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Lisa of BLACKPINK holds the top two positions on Billboard‘s #HotTrendingSongs chart, powered by Twitter, with “Lalisa” and “Money,” respectively, on the Aug. 20-dated ranking. #BillboardNews.


El comunicado del Grupo América @A24COM empeora las cosas. Están reconociendo lisa y llanamente CENSURA sobre el programa de Viviana Canosa. Grave porque Vila maneja intereses económicos que regula Sergio Massa. Gravísimo. #VivianaConVos.

LOOK: Some students from the West Visayas State Univ College of Law pose for a photo while wearing black shirts that say: “Never Again to Martial Law.” First Lady Lisa Marcos will teach law in the said university. @rapplerdotcom 📸NUPL Panay.

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SNSでワクチン推奨を積極的に行っていたオーストリアのKellermayr医師が、反ワクチングループによる度重なるハラスメントと殺害予告を苦に先月自殺しました。 Austrian doctors speak out after suicide of GP following Covid threats.

Lisa de Blackpink está lista para convertirse en una prescriptora de estilo..

@gorilla_studio_ ごりさんのお陰で成長しましたw また参加させて下さい🤣👍 ラストやりましょー😊.

elas colocando pretty savage na letra de DDU-DU DDU-DU e depois lançando pretty savage (e mencionando DDU-DU DDU-DU na música) e a lisa escrevendo snake e venom em crazy over you e elas lançando pink venom com conceito de cobra caras a mente de titânio das gatas.

Sadly, only just discovered Lisa and the wonderful work she is doing. Check it.

what is she even doing going around lisa stan accounts in the first place.

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Amo ver a Lisa vestida de mendiga, com um óculos verde e um cacto na cabeça..

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@portalblackpink @jendeukieof depois de ver essa blusa da lisa eu vou parar de ter vergonha de sair com as minhas furadas.

SALIÊNCIA substantivo feminino ou caráter de saliente. em relevo numa superfície lisa; eminência na superfície de certos objetos; proeminência, ressalto..

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You can connect with Lisa here on Twitter @LdyDisney or through her website at.

@Oludeewon Full name: Mdevaan Nyitor Lisa Age: 35 Birthday: 21/12/1986 Country:Nigerian Genotype: AA Tribe:TIV Education level: MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Height: What you currently do: aid worker Expertise: knowledge management Your type of guy/lady: sense #DeewonMeet.

@LisaChavarria @livelikeroo Thanks so much Lisa! I will miss all the incredible people I work with. ❤️.

@villainpinks @BLACKPINK Lisa looks soo pretty with that light ginger hair!!!?! 😳😩.


me muero aca si lisa llega a estar en este cb con el pelo en ese no rosado/cobrizo, amo como le queda por favor.

UPDATE (6) 🏷️ wts lfb blackpink twice itzy stayc welcoming collection 2022 wc22 weverse pob crazy in love formula of love stereotype jisoo lisa lia dahyun sumin photocard pc ph sale.

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Open Early Pre Order EPO / Tabungan Album NCT 127 & Blackpink 💸Bookslot 10-15k ✅️Grup Order Line ✅️Trusted ✅️Special Free Gift kalau ikut EPO 🏡Bandung, Jawa Barat t, taeil johnny taeyong yuta doyoung jaehyun jungwoo mark haechan jennie jisoo rosé lisa.

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@dahyunsuckerrr Momo stans never beating delusional allegations. There is a reason Lisa is a lot more loved and appreciated by gp and nobody knows your girl 😭.

wts lfb blackpink photocards ╰all in kr address ╰minimum of 5pcs ╰payo 🏷️ blackpink pc jisoo jennie rosé lisa.

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今回の写真、天王星のマークだよね 地球からスタートして、火星木星土星天王星ときてるから、次の海王星がきたあとに何かあるかも? #NANDER #LiSA.

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블랙핑크 데뷔 6주년 더세임 카페 멤버쉽 특전 양도 1set 디엠주세요 블랙핑크 블핑 블링크 특전 지수 김지수 제니 김제니 로제 박채영 리사 라리사 blackpink jisoo jennie rosé lisa 6th anniversary.

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@xlisa_bandx うんうん、(σ´▽`)σそれな‼️(笑) LiSAちゃんの曲、歌うのはもちろんギター、ベースもかなり難しいですよね💦 ベースのリフはかなりハードかと… ファミコン対決いいな〜🙄(笑) 是非楽しんで下さいね🥳.

@lisa_gia17 みんな知らないですよね〜、かっこいいのに…🥲 まいく昨日1話見ましたが面白いですね!お盆中に見進める計画です😉.

apparently they aren’t doing any live cause lisa and jisoo’s managers are stuck in the traffic due to the rain, we never win.

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@AyaChiSan0102 あやちちゃんもなのー!うれしー! わたしは推しが多すぎる女なんだけど、BLACKPINKはほんとにほんとに好き…!LISAが特に好き…! カムバ久しぶりすぎてめちゃくちゃ楽しみ…泣いちゃう😭😭もう泣きそう.

@lisa_MONAA_lisa @DokhtareMaardom منو هر جور دلت خواست فشار بده اصا میگم اعوذوبالله من الشیطان رحیمو بخشنده بوخودا.

Lisa: Are you going to give spoilers today? Jisoo: When did I?? Lisa: The person who spoils the most is definitely unnie!!! I never give any spoilers!! Lisa feels so strongly about spoilers 😭.

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Leo ตาสวยจังวะ พันธุ์ไรอะ บ้าบอ 😲😍 #LISA #JISOO.

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