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Hey @NintendoAmerica the new Smash character looks great. But please, hear us out on an idea for one

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Gigabytes 📱💻📡 ()

Esta es la pinta que tendría el Rey de los Piratas si fuera un Mii Fighter de Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Josue Pereira ()

@ElridAlm Maybe. I can see a Smash release as a tied-in marketing plan at this point.

ひだ@スマブラ垢 ()

@pancake_Switch まだファルコン使い足りないので今から部屋作ってください

EscapeRouteBritish ()

@Ypmuj_ I’m seriously this close to muting “smash” “fire emblem” and “byleth” so I don’t have to see it anymore.

U-key a.k.a.香味焙煎 rep MRK ()

おかしい所、意見求む。 きっと女性目線や当事者目線では全く違うだろうから。

U-key a.k.a.香味焙煎 rep MRK ()

日本は法治国家だし、職業柄ストーカー的な感情なんて持つことは皆無であるが、俺は情があったり、一目置けないと接しない所があるので、突き放されたらまじでショックでしかない。 かと言ってこうして欲しい、あぁして欲しい的な事は言わないし、言えないし、言う権利はないと自覚しているが。

U-key a.k.a.香味焙煎 rep MRK ()

推しが卒業した後の自分の行動を考えてみたが、今のスタンスでは虚無感に襲われて仕事できません的な鬱状態になるのは目に見えてる。 繋がることを前提条件として提示することはないが、本音を言えば友達以下でもいいから何とかならんかなーて葛藤もなくはない。

じょうぎぶ ()

@sounds_smash ですねww 今日はルーザーズで対戦ありがとうございました!!また対戦よろしくお願いします!

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1984: smash hits 16 29 august 1984, page 21

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Kennington Athletic ()

Good luck to our current top scorer @bobbyandrews91 on his latest event, a lot to live up to after #KennyFest but we all know he’ll smash it! #JewBeh

#BestKarinWorstNash ()

It’s a new day and I’m still seeing the whole “I’m disappointed” follower by a bunch of “hoes mad” meme about the Smash reveal and at some I’ve come to the realization that the “hoes mad” folks may very well be more bothered than the “I’m disappointed” guys lmao

Cursed Clown ()

@clowncursed Travel west for a little while. In your world, several will not annoy and try smash, and then justly weigh. @clowncursed

Bajokage JaviWiifit NG ()

De verdad pegaos conmigo en el smash que no me importa quien seais quiero jugar con alguien

Ani Fantasy XIII ()

@_Solid Like Joker or Byllys Side B w Py could be a PK fire Esque Flame Nova attack, and My could be Rolling Smash

Smash Hits 1978-1987 ()

1984: smash hits 19 july 1 august 1984, page 29

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Pawan Aggarwal ()

@webtelworld Its smash the Retweet button 🔥🔥 #ChartbusterSid

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今井康浩 ()

#EVOJapan2020 #SFV Round1のプール名が変わってる😱 各Round1のPoolのメンツと全体シードチェックしとこう😇

Enlightened One GNT ()

happy birthday @Im_Quillen !!!! Ur the best smash dad in the world and Im glad to have known you for 3+ years Love you bro 💙💙💙

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Rolling the time-machine back to 1982 smash hits 5 18 august 1982, page 40

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com a Byleth chegando, a true waifu, MEU roster finalmente está completo pro Smash Ultimate, e assim que eu conseguir um Switch, estarei me dedicando ao máximo pra conseguir entrar no competitivo, o sonho é real, e está mais do que vivo ! 💙🖤💛💙

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Malardo ()

@CROAQUl claro porque fire emblem es el protagonista del smash no es que goku tenga 120000000 formas que podrían estar en el juego y que deberían estar

Hugo ()

Every DLC character in Smash history(except Roy) has had a projectile neutral B. Good night 🌙

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@Pac_To_Pac @zerowondering Which is a shame that the people that are kind of just in the middle aren’t more vocal. It’s all either people wanting for fire sakurai/calling fe shit because of the smash reps or people spamming hoes mad and calling everyone that disagrees entitled

Sonic the Hedgehog ()

Hey @NintendoAmerica the new Smash character looks great. But please, hear us out on an idea for one

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