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This puppy is actually saying the words “I love you” to his mom 😍😭❤️

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But hearing things like bye or leave me from someone you love can actually make you feel like youre disposable. Like they dont care about you. Really, the key is communication

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Guys, I actually love Overwatch. I haven’t felt this way about the game since I first picked it up nearly 4 years ago. OWL 2020 has been so fun and all signs point up. I love this game so much :D

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this is the first valetines day where i can actually say I spent it with someone love, that someone is me Happy Valentine’s Day buddy I love you 💚🖤

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@laceypaige20 omg thank u !!! i thrifted then a while back i think tonight if the first time i’ve actually worn them ??? but i love yooouu!!! 🥺

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@spartytalkback Yep love this . Regret never seeing him live . Actually Tom Petty too .

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Just realized I totally butchered the pronunciation of @hawkevarric. Funny thing is, I actually love Dragon Age. So I should really know better lol.

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@Vertigoat_ Gonna be honest I actually love the interpretation of angels as eye creatures this is great

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i’m so done with 3/4s of my family. my dad wouldn’t love me if i were gay, my brother has anger issues,and my mom suggested suicide in the car after making multiple bs comments. my sister is the only person i’m related to who i actually wouldn’t mind living with and she moved out

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@_AdamNewman92 I actually wish I shipped Skyle too because I usually do love best friends or childhood friends turned lovers but in this instance I don’t. And I totally respect the Skyle shippers for wanting what they want. Just don’t like how it was done.

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🔥Jesus🔥 Piercing How He *actually* looks at you right now from behind the veil - w all Eternal, Divine Love & Mercy behind those holy eyes - is beyond all human comprehension, I He has given you Himself, heaven, & His Holy what will you give Him?

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Ya know, I could talk to Dr. Jannot about this stuff all day! It’s hard for us parents to reconcile that what we do out of love for our cubs can actually be counterproductive to their growth. Retraining my brain around this!

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@_msw_ I love threads like this and the people that take time to actually root cause and share them with everyone. Very cool.

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i’d like to be in love in theory but i don’t think there’s anyone prepared to appreciate the disgusting little goblin i actually am and am i ready to put energy into romantic love? LMAO NO

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marriage story é um dos meus filmes favoritos da vida ele é tipo um love, actually DESCULPEM A

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the growth ive had in the last two years as a person is actually love with life<3

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Love Actually en Fox Channel y El Diario de Bridget Jones en Fox más no puedo pedir!!! 💞

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yo yo yo hold on i’m ACTUALLY seeing @trixiemattel live front row center tomorrow. i’m fucking shaken i have waited 11 years to meet my idol. i love you so much barbara c u tomorrow 😍

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It’s honestly such a relief fully know the person you trust to watch your children, actually watch & love them

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@tyIercrossing like i would actually love to hear him talk abt being in love w debby and all that but he never does so i just 😃

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@Aish_BB13 Kitni Khush rehti Hai yaar Yeh, just love her man actually love them 😍😍❤️ adorable #SidNaaz #ShehnazGill

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I am thoroughly convinced that the scripture that says the love of the greater number will grow cold is actually talking about us. The world is already loveless, we gotta do better if we gonna be calling ourselves gods people.

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@ChristoAB_ I love how extremely interested and talented you are in so many things such as singing, and ur speedcube thing, ur so sick actually ♡ can I MM you speed cubing but you have to do it with your feet? 😳

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@ClassicalMyths I do prefer the versions where Persephone actually loves her husband or at least learned to love him and is relatively okay being in The Underworld parts of the year.

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I love when i get gifts that I actually like 😂 like this stuffed elephant is the best I love elephants 😫

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i don’t think i ever felt as abandoned as i did in 2019. not even when my dad stopped coming around. i hope 2020 surrounds me with the people who i love and those who actually love me

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@NoahIdeaFilms Since I love opening logos, I looked it up online, and they actually do say “SEEGAAA”!

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PISCES ♓️✨💫 Here’s a true empath on this day of love. Pisces has emotional depths comparable in size to that of the ocean. I swear they have the ability to actually experience the emotions of others when they put their mind to it. They appear soft, but they’re so strong. 💙

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He kinda chuckles as she said that ❝No, actually it was given to me by my actual creator. To many memories were built up in this home from her and a past So she passed it down to me A drink?❞ Soon walking up to a small bar

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หนึ่งในหนังรักที่ควรดูสักครั้งคือ ‘Love Actually’ (2003) หนังที่บรรจุหลากหลายรูปแบบของความรักไว้ รักแบบหนุ่มสาว รักแบบผู้ใหญ่ ความหมดรักของคู่รัก รักต่างเชื้อชาติ รักต่างสถานะ รักของคนหัวใจแตกร้าว การแอบหลงรักคนรักของเพื่อนรัก ฯลฯ ดูแล้วอาจเห็นชีวิตรักของเราอยู่ในนั้น #wtnmovies

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This puppy is actually saying the words “I love you” to his mom 😍😭❤️

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