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El volante de #River tuvo más pases correctos que todo el mediocampo de #Boca en la final de la Libertadores 2018.

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A River Plate fan got a QR code tattooed on them that shows the Copa Libertadores final goals against Boca Juniors whenever you scan it with your phone. 🇦🇷😂👏.

@Doodisgirl @Dondorey1 acts 16: 13 On the Sabbath we went outside the city gate to the river, where we expected to find a place of prayer. We sat down and began to speak to the women who had gathered there.

JW announced that it uncovered 422 pages of FBI documents showing evidence of “cover up” discussions related to the Clinton email system within Platte River Networks, one of the vendors who managed the Clinton email system..

El volante de #River tuvo más pases correctos que todo el mediocampo de #Boca en la final de la Libertadores 2018.

Un hincha de River se tatuó el código QR con los goles de la final ante Boca pero le borraron el video de YouTube.

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Yeouido just biking around this area of the river a couple of months ago. Sigh, I miss it already..

Santiago Sosa ante Tigre - 6 intercepciones y 64 de 70 pases completados. El centrocampista cerebral argentino, clase 99, acumula 220 minutos en el primer equipo de River Plate repartidos en cuatro juegos de Liga de Argentina..


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This house is in #westnorwood in SE London, nowhere near the sea or a river or in fact open water of any kind. The owners clearly have delusions of grandeur, or #notions as we like to say….

Looking at averages of structured data, it is critical to get the regions right. If the regions are wrong, you can get an erroneous picture of reality. For example, using political regions for genetic analysis can give odd results. Also, never cross a river on average 4 feet deep.

@detective26AD Once Upon a River by @DianeSetterfie1 for Netflix original for defininate! Brilliant book!.

@Poplak In SA those in comfortable positions have been selling their sons, daughters and grandchildren down the river for over a hundred years. The apartheid government were allowed to abuse generations of white youth through national service..

@pigeon_island @ayrracecourse Champagne Mystery River Wylde Ravenhill Road Vibrant #PigeonSwoop4.

Cry Me a Riverは重めだけど好きな曲。外国のカップルはジュニアでも重厚な曲をばんばん使うけど、日本ペアもこういう曲で演技するようになったのが嬉しい。 #国別対抗戦 #mitazo.

@DavesaysYES One of the good things about twitter is that it is an ever flowing river, and everything just gets carried away, into the past, forgotten. So no need to fret! people who get upset usually come here in order to get upset! 😉.

Próximo partido de River: se enfrentará ante Argentino de Merlo por la Copa Argentina vía @RiverLPM.

The lodge has its own beautiful 5* river cruise, the Lady Livingstone, which is moored alongside the hotel. Each day the Lady Livingstone departs for a quintessential Livingstone activity – the sundowner cruise. The Lady.

Got the Ritz crew down today - going to show them the importance topography plays in our beef production. A clue - the mighty River Tamar is key!!.

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İzlemeyen kalmasın. Bağırma öleceksin. Gerilla TV savaşın bazı sahnelerini tv ye yansıttı. Unutmayın +18.

@Faitelson_ESPN Lo equiparable para nuetra zona de un River vs Boca sería una final de Concacaf entre Chivas y América. El derbi Regio es sólo una rivalidad regional no de interés nacional..

Jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja este pseudo periodista de deportes, compara al river - boca con este juego Molero, no mames David, ese clásico argentino es por mucho aún mejor que Madrid - barca, la diferencia es $$$ pero aquí hay tradición..

Magnificent PROPERTY LAND IN Canggu Pererenan FOR SALE TJCG208 Located in Tumbak Bayuh, Canggu Pererenan this Freehold 1,125 sqm PROPERTY FOR SALE IN BALI featuring Spectacular Rice fields and river view, perfect for Private house /....

@Faitelson_ESPN Ve nada más la pendejadas más grande que acabas de escribir! Un River-Boca, aquí en México, sólo se podría equiparar a un América-Guadalajara. Por qué de algo puedes estar seguro, una final así se jugaría diferente a lo recién visto..

Action ( ft) - Observation - MNKM5 - Minnesota River at Mankato (Minnesota) at 2019-04-12 06:12:14Z.

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