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Minjee Lee -15 Madelene Sagstrom -14 Lexi Thompson -13 This is fun. 🔥.

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Check out this great shot by Lexi Thompson from the bunker to set up her birdie on the 14th! 📺: Golf Channel 💻:.

Who else thinks Lexi and Rachael secretly hated each other? Forced into a team together, there was no thanking each other, no final hug. Painfully awkward. #LEGOMastersAU.

Lexi is smiling/crying, but in her mind she’s blaming Rachael because the wheel didn’t turn. Sad 😢 And even though the two women didn’t work as a team, you have to admit they did some great builds 👏 #legomastersau.

Gotta admit, I was worried Joss and Henry would be going home just because this build had similarities to their first build, while Lexi and Rachel’s story was original and fitting to the theme. But I’m very happy with the final 3. Going to be really tough tomorrow! #LEGOMastersAU.

ptdrr ils disent ça alors qu’ils habitent dans le 93, à 2h de paris dans des conditions de vie atroces.

@Lexi_4711 @Holzberg_retten Ein Nachbar hat Bienen und sie kommen fleißig. Noch wichtiger ist, dass man den Wildbienen genug bietet, denn einige sind auf wenige Blumenarten spezialisiert, wenn man da einfach alles wegmäht, fällt viel weg..

Penultimate episode, 30 minutes left in the build and Lexi finally decided to be a team player. #LEGOMastersAU.

@ZSanssouci Meine Tomatenpflanzen sind im Beet, ich glaube nicht an einen Kälteeinbruch..


@mattlovesarah PERFECT ASS MISS ALEXA LEXI KAUFMAN “BLISS” 🍑🍑🍑🍑😍😘👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅.

Lesbea Store pupper babe Josephine Jackson med den atletiske kjæresten Lexi Dona.

@Lexi_4711 Sorry, noch eine Frage an Dich, weil Du Ahnung hat: Meinst Du die Eisheilugen sind schon durch? Habe hier noch Tomatenpflänzchen in der Wohnung, die ich ins Gartenbeet pflanzen sagen noch bis 🧐.

And just like that my eyes opened. Praise god for I was on the wake up list this morning. Happy Sunday peeps.

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@LEGOMastersAU Say what you want about Lexi, and I’m not a fan, but her standing on her own like that…. Maybe some lessons learned for her, but still was very difficult to watch regardless.


@mattlovesarah BEAUTIFUL BACKSIDE MISS ALEXA LEXI KAUFMAN “BLISS” 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑👅👅👅👅👅👅.

@OldLoamie Talking about this other week , everyone applying and Lexi and Racheal were the !!!!.

@DC_PoliceDogs What lead would you recommend for a Labrador please? Lexi is coming up to 11 weeks old next week.

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BOXER INTERVIEW 🥊 Lexi Walker (Wodensborough) discusses what it would mean to win a National Schools Championship title 🏆 #EBNSC22.

@ZSanssouci Ja, die ist kostenlos. Für Bienen und andere kann man so etwas vergessen. Die sind teilweise nur an Kleinigkeiten zu unterscheiden..


@itsJamieDrfc96 @AlexaBliss_WWE YES, DEFINITELY MISS ALEXA LEXI KAUFMAN “BLISS” every day and all day and night.

Omar made us breakfast burritos at 4am at after hours, truly the best boss ever, we’re so lucky 🥲.

how good is it to finally see Lexi and Rach finally booted off @LEGOMastersAU .. long time coming for those absolute amateurs..

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