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Putin’s Puppet is at it again, taking Russian help for himself. He knows he can’t win without it. And we can’t let it happen.

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Gran ma ma ()

@JoyAnnReid @BernieSanders If I were Putin, I would be a bit afraid of helping Sanders b/c dear ole Bernie means every word he says!

Ms. Rush ()

I will vote blue, no matter who! Drumph acts more like Putin every one crosses him without penalty! I am SICK of him playing fast and loose with GOOD people and pardoning the crooks. I am about to march on the WH and demand he get out of OUR HOUSE!

Let Reality Winner talk. ()

Has any Republican joined Bernie Sanders in telling Putin to stay out of our elections?

Diario de Noticias ()

Sanders pide a Rusia que se mantenga al margen de las elecciones en EEUU: No considero a Putin un amigo

Генрих Сыродаев ()

Взамен на что Путин согласился компенсироваться Минску 300 млн долларов

Lee Koch ()

@Scaramucci Mooch why in the heck won’t any so called “god fearing” Christian Republicans step up and say enough is enough? Are they all being blackmailed or sponsored by Putin? I’m confused and saddened by the behavior of so many leaders!

PatPeters,PhD. ()

Believe a Clinton????? Hillary Clinton Peddles Russia Collusion , Labels Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’

KonZapata.com ()

Ahora #Putin dice que apoya a Maduro. ¿Lo seguirá haciendo en el futuro? #22Feb

Akis Psilos ()

Turkey And Russia Fight It Out: Is This The End Of The Road For Erdogan? It’s time for Erdogan to pay the piper his dues. Turkey’s dictator after the decimation of Turkey’s armed forces officers and his lycophilia with Putin repeats Stalin’s errors!

Namık Kemal Bayar ()

Putin gizli görevde. Görev mahalli 🤔😂🤔😎😎😎😂😂😂

AC Fragoso ()

@GothamGirlBlue You’re onto something. Tea party gun totin god fearing lunatics facing off against stubborn, already accusing the DNC of stealing election Bernie bro’s. (& small weird faction of yang gang or the highway fanatics). Putin wins by default. Smh. Nice job folks.

Snafu ()

@StewardshipAmer @realDonaldTrump Count yourself as one of them . MAGA Manipulating America’s Gullible Assholes . Trump loves Kim, sucks putin off in private meetings but they are just not into him. Sad

111 ()

@Bilelpackm Ahahahha elle a épinglé sont tweet comme si c’était une putin de punchline jss mort

Will ()

@BubbaLucia @ProudResister you credulous cold war idiots are doing exactly what Putin or Trump or whoever wants. you’re indulging insane conspiracy theories and tearing all possible legitimacy out of the democratic process. all because of your hatred of one candidate. your hysteria is the entire goal.

Mohammad zen Alaabedeen #FSG ()

@AlArabiya_SY #Putin_kills_Syrias_children #بوتين_يقتل_اطفال_سوريا

BTS Romania Team⁷ ()

22 ore. Mai avem Facem 50M în primele 24 ore? Depășim recordul Shadow in trending România? 🔥🔥 @BTS_twt #ROARMY

Putin Foto

Henry"No Malarkey"Djoutsa ()

the dem establishment wants to defeat trump Bernie wants to defeat the dem est. the dem establishment wants to hep down ballot candidates Bernie want to defeat the democratic est. the dem,est wants notx to do with Putin bernie knew Russia was helping him and hid it for a month

Pete Schofield ()

@TheEnglishRebel Between Russia and Ukraine? It is ongoing now and started many years ago. Started by Putin.

John Greaves ()

@carolecadwalla No surprise, have you read up about the 1997 book The Foundations of Geopolitics? Appears to have been adopted by the Russian leadership and the military. Putin has the UK stitched up.

متطرف İBDAakıncı66 ()

@FazilDuygun Burda nasıl bir algı üretmesi ordusuna saldıran doğrudan Rus ordusu ,bir çuval olayı için ABD savaş ilan edilmesini istiyen zihniyet şimdi 15 askerimizi şehit Putin piçine toz kondurmuyor.

Max Bruno ()

@DisabledResist @BernieSanders Wowww looks like you believe Vladimir Putin more than Bernie. Oof what is happening to the Democratic Russians are literally convincing you of absolute

Peter wong ()

@USEmbassyBKK I guess it would be OK for you if Mr. Putin was behind the dissolution. 😄

T-Bone No War On Iran ()

@rubin_parody @washingtonpost Rubin spreads so much disinformation, she might be working for Putin. Bernie consistently beats Trump in head to head polling. (And every other Dem for that matter). #NotMeUs

Nathan Wall 🌹 ()

@TemoGarza3 And you know putin supported Obama over Romney in 2012 right? I guess you would have supported Romney then?

Bobcat ()

@realDonaldTrump Then y is the deficit over a trillion bucks, huh? Ur such a moron, us taxpayers r paying the farmers, not u or ur fellow millionaires, cuz with ur tax cuts for the rich, none of u pay taxes. But that was the plan right? Putin wanted our country in such a bad place & u obliged.

B ()

@GSLpatriot @JoeBiden “Putin doesn’t want me to be president” Hey Biden, there isn’t a single person in America that wants you to be president. Dog face pony douche.

Dan Bongino ()

Putin is laughing hysterically as the hack media, corrupt intelligence community leakers, lying, sleazy Democrats, and mentally broken Never-Trumpers do his bidding and water the seeds of chaos in the US.

Hillary Clinton ()

Putin’s Puppet is at it again, taking Russian help for himself. He knows he can’t win without it. And we can’t let it happen.

Nancy Pelosi ()

American voters should decide American elections — not Vladimir Putin. All Members of Congress should condemn the President’s reported efforts to dismiss threats to the integrity of our democracy & to politicize our intel community.

Chuck Schumer ()

Republicans keep blocking election security bills in the Senate, and now we know why: They’d rather let Putin win than stand up to President Trump.

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