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50 monkeys stranded on trees in flooded river rescued in Karnataka. #TNMGoodNews

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Gonzalo Suli
Gonzalo Suli ()

Quien me ayuda a bancar al Emperador, el invicto casi récord, invencible con River y el que le dio el empujoncito más sutil hacia el infierno??? Vamos qué hay lugar en el tren (todaví)

analise | celsete e johnzete
Analise | celsete e johnzete ()

@hardsixxed @Mrs__Sinister estão chamando o John de assassino por causa doq aconteceu c o river phoenix, lê meu fixado

¿Por qué es tendencia?
¿Por qué es tendencia? ()

Gabigol: Porque convirtió el gol de la victoria para el PSG, como contra River jaja

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The News Minute
The News Minute ()

50 monkeys stranded on trees in flooded river rescued in Karnataka. #TNMGoodNews

Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson ()

Redials n spamming my phone got me 4 seconds away from throwin a Hail Mary down the river 😠

Brady Cox
Brady Cox ()

A afternoon ride on the Liberty Square River Boat! #WaltDisneyWorld #MagicKingdom

Disney Family Adventures. Keith *o*
Disney Family Adventures. Keith *o* ()

River rising. If im no in work in the morning can someone pick me up in Berwick

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christine gritmon ❤️
Christine gritmon ❤️ ()

@TMTweetChat I think I need to re-do it to give more context - and to identify the Hudson River, and NYC! ❤️ #TMTweetChat

#CorazonAborigen ()

Partido durísimo hoy. River es un rival que complica a cualquiera, un equipo que tiene bien definido lo que quiere en la cancha. A no bajar la guardia, hoy es una final. 🎶🎵 PARA SER CAMPEON, HOY HAY QUE GANAAAR 🎶🎵

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Crack Deportivo
Crack Deportivo ()

Danilo #Gerlo en @crackdeportivo_ Lo que genera Gallardo en el hincha de River y el equipo nadie se lo regaló. Con el tiempo cada vez se lo valora más y lo más sorprendente es que sigue compitiendo

WSDOT Tacoma
WSDOT Tacoma ()

Disabled vehicle on I-5 NB at milepost near Puyallup River Bridge South-End beginning at 10:14 am on August 5, 2020 until further notice. The right lane is blocked.

Luke Mitchell
Luke Mitchell ()

Boring Brit retro retail discoveries - Mr Byrite is now Blue Inc - Rumbelows traded 24 years but never made a profit - Concept Man became River Island (with Chelsea Girl)

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Charles River Watershed Association
Charles River Watershed Association ()

We will continue to update as the situation progresses. We have also seen reports of what may be a cyanobacteria bloom in the Lakes District (Newton, Waltham, Weston) of the Charles River, but are waiting on confirmation. Sign up for alerts:

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숲 ()

@_tuna_river 저두용 ㅜㅜㅜ 혹시 발견하면 애화님께 달려가겠숩니다

Jerin John
Jerin John ()

Rounded up the bois. Found a river. Got into my shorts. Jumped in. Fucked around. Nearly drowned. I feel alive again in this beautiful year.

valentina 💚
Valentina 💚 ()

fabbiani ponderando a passarella como ídolo de river jajajja volvé tres metros bajo tierra ogro haceme el favor

Bryan J. Field
Bryan J. Field ()

I was saddened to read that Pete Hamill passed away. If you have never read his novel Forever, it is worth your time. Personally, I also loved River North. RIP

Daquido Bazzini
Daquido Bazzini ()

@realDonaldTrump Sally Yates told (and is telling) the story exactly as it went down. You and Mike Flynn sold us down the Yauza River, got caught and have proceeded to reverse “baloney blame” to the Obama administration. Poor liars!#OustTrump#CoronavirusKiller

Akashdeep ()

@sunandavashisht All people living beyond Sindhu river were called Hindus. Indian way of life started long long ago tracing its origin to Indus Valley Civilization.

Marujo ()

#SócioDigital os jogadores não sentem a indignação da derrota. Perder para o River deveria tá martelando na cabeça de todos ali dentro. Se sentir pressionados que o insucesso não será esquecido pela torcida.

Taking Root
Taking Root ()

@amcewen Watched this being pulled along by tugs today. Took me right back to being fascinated as a kid watching the river with my grandfather. Good Times 🙃

CLB1966 ()

@sandyreadsalot2 I loved living on the island. One street from the water. Was a great place but the ferries here are FAB! Great way to see the beautiful city. Not as pretty as the Swan River though.

Chris Lee
Chris Lee ()

Just a little reminder during the #RealityTVShitShow that we all have to live in now, there is still some amazing stuff out there in the world. These guys kayaking an insanely amazing river. El Rio Claro via @YouTube

Visit Oconee SC
Visit Oconee SC ()

The apples are coming! The apples are coming! Well closer to September, Long Creek will be celebrating apple season. Plan a weekend to the area to pick or pick up local apples and fruits. Plus enjoy waterfall hiking or a dip in the river.

Norah Babington
Norah Babington ()

@bookpreneur Thank you! A truly beautiful book Sensitive observations of life in its complex, unpredictable ways. Rich in subtle metaphors, written in a colourful poetic language, this book is full of psychological insight. Riveting reading, I find.

Romantic Poetry Bot
Romantic Poetry Bot ()

As doth eternity: Cold Pastoral! When I dare to trace How other sound can come To blow against us, so majestic River, The

Hot Sneakers
Hot Sneakers ()

Mississippi College Josh Melnick Kenai River Brown Bears Speedcubing Lanvin royalwind Jody Bendik Slobodan Feghouli Ben Gamel Reed Jarran Yordan Alvarez Afriyie Pat Marathon Nichols College Puerto Rico NBA Ballers: Chosen One Betts Matt Herbalism

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Paul ()

Marty Jannetty and CJ off Eggheads to form The New New Rockers. Their finishing move will be throwing their opponents into a river from which they don’t resurface.

09/12/2018 🏆CL ⚪🔴⚪
09/12/2018 🏆CL ⚪🔴⚪ ()

River va a poner mas plateas y va a entrar mas de 80 mil personas. No llegamos al numero original sin butacas pero no hay estadio mas imponente que el de River. Tmp hay equipo q pueda llenarlo cada partido como River.

Mónica Ernitz
Mónica Ernitz ()

Que recuerdo por Dios, que noche gloriosa, QUE ORGULLO RIVER!!! ⚪️🔴⚪️🐔🐔🐔

☚ Bts is 7 Apple ☛
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