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I think she wants you to get out. @PLLTVSeries @FreeformTV #PLLthePerfectionists.

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That makes sense, it was meant for Taylor, to help her #PLLThePerfectionists 😱.

The girls has always said they do their own stunts. @SashaPieterse conquered that roller coaster scene. #PLLthePerfectionists.

Taylor’s going psycho on Alison. And unfortunately, her phone battery’s dead. Should’ve invested in a battery-charging #PLLThePerfectionists.

That is really harsh for him to say that, did he know him personally? #PLLThePerfectionists 😬.

Ava is still really mad at Caitlyn, I can’t say I blame her #PLLThePerfectionists 😳.

@PLLTVSeries @FreeformTV ENJOY WEST COAST 🤫🤫🤫🤫 #PLLThePerfectionists.

Mona is about to get really fascinated about Ray. He may be the key to solve Nolan murder and who killed him. #PLLthePerfectionists.

What were doing when you were 15? - Ray Playing with my dolls and shoplifting with Hanna - Mona You can never take the girl out of Rosewood. #PLLthePerfectionists.

Taylor va a enamorar a Mona con su sabiduría tecnológica ahre #PLLThePerfectionists.

This episode is on a whole new level #spookyAF #PLLThePerfectionists.

In the pilot mona said that Taylor was BHU’s only suicide but Ray said “his girl” jumped off the bridge and killed herself. #PLLThePerfectionists @imarleneking.

I think she wants you to get out. @PLLTVSeries @FreeformTV #PLLthePerfectionists.

A little down time. A little time to take this selfie for you. #PLLThePerfectionists.

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Secrets have a way of keeping you close. Stream the first four episodes of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on @Hulu, , or On Demand before an all new episode tomorrow night. #PLLThePerfectionists.

Hey @imarleneking A What did you do? You have done a bad decision my dear You broke hearts tonight and they are mad Also great episode ❤🖤❤🖤 #PLLThePerfectionists #Emison.

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Caitlin just lied to me. Turn up the heat. Claire is on that mission. #PLLThePerfectionists.

@imarleneking can not wait to see Alison and Taylor interact next week! #PLLThePerfectionists.

That wasn’t scary, that just fell right by her hand 😳 #PLLThePerfectionists.

Everytime I see Caitlin in her elements. She always float me back to Spencer because you know our girl was always about her business. #PLLThePerfectionists.

Imagine how POWERFUL #PLLThePerfectionists could have been if Emison were the main focus 😧.

@SashaPieterse alison is so kind putting others before her even when dealing with her own problems:( i say that’s MY girl!!! protect her always #PLLThePerfectionists.

sasha really said this knowing full well what we were about to witness, an unstanning tonight pt 2 #PllThePerfectionists #SaveEmison.

@SashaPieterse imagine trying to lie to someone whose faked their own death and disappeared and been thru hell! Lol these little liars have noo idea! And yet Alison remains brave and helpful! #PLLthePerfectionists.

Happy #PLLThePerfectionists day! This one is extra special because it’s also @SofiaCarson birthday 💕 love you pretty.

So many questions, so few answers. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is all new tonight at 8/7c on @FreeformTV. #PLLThePerfectionists.

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