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Remember this game, Kimmich kept Mané very well at Anfield. But we are looking for another RB because the kid wants to play in midfield. Very sad.

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@_Raveun Clairement, c’est profil ailier faux pied style Mané, Ney, pas un joueur de débordement du tout.

@dublin_damo I put Hendo for writers because the British media will go for the Hollywood angle. Or possibly KDB if he misses out. Imo players player has to be between VVD, Mane, KDB & Vardy if he continues to score..

Meus vizinhos só passam vergonha no karaokê mané, eu que lute, tenho que aturar isso.

@kopite2303 You said he was a far better full back in brackets offensively and defensively but yes mane had him on a string but you’ve also seen the job he done on sterling defensively I think he was fatigued today looked far to leggy and yes Trent for me would be my pick.

@CokigonzalesO Es un equipo electrizante, en la mejor liga del mundo, el mejor equipo, y tiene a los mejores jugadores del mundo y sobre sale para mi Mané, balón de oro ojalá al término de la temporada no se lo roben.

ta rolando show de rock aqui na praia e meu pai enchendo o saco a maioria dos cara q curte isso ai sao tudo uns ze mane jkkkkkk.

I never saw Mané and Salah together after that goal. I’ve seen this before. I think there is an issue. #LFC..

İldə bircə dəfə belə olsa yaymaq lazımdı. Bacarırsızsa bütün il boyu yayın, bacarmırsızsa bir gün, ama mane olmayın..

Buying gold and silver on Oahu HMU I got cash on it mane #CoryPak #CoryPakTV @ Waikiki, Hawaii.

@_FPLFox @FPLCheetah 41% of managers will captain mane, it will be risky not to go for him.

@louis_mane @MUnitedFR je le trouve aussi sur côté j’ai jamais dit le contraire mais il fait un bon match tape pas sur lui il est en progrès comparé à ses premiers matchs c’est tout si t’as pas d’argument abstiens toi bonne soirée.

Q mané beijo mano kkkkkkk negócio é sair pra fazer competição de quem guenta mais tempo sem rir, ficar bêbado e ver fantasma no parquinho.

Remember this game, Kimmich kept Mané very well at Anfield. But we are looking for another RB because the kid wants to play in midfield. Very sad.

@YourLocalHookup @laycichenault Jus being clumped up, mane. I can’t remember exactly what that’s but like ... hmm sounds familiar. “One white man didnt listen therefore none of you will.” I’d love to know how this dudes hair style is deeper than his head of hair. Like what.

@_ChristopherO That would be my first XI if I had to chose 11 players from those 2 teams. Salah/CR/Mane all rotating 9. The point is the teams are evenly matched. Flip of the coin for the tie breaker at DM.

Vai se fuder,greenwood tá começando agr, mané já tem anos de carreira,não tem nem comparação.

@FPLGOAT7 Mane, TAA, & Gomez. Starting to fear my Gomez decision is going to backfire now though..

@MelukLeCuenta Pagan por ver a Mané, Salah, Kante, Lloros, Pogba, Agüero, De Bruyne, Pulisic, Pagan por ver un espectáculo de verdad..

ahhhh ffs united fans are so cute omg they genuinely thought rashford > mane, maguire > matip/gomez/van Dijk, martial > firmimo, fred > fabinho, mctominay > henderson, de gea > alisson, awb > the list never ends. actions speak louder than words, my friends.

@Abdulthekid Alisson Vvd Robertson You can make a case for Trent as well Fabinho Salah Mane And apologies for the retard dig.

I really want people’s explanations as to why they think Mané is better than Salah.

@ftsenyo It’s so fucking annoying and shallow minded thinking. Salah and mane were through about 3 times and missed but one chance and you say a player is not good. Bs.

Mane took cassava flour (elubo) to the match and hid it in his pocket ..lmao funny how it poured out of his shorts when he fell 😂😂.

Last point, and this is the most painful. We were similar maybe 4/5 years ago but the thing for me is, in comparison to Spurs, the players Liverpool have signed in that time. Not many bad ones. VVD, Salah, Firmino, Mane, Robertson, Fabinho, Allisson,.

@jgilly1991 And hendo hit the post and mane missed one and we had another disallowed (rightfully tbf).