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Number of years without a playoff appearance for the teams that have now been officially eliminated with the 24 team format: Buffalo Sabres - 9 (?!?!) Detroit Red Wings - 4 Ottawa Senators - 3 Anaheim Ducks - 2 Los Angeles Kings - 2 New Jersey Devils - 2 San Jose Sharks - 1

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The Hockey Jerk™ ()

By the time the Sharks play again, EK65 will have had at least 11 months off, which is plenty of time to get healthy and back to form. I said I wouldn’t be concerned about him unless the 2nd year of his eight year deal is also rough. So this is it. Make good use of your time off.

Eva ↑_(ΦwΦ)Ψ ()

i’ll probably come back when it flips over to summer so i can catch sharks and new beetles and all that but i definitely don’t have any long term island goals or anything since i’m not a very creative person and the flowers are like pulling teeth

Sara Rae ()

probably the most obscure but most Sara random things to be delivered today- LFC jacket, Sharks sweatshirt, & a red gingham dress. If it wasn’t so warm, I’d put them all on right now! 😂

Karlo ()

Live look at the Kings and Sharks during the COVID Cup playoffs

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Y- fallon ()

devils, sharks, king’s, ducks, sabre’s, senators, and redwings fans root for vegas <3

Heather ()

@HorizonsOne @sleamp eBay sharks and people who need to post new Disney Instagram pics? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ruby magnolia 🌸 ()

How do people who post progress videos of their islands not have the urge to shoot down balloons or catch massive butterflies or sharks? #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #acnh

Shellie ()

@Powrbal Its not shark week but if anyone agrees with this hashtag can go swimming with the sharks

白鮫 ()

⚠️創作♂監⚠️顔あり⚠️喋る⚠️4章中編ネタ 云番煎じネタ。細かい所は気にしない 皆ぎゅうぎゅうで寝てたら可愛い 監「熱かったのに一気に血の気が引きました」 #twstプラスB #twstプラス

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Sale Sharks🦈 ()

MATCH MEMORIES 🦈 | Who was at the Challenge Cup Quarter Final 🆚 Connacht 🙌 What a way to get our own back after a narrow loss in Galway! Watch here 👉

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Alex ()

If you use Instagram, I cannot recommend highly enough following She is a conservationist who regularly dives with Great Whites and other sharks and teaches about how harmless most sharks are to us. Amazing images and interesting info as well.

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COOKIE-19 ()

Sharks never have to brush their teeth. They just fall out and get replaced by new ones. I bet they have awful breath.

Sharks ESP 2K ()

📢¡Primera noche de partido oficial! 🏆 @ChampionsNba2k 🆚 @ToxicsEsports 🕚 1️⃣1️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ ¡Aqui os dejamos un pequeño mixtape del equipo para presentar nuestra primera competición!

Heidi Hartwell ()

Thank you. The left gets to say and do what it should we. I had visions of Hillary Clinton with her hands tied behind her the plank and sharks circling the water underneath. We could have so much fun being snarky about it all.

Diplodocus carnegii ()

I’ve got lots of time to reflect at the moment, so I’ve been reminiscing about my UK tour. In Dorset, I found out about the amazing Jurassic Coast & the fantastic fossils that can be found there. Do you know your trilobites from your sharks’ teeth?

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Retro Toys and Cartoons ()

Street Sharks Shark Cruiser Commercial Retro Toys and Cartoons

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Champagne Sharks Podcast ()

This was a pretty good livestream we did today, a little over an hour. One thing discussed is the difference between using facts to tell lies versus using fiction to tell the truth Champagne Sharks Lunchtime Livestream - 5/26/2020

Dave Aikman ()

Sharks are definitely floating around the ocean today. There appears to be an extra level of saltiness out there today.

Pessimus Prime Minister ()

@DrakeGatsby August: police are warning everyone to watch out for zombie land sharks dressed as clowns

Alex Norwood ()

That Golden Knights tweet triggered so many Sharks fans 😂. I’d say good luck in the draft lottery but they traded that pick for a defensemen that hurts them more than helps them.

Dimitri Filipovic ()

Number of years without a playoff appearance for the teams that have now been officially eliminated with the 24 team format: Buffalo Sabres - 9 (?!?!) Detroit Red Wings - 4 Ottawa Senators - 3 Anaheim Ducks - 2 Los Angeles Kings - 2 New Jersey Devils - 2 San Jose Sharks - 1

Journey Inhell ()

American public & HOUSE DEM majority can not remove Trump as long as the GOP SENATE Majority act as his protection goon squad. We the people will be sacrificed so they can continue their frenzied greedy feeding. The GOP SENATE are sharks in the bloody water of America.

Spigot (pig) ()

ASTROPHYSIOGNOMY: PISCES ASCENDANT They look like whales, dolphins, little fishies, sharks. Typically have blobby noses, blobby faces whether thin or not, round soft protruding eyes, loose wavy hair (see next posts), wet lips 1. AL CAPONE 2. B. BLIER 3. TONY HAWK 4. J. ARNESS

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People ask me if I have been traveling during all this. I always have the same sharks stay swimming .

Kweh ()

was going to try and get back into Animal Crossing today and as soon as I finished watering my flowers it rained so back to genocidal sharks it is

Sky Sports Rugby League ()

🗓️Saturday - Live NRL 🏉Warriors vs Dragons ⏲️6am 📺Sky Sports Main Event, Arena & Mix 🏉Sharks vs Tigers ⏲️8:25am 📺Sky Sports Main Event, Arena & Mix 🏉Storm vs Raiders ⏲️10:30am 📺Sky Sports Main Event, Arena & Mix

NHL Hockey Cards ()

Jarmo Myllys San Jose Sharks Upper Deck @SanJoseSharks #SJSharks #NHL

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The Economist ()

How scientists plan to protect endangered sharks from extinction

Simo ()

So if this is the second time the Sharks have been drug offenders, can we send them to Alabama? 👀👀🤔🤔

Adorable World ()

This woman sticks her hands in sharks’ mouths to help when they get caught on hooks 🦈❤️

☚ #EsDeTerrorista #Dólar ☛
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