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The big winner in all of this? Putin. He got us to waste $30 million and obsess over Trump collusion. It was all based on stopping Trump instead of stopping Putin..

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@Zeddary The most likely reason would be that Putin was already leveraging them..

@XSovietNews <<controlled opposition>> Ksenia Sobchak is an outspoken liberal protected by her godfather, Vladimir Putin. So nice of Putin to protect the daughter of the man who did so much for his career, although I’m not sure it makes up for murdering Anatoly..

@BMarchetich You just think that because you’re an unwitting tool of the kremlin and a putin puppet. Or you can use critical thinking skills and can read. Probably the latter..

Regardless what Russia attempted to do thru social did not influence my vote#vote#2020.

I would like to thank the American Democrats and Media for their efforts over the last two years in promoting our goal to delegitimization your 2016 election. - From Russia with Love, Comrade Vladimir Putin.

@Jim_Jordan Obama 2016: “Stay out of our Elections. Knock it off!” Putin: “Ok, tell Hillary we want our Dossier back.”.

@realDonaldTrump Hey, TRumpscumanov! Get Out Of Our Country. You Do Not Belong Here. Russia’s Mueller Report: If Putin Did It, He Did It for You via @thedailybeast.

It couldn’t be simpler. Either you believe Mueller, the mainstream media and US intel services Or you believe Trump, Fox News and Putin. #KnowYourDeplorables.

As the Russia investigation ends, experts see two years of American political dysfunction as a win for Putin.

@ChrisCuomo We still have not formed a plan to stop Wonder why? Because Trump still believes Putin! It speaks for itself!.

İşte Notre Dame yangınını bilen Baba Vanga’nın, Putin ve Trump’la ilgili kehanetleri.

8 of these congressmen went to Russia to suck up to Putin. VOTE THEM OUT!.

@ktumulty We are witnessing a mass psychosis. Trump never colluded with Russia. The basis of the investigation. If there was no basis obstruction is out of the question. The media pretended for two years Putin/Trump colluded, that didn’t happen. You got it totally wrong..

Ukrainians have elected a 41-year-old comedian their president to replace the Poroshenko who was reduced to a joke by Putin..

@DPower2487 @AriFleischer Or with Trump defending Putin innocence, KNOWING he was attacking America..

@ericswalwell watching you on fox you called the president a traitor an asset of Putin, you had evidence, where is it, you don’t even deserve to run for president.

Oh and donny boy? Americans are not the only ones reading the Mueller Report, Global leaders are reading it, China is reading it, Putin is reading it, Canada is reading it, Mexico is reading it, North Korean lover is reading , etc.,...

@SputnikMundo Rusia es cada dia mas rodeada por fuerzas de EEUU y la OTAN, entoxces Rusia tiene todo el derecho de hacer lo mismo con otros paises cerca de las fronteras norteamericanas. verdad Putin ?.

@Mikel_Jollett And summarized by a Republican as: Donald Trump wanted to MAGA Putin wanted to MAGA too! Very Legal, Very Cool. ... and that is the story they are sticking with and the press is buying..

@SethAbramson I am appalled that no one has picked up on the real obstruction here. Trump did not want Russia investigated. He did not want Russia to be sanctioned. He was running interference for Putin and his oligarchs. Collusion is a distraction..

@emptywheel So this points to the fact every conversation Putin and Trump had was in furtherance of covering up what had happened before during and continues to happen.

Железному Феликсу пора вернуться на свое почетное место.

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@hawksfan810 @RawStory so putin sarcastically saying this is relevant how? i mean it literally says in the article he was saying it sarcastically. you topic skip a lot are you conceding your wrong & moving to another point?.

@disinformatico Qual è la differenza tra il giornalismo e la fabbrica dei troll russi allora? Ora si scopre pure che si copriva dietro una persona morta per coprire Putin,.

The big winner in all of this? Putin. He got us to waste $30 million and obsess over Trump collusion. It was all based on stopping Trump instead of stopping Putin..

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