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SEN - SATIONAL !!! 🥇 GOLD Lakshya Sen you are a fighter embodying and displaying the spirit of young India 🇮🇳! You came back and clinched this victory like a determined champ! Our heartbeats were racing ! You’re such a delight to watch! Well done & congratulations!.

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Proposed peace talks between Tigray and Ethiopia now a game of smoke and mirrors. One side dictates terms, has luxury of time. Another is desperate, racing against the clock. Without coercive diplomacy to force Addis to change course make genuine peace, a war seems inevitable.

Cuando Buffarini vino a Boca, lo trataron de traidor. Llegó Marcos Rojo, pasó lo mismo. Llegó Zarate, pasó de ser ídolo a ser persona no grata. Firmó Chiquito Romero y hasta el presidente de Racing declaró que le cierras las puertas. Nos detestan y eso me agrada..

Tuvo que salir el presidente de Racing a inventar algo para que no lo puteen. Y encima siendo hincha de Racing dijo que Boca era el club más grande del país. Es fantástico..

DRIVER ANNOUNCEMENT | 🇮🇳 Divy Nandan joins Chris Dittmann racing in British F4! The 19-year-old started karting when he was 17 and did MRF Formula 1600. He will make his debut this weekend at Snetterton. #BritishF4 📸 Jakob Ebrey.

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Estaba viendo el Barracas - Racing de recién. Tiene que ser él posta..

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Diario AS
Diario AS

⚽ El Racing y el Oviedo juegan en El Sardinero su último partido de pretemporada.

@Envision_Racing @AlgoFoundation Is there anything like it??? …….


Signed🖊 Seth Noell will join Miller Racing in the AREA Cup Series for Season 3!!! Seth currently has a stout 5981 iRating with 62 wins, 79 poles and 218 Top 5s in 519 starts in Official Oval racing plus an iRacing Road to Pro win at Martinsville..

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You racing against time to keep things interesting, or what, there, boss? Turns out that time goes pretty quick. I like racing against it, too!.

USCC-GTLM:2014 Chevrolet Corvette GTE #3 (Corvette Racing) Daytona24h Coloring Edition.

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チャンピオンシステムがシマノ鈴鹿ロードに出展。会場限定アウトレットセール、KINAN Racing Teamによるパーソナルレッスンを開催 @champsysjp @KINANRacingTeam.

🌟 Bet Of The Meeting 🌟 #KEMPTON - The ease in grade will benefit TEQUILAMOCKINGBIRD and she can return to winning ways. Mille Miglia and The Thunderer View more >.

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@ryo_urm_racing @_aneridayo_ ちょっとぱちおこのゲームで天下取ってきてよ.

When horse racing is shut down. Please dont blame Social Media. Shit dont even blame Peta . Blame the powerfull rich people in industry that didnt step up and advocate for aftercare of horses. Seeing shit like that is sickening..

So many racehorses lost thru system or buried in some fields. Its sad that this happening . Peta is going to win . Peta is going to close horse racing down cause powers at be allowed shit like this to happen. There are no plans for future either. Nothing will change within.

Un Racing apático empató con Barracas Central y dejó pasar la oportunidad de quedar a tiro de la cima.

@omegaxrunner Izkariot has all the tools to do it. They are a great pilot AND a great machinist AND a great mechanic. A complete RUNNER who also knows all Evitus’s secrets, racing techniques, and weaknesses..

@hmlaa Yeah I hear ya…a group of people need to get together and play a $4500 pick 6 ticket in hopes of sweeping a jackpot, racing down wind style 🤣🤣🤣🤣 f-it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣…watch imma go 5 for 6 again on my ticket 🤦‍♂️😂.


@AndrewWarrenFL MAN💀 nobody abuses his power but you. You and your friends passed racing bill 2019 for a case where there was no racing just to convict an innocent person.

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KINSLEY STADIUM. SUNDAY 7-8-22 SUMMER OWNERS BONUS SERIES TROPHY MEETING. RACING POST SELECTIONS. R1 - 5-2-6 R2 - 3-6-2 R3 - 5-6-2 - NB - SILK CUT TIMMY R4 - 5-1-6 R5 - 6-5-2 R6 - 5-1-6 R7 - 5-4-6 R8 - 2-5-1 - NAP - CASHEL DANNY R9 - 5-6-3 R10 - 6-4-1 R11 - 6-4-5 R12 - 4-5-1.

Vos si que ves a RACING con el corazón, no se quien sos hermano pero te amo y te admiro , espero que el que te conozca te haga llegar un gran abrazo académico 💪⭐️.

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@cabaret_bostero Chiquito Juniors Romero debe ser primo @FlavioAzzaro siempre dicen que son de Racing.

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Mike Clay
Mike Clay

We’re superspeedway racing on an old, bumpy Daytona track. This is going to be…interesting.

Signed🖊 Travis Beckner will join Miller Racing in the AREA Cup Series for Season 3!!! Travis currently has a 3003 iRating with 62 wins, 68 poles and 179 Top 5s in 405 starts in Official Oval racing plus 3 wins and 6 poles in AREA competition!.

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Retirado hace raaatoo, pero a Boca le encanta vender humo contratando jugadores de nombre que no les aporta un carajo, mejor que se lo llevaron ellos y no vino a robar a Racing.


Difícilmente se llegue a los niveles de demencia alcanzados ayer, fue todo surrealista. Filtraciones, suposiciones, nombres de tuiteras, denuncias, autoproclamación de ser el garche de, consumo de estupefacientes, etc..

Recién llega y ya vende humo. Hace unos días, cuando nosotros le prestamos nuestras instalaciones para que entrenara, decía “Demostremos que Racing es el club más grande del mundo”. En fin… Ojalá atajes el domingo 😉.

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