

@DominicKing_DM Weird take that, of course Laporte knew it touched his hand and it’s a new rule so the goal was rightly disallowed, if it was given it would have been unfair on Spurs👍.

@zackjarvis1990 @MGH Rules are rules, ball came off Laporte’s hand allowing the assist to Jesus.

Best PL XI Ederson Robertson Van Dijk Laporte TAA Kante Fernandinho De Bruyne Mane Aubameyang Sterling.

You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge. 🔥 Danielle LaPorte.

Otamendi, Laporte, Walker, Rodri, KDB, Sterling, and Jesus were class today. I’m so happy KDB is back.

@CitySection 93. Oh man. Would you believe it again?! Laporte judged to have handled before @gabrieljesus33 swept the ball home! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! 🔵 2-2 ⚪️ #MCITOT #mancity.

The ball hitting Laporte’s arm, didn’t even create an advantage for the goal. It didn’t deviate at all, the contact was so minimal. I’m sorry but I can’t see how the rule makes any sense..

@AvikarSaini It’s certainly the wrong law change. If accidental handballs only matter for goals. Why do they ever matter? And even then, what is Laporte expecting there? VAR got it right, but the right call feels wrong.

Fue mano de Laporte viene de un entrenador con un torneo de solo 7 partidos? Si es lo único que importa este año la señal..

Ma mère qui me demande : -C’est qui qui commente ? - C’est @lartot - Ah y a plus Salviac ? - ... J’ai pas osé lui dire que Bernard Laporte est encore sélectionneur #FRAECO.

Him & Gray are FUMING. Let me give my take: the ball direction is altered into the path of Jesus by the inadvertent handball by Laporte. If there had been additional phases after the handball, it would not have been disallowed, but there wasn’t. It was handball..

@Carra23 It’s bollocks, VAR ruining football! Surely the defender was pulling Laporte’s arm but that’s obviously irrelevant?.

@johncrossmirror Fouls/play acting/diving are much bigger issues. Lamela fouls Rodri, no penalty! Laporte goes to head the ball and it comes off his arm, no Spurs player appeals yet no goal. Not a clear and obvious error by the ref, but Lamelas foul was overlooked!?.

Honestly fuck VAR and this new hand ball rule. Both cost city today. Clear pen on Rodri and wtf can Laporte do with his arms there?!.

93. Oh man. Would you believe it again?! Laporte judged to have handled before @gabrieljesus33 swept the ball home! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! 🔵 2-2 ⚪️ #MCITOT #mancity.

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