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i’m seeing a lot of discourse, so let’s get this straight once and for all gryffindor: namjoon, jin, jungkook hufflepuff: hoseok ravenclaw: taehyung slytherin: yoongi, jimin

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Letisia 7☻ 🧡 ()

jimin is a slytherin though, and there’s no discussing that!!!!!!!!!! and color us shocked but yoongi is actually gryffindor and not a slytherin like everyone might think 🥺🥺🥺

Katharina ()

@AidenHatfield This makes me think about what might be your Hogwarts house. Could imagine Gryffindor or Hufflepuff ... maybe Slytherin, too, but only because of the aesthetic (🖤)😄

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child NYC ()

Calling all Slytherins! Join your fellow Slytherin housemates in 1 week for the Slytherin House Pride Night at #CursedChildNYC. For tickets and more info visit 🐍

𝐦𝐢𝐚 ()

Soy 88% Gryffindor, 17% Ravenclaw, 46% Hufflepuff, 54% Slytherin. vía @idr_labs

Cam⁷ ()

so what im getting at is that joon is slytherin and seokjin is gryffindor

## ⁷⁷ ⨁⁶⁶ ()

the harry potter vibes im lowkey getting jimin slytherin boy wbk

MOTS⁷ • ^♡^ ()

@u4eakooks_net Why do I feel like with these pants and that tie that Yoongi is all Slytherin? 🤔

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Kth⁷ ()

I agree, tae could be a ravenclaw too i mean, his brain so hot. And yoongi could be a slytherin too

Vero ()

@koosbum Make one about Jimin and Slytherin while you’re on it please and thanks queen.

Juls⁷ ()

@HobiTimes @primacybts slytherin face and ravenclaw personality and we have a deal 🤗 let’s cut that huff-shit out 👋🏻

Black swan ⁷ ()

@howsyourtae gryffindor: Jin, joon slytherin: jimin, yoongi ravenclaw: tae hufflepuff: hobi, jk

𝚑 𝚒 𝚕 𝚊 𝚛 𝚢⁷💋 ()

My Slytherin boyfriend is mad that he has to share me with a Gryffindor.

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M⁷💜#EGO ()

@hobious sorry namjoon but my opinion is different 😂🌚 GRYFFINDOR : JUNGKOOK ; TAEHYUNG RAVENCLAW : NAMJOON ; SUGA SLYTHERIN : JIMIN HUFFLEPUFF : HOBI ; JIN

FleurBerry🦋 ()

Namjoon y Jimin - Slytherin Jin - Gryffindor Hoseok - Ravenclaw (la mejor casa obvio)

Mariah⁷ ()

@howsyourtae gryffindor: jk, and maybe jin slytherin: jm, maybe yg & jin ravenclaw: nj, maybe yg hufflepuff: hobi, tae

Young dark roast ⁷ ()

But I think Slytherin is the only one I really agree with. I can definitely see the rest of them tho.

Alex ⁷ ()


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ًangel⁷ ()

dulu aku gryfinndor, trs sekarang nyoba lagi hasilnya hufflepuff. tp pernah juga

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Scar ()

@globalvane @BTS_twt Yo siendo Hufflepuff y gustándome un qué escándalo

Mica ()

@bluesideho igual el carácter en realidad no tiene mucho que ver, es más que nada características de la personalidad onda podes ser un forrito de mierda pero estar en hufflepuff ponele yg si queda en slytherin porque es ambicioso pero también muy inteligente con sus decisiones, también lo +

Dede ⁷ hobiuary ()

hogwarts vmin au with slytherin jimin and gryffindor taehyung yes pls

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LUVMin(EgoEgoEgo)⁷ 🍙🐥 ()

AS IT SHOULD BE. THANK FCK!!!! It was so unnerving watching them in different house color dresses ESPECIALLY yoongi. He and Jimi are slytherin through and through.

Ellie 🤍 ⁷ ()

i’m seeing a lot of discourse, so let’s get this straight once and for all gryffindor: namjoon, jin, jungkook hufflepuff: hoseok ravenclaw: taehyung slytherin: yoongi, jimin

Nova 🌻✨ Lilith 🔮⁷ ☁️ ()

@grannyinkorea @Moon_Girl_D bence bangtanın slytherin lineı yoongi, jimin ve tae. tae her binaya olacak kişi ama diyorum, bu üçü tam slytherin team. Run oyunlarında bile belli ediyorlar.

Fidiahh ()

Konsepnya hogwarts house Taejin : gryffindor Sope : ravenclaw Minimoni : Slytherin Kookie : Hufflepuff Yey sama2 Hufflepuff sm dedek

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Trem 💜🐣 ⁷ ()

Kook thì gryffindor, TaeHope hufflepuff, Joon rõ ravenclaw :))) Su slytherin còn anh Jin ko chắc lắm có thể là hufflepuff luôn (?)

𝕧𝕚𝕔𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕒 ⁷ 🖤🦢 ()

I cannot get it out of my mind how they look like houses in Harry Potter. Hence connecting them to txt run away a bit. Jungkook, Jin, & Tae Griffyndor. Joon & Jimin Slytherin. Hpbi Ravenclaw. And Yoongi Hufflepuff. And ot7 pic has TXT vibes with the doodles #FourthLookAt7

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Taca stream em invisible chains ()

@Lauren_me_fode Namorado da Camilli q fanfico, achei incrível ksjskjk Agora eu

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