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Congrats brother @2ez_nassie You are joining a great organization @trailblazers with one of the best front offices, crazy fans and the most supporting locker room! #RipCity.

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@oregonbornduck @SportsTalk953 They literally the where large numbers of people (such as prisoners of war, political prisoners, refugees, or the members of an ethnic or religious minority) are detained or confined under armed , right there In the definition.

You can see why he was rated as a top 10 talent🤷🏻‍♂️His shot looks pretty good here and I think he will flourish very nicely in Stotts system #RipCity.

@Enes_Kanter please read through this go fund me, trying to help save up money for our new local mosque in Fargo/Moorhead. #RipCity.

ナシーアリトルも予想より落ちてきたくらいギャンブルだけど、ポテンシャルの塊すぎて楽しみ。 NBAっていいなぁ〜😳😳😳.

ポストDはフィジカル的にまだなんとかなりそう。 ピック回避と、ドライブ結構抜かれて、後ろからブロックみたいなパターン多いな。.

Oof I’m glad I jumped ship to @trailblazers in 2018. #ButILiveInCharlotte #RipCity.

リトルはたしかに博打かもね。 いい選手なのは間違いないけど、ペリメーターDとシュートスキルIQともにまだまだっぽい? あと、スピンムーブめっちゃ使うなぁ笑笑 でもどれも改善できることだし、フィジカルや、身体能力は恵まれて簡単に手に入れられる物じゃないからすごく楽しみ!!!.

#ripcity is now trending in #Orlando.

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Dame,,Mo,Zach,Meyers,Nurk,Anfernee,Trent Jr., and now Nassir our roster looks pretty know I left some guys out Jake,Enes,Aminu,Rodney & Seth but I dont know who is coming back,hopefully we get at least 2 but I know the money situation is tight #RipCity.

Great article @johncanzanobft I agree Bol Bol was not who Portland should have gone with. Like the Little pick! #RipCity.

After hearing this, I’m kinda hoping that @Dame_Lillard raps live during halftime at a @trailblazers game next season. That shizzle was good. #DameDOLLA #RIPCity.

@trailblazers with the STEAL of the draft tonight with @2ez_nassie. Now turn focus to keeping key role players (curry, hood, kanter) if we can to make another run at a WIDE open west this year. #RipCity.

The Blazers picked up a highly valued player who had fallen (lottery pick on many pre-draft boards, top 5 heading into last season), who also happens to fill a need, at 25. Nobody expects the 25 pick to transform their franchise. Little has time to develop. Great pick #RipCity.

Quite a steal for the Blazers tonight! Awesome sauce! #GoBlazers #RipCity.

@2ez_nassie Welcome to #Ripcity !! You’re about get a ton of RipCity followers!! Can’t wait for summer league! Go Blazers!!.

At this point, Portland should move up and pick Bol Bol. Zero to lose and everything to gain. #RipCity.

Now that we are in the 2nd rd, I wouldn’t mind seeing Portland get back into the draft and take Bol Bol. If he doesn’t work out, oh well. You need to fill out the roster regardless. Let’s see what he can do. Won’t cost much either. #ripcity.

#RipCity got the steal of the draft with @2ez_nassie. Solidifies my belief that the Trail Blazers are championship contenders come next spring..

Welcome to #ripcity my TarHeel becomes a blazer today was good.

Congrats brother @2ez_nassie You are joining a great organization @trailblazers with one of the best front offices, crazy fans and the most supporting locker room! #RipCity.

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