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Just White liberal things: Woman “forgives” her mothers killer and visits him in prison. Upon release she gives him a job working at the house where he killed her mother. He murders her in the same house. 🤦‍♂️.

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NEW: Lib Dems say Zahawi should resign as an MP- “Given this was a serious breach of the ministerial code, Nadhim Zahawi must also do the right thing and resign as an MP. He has shown he is unfit to serve in the Cabinet and unfit to serve the people of Stratford-upon-Avon.”.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, inc has “revoked the membership of the three former Memphis police officers” whose brutal beating led to the death of Tyre Nichols.

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Starmer to Sunak: “Was it just a coincidence that the two people who arranged an £800k credit line for the former PM were both shortlisted for plum jobs at the BBC and the British Council?” #PMQs.

The College Board strips down its curriculum for African American Studies, removing many Black writers & scholars and Black Lives Matter from the formal curriculum And it added “Black conservatism” as an idea for a research project.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

@thomasmidleton @VivekGRamaswamy Far too much power is concentrated in the hands of “shareholder services” companies like ISS and Glass Lewis, because so much of the market is passive/index funds, which outsource shareholder voting decisions to them. ISS and Glass Lewis effectively control the stock market..


Pep Guardiola to Joao Cancelo after one good game from Rico Lewis.

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Están los hombres de Lewis rompiendo las mochilas de los 60 compañeros que están en el CAMINO DE SIRGA al cual todo argentino TIENE DERECHO 5 Días de montañas hicimos 45 km Fuimos agredidos desde lago Soberanía a lago Escondido Estamos acampando en paz y nos atacan ES PATRIA?.

Nos informan desde Lago Escondido que un grupo fue brutalmente golpeado (entre ellos el pte. de la com. de DDHH del Parlasur). Se encuentran ilegalmente retenidos en un galpón, por las patotas de Lewis. Llamamos a difundir. Y a intervenir a quienes tienen altas responsabilidades!.

Let’s clear the air here a bit… 1) The Celtics are 49-28 when reffed by Eric Lewis, not 36-2?? 2) The Celtics shoot FTA/G when reffed by Lewis, the 10th least of any team.

DES MOINES, Ia. (AP) — Authorities: 2 students dead, teacher injured in shooting at Des Moines charter school..

A 22-year-old assistant coach on a JV girls basketball team in Virginia impersonated a 13-year-old player that was out of town The coach was fired, and the team has opted out the remainder of the season.

Officer Preston Hemphill has been relieved of duty during an ongoing investigation into the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols.

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Two EMTs and a lieutenant have been terminated from the Memphis Fire Department after violating numerous policies #TyreNichols.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis says he plans to defund diversity, equity and inclusion programs at every university in Florida.

👑Lewis Hamilton, 21. yüzyılın en iyi sporcuları listesinde 9. sırada yer aldı. (Sportsman).

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Lewis Hall introduced to a new position - GK supporter to help with distribution from Goal Kicks..

⚙️ | George é ao menos 10 cm mais alto que Lewis. Os engenheiros levam em conta essa diferença no design dos carros e no posicionamento dos pedais. O pedal do freio é mais resistente que o acelerador. O piloto pode exercer até 100 kg de pressão no pedal nos picos de frenagem..

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📆 TARİHTE BUGÜN | 2013 Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes fabrikasına ilk kez ayak bastı. Gerisini tarih yazdı....


@BenCrellin I spoke to @ffscout_luke earlier and he said it can easily be Laporte - Dias - Akanji - Lewis in any given game. He did also say he was a decent hold for now though to be fair!.


Just a lil walk down memory lane when I made this race winning helmet for Lewis Hamilton :).

Blackburn’s official statement regarding Lewis O’Brien. #NFFC.

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Keir Starmer asks Rishi Sunak about what he knew about Zahawi’s tax affairs and when: “Is he saying that his officials hid this information from him or is he just too incurious to ask any questions?”.

Argentina es ese país en el que a 1 pibe en el ápice de lo urbano, emo, con corte de pelo cuidado, tirando pasos en un shopping con una remera de videojuego le dicen “RESISTENCIA MAPUCHE”, mientras que unos gauchos a caballo, de bombacha y boina, son “la patota inglesa de Lewis”..

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Garlick and Tim Lewis need to go in the summer so we can actually sign elite players..

📣| Lo vi en tour en el O2 el año pasado, probablemente Noviembre — Niall sobre Lewis Capaldi! NIALL ON TIKTOK.

📸 New pictures of Lewis from the dog shelter Wow wee, us pups are having the best day ever! Our volunteers will be bucket collecting in the foyer before the show. Please pop along to say hi and donate Via therescuehotelcdh on Instagram.

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Believe it or not, not everyone in NJ has equal access to voting. We must pass a strong version of the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of New Jersey (A4554/S2997)! #NJVRANOW.


I’ve been informed it’s Lewis Hall. Cut from the same cloth as Sergio Gomez, winger/midfielder being played out of position no thank you (although a plank of wood would be an upgrade on Gomez).

The @WorldAthletics has no interest in doing what they need to do to promote a professional sport, they want to track and field amateur again. You are delusional if you think otherwise. Address the real problem first and then try to revitalize the sport..

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