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$ billion in profits??? All while consumers foot the bill at the pump and Big Oil continues to rip us off with high prices? Cry me a f*cking river, ExxonMobil..

A view of the Roman camp Aquis Querquennis, located on the banks of the Limia River in Galicia, Spain. The camp is usually under water but can now be seen because of the low water levels..

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River Plate Santos São Paulo Atlético-MG Flamengo Atlético-MG Ninguém passou pelo Palmeiras. Repita comigo. MUUUUUUUUIITTTTTTAAAAA SOOOOORTEE.

Quedó muy en evidencia el error de Rapallini en Independiente vs. River. El VAR lo llamó porque era penal y roja para Barreto. Y si la excusa es que Borja lo busca, lo curioso es que es el mismo árbitro que echó (bien) a Maidana por golpear a Cóccaro 🤷‍♂️.

River City update! To ensure the most polished experience possible, River City Girls 2 will be launching in North America sometime after its originally expected late summer 2022 release window. Please stay tuned for a new release date. For now, please check out the cover art!.

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Do not let your small drops of sin become a flooding river of regret. Ask Allah to forgive you regularly and return to Him when you stray..


Students risking their Iives everyday by crossing Chandrawal river in UP! 🙏 #UltaPultaUPModel #DoubleEngineDisaster.

Stunning photo of a vibrant rainbow bisected by a vivid lightning bolt Thursday night over South River in Maryland. 📷David Sites.

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The world is welcome to Malabar River Festival in #OurWayanad. The pristine waters promise great adventures and formidable challenges. My best wishes to all!.

Police Brutality: Power-drunk Nigerian Policeman Flog Man With Machete In Ekori Community Of Cross River State 🎥: CrossRiverWatch.

Jungkook gives a snort, turns on his feet towards the river. He slowly steps more into the river, ignoring Taehyung, who stands by the shore. “That was pathetic of you!” Taehyung hisses. Jungkook takes a dip, shrugs, “as you said, we are nothing. I owe you no shit either.”.

En lo que va del 2022 Matías Suárez participó en solo 14 partidos de River, 10 ingresando desde el banco, y solamente una vez completó los 90 min. Así y todo marcó 5 este tipo estuviera sano sería un escándalo..

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नदी में बर्थडे मना रहे थे, बाढ़ में बही कारें: इंदौर की फैमिली को ग्रामीणों ने समझाया फिर भी नहीं माने; डूबने से बची कई जिंदगियां #Barwaha #river.

doxxing myself as a patch of grass near the mouth of the kenai river.

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Stayed local at the weekend and had a walk along the River Ouse up to Bishopthorpe. Good numbers of Tansy Beetles feeding in the sun. Such incredible colours. #JewelofYork.

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#나위팟_공지 본론부터 말하자면, 현재 팟에서 편파 신고가 들어오고 있고 총부괄 눈에도 지속적으로 눈에 띄어 다시 한 번 공지합니다. 관계란 또는 캐입방에서 확연하게 차이나는 반응들,특정인의 글에서만 반응하는 활동은 지양하고 있습니다. 모든 공지사항들을 숙지하시고 즐겁게 활동해주세요!.

⚽️ #River estrenando sponsor: 1985 Fate👍1-0 Temperley 1989 Peugeot🤝0-0 NOB 1991 👍2-1 Unión 1992 Sanyo👍2-0 ñol 1996 Quilmes👎1-3 CASLA 2002 Budweiser👍3-0 Boca 2006 Petrobras👍2-0 2012 BBVA👎1-2 Belgrano 2019 Turkish👍3-0 Lanús 2022 Codere👍1-0 CAI.

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Buen día gente, les recuerdo que las entradas para #River vs ñuls están AGOTADAS desde el viernes. Pero si algún abonado libera su entrada xq no puede ir el sábado, se pondrán a la venta..

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🚨A los 25 minutos del primer tiempo, Enzo Pérez tuvo que salir por una molestia en su rodilla izquierda 🤔En principio sería sólo un golpe en la zona. Será evaluado en el transcurso de la semana para saber si estará a disposición para cuando #River enfrente a #Newells.

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Koyna Dam : कोयना धरण पायथा विद्युत गृहातून 2100 क्युसेकने पाण्याचा विसर्ग कोयना नदीत होणार @kuldipmanepatil.

Cracks in critical coolant system pipework plus high temperatures of river water have forced shutdowns of numerous French nuclear reactors..

@karanmalhotra21 You should apologize to the audience who wasted there money and time on your so called #Shamshera . By the by who put the horse on the river side for shamshera😁😁😁😁.

Beach days in Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica 🙌 Great place to be and chill watching that sun setting 😊.

@Sabinus1_ Sabinus plz can u get me a sewing machine plz ,help me with it ,my contact 09132984633,I bass in river state.

please tweet us tag us send us photos and videos from this long weekend !! we wanna see but usually miss instagram stories 🤪.

El abuelo: angelici será lo que será pero traía refuerzos. Nos cogía river pero teníamos sponsor, pibe. El club está manejado por La Kámpora. Chicho Siesta jaja.

Que infumable que sos @leofarinella ... ahora decis que a River lo perjudican! Que le queda al resto. Te das cuenta que son complices de que este futbol esté podrido y de que cada vez es mas mediocre y solo para 2: el @TyCSports.

Well after the underwear fiasco a nice turn off events: Floating down Madison River in MT w/my wife, couple friends & NO cell service I was the only one w/ downloaded music on phone to use w/ waterproof BT speaker = COMPLETE control of music & a captive audience for 2 hrs. 🙌🤘.

@denver_donkey Was finally able to catch me a few in the Eagle River this year. Been fishing it for years and finally pulled that a cutbow of all things🔥.

P/T gardener sought for the stunningly beautiful 32-acre Nano Nagle Birthplace. Ballygriffin on the Blackwater River, North Cork. Please RT!.

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