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Definitely got my eyes on #SpenceGarcia tonight ... Who you guys got?!.

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A performance of Brilliance from Errol Spence Jr who handed Garcia a masterclass not by just being the bigger man but also being the more skilled of the two 👏 once again Benavidez left me impressed and Nery oh man he can bang 👊 - #SpenceGarcia #boxing.

A lot of people mentioned this was a lose-lose situation for @ErrolSpenceJr but I disagree. He got much needed mainstream recognition, showed he could box as well as the boxer and his hometown walked away pleased. #SpenceGarcia #boxing.

Errol Spence Jr defeats Mikey Garcia to retain IBF welterweight world title. Well now, I bet a lot of spectators were cheering them on & I bet both of these gladiators made a lot of money. But, how many years did this fight shave off both of their lives? #CTE #SpenceGarcia @MSNBC.

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👏 Spence “I give Mikey Garcia all the credit for taking this fight. Mikey and I put on a great show in front of all these lovely fans. I respect him so much and I appreciate him for stepping up. Boxing needs risk takers! #SpenceGarcia.

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#SpenceGarcia A one sided beat down. Spence was brilliant and Garcia was probably too tough. Following that I think Spence beats all the current welterweight champs. Technically superb and physically dominant.

Just watched # WOW Spence didn’t just beat Garcia, he beat him up. Garcia offered nothing and proved the weight jump was too much. Spence dominated every round and seemed to land everything significant he threw. His combination punching was lovely.

What an absolute masterclass that was by Spence Jnr. A systematic dismantling of Garcia who had no answer to the beating inflicted on him. Stronger, faster, bigger, technically superior, ESJ put on a clinic. P4P best? I scored Spence Vs Garcia 120-108 #SpenceGarcia #Boxing.

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Just finished watching #SpenceGarcia Garcia put up a hell of a fight, but ultimately was too much of an ask going up that much. Spence looked in control the whole time..

Congratulations to Errol Spence Jr. for a dominating victory of Mikey Garcia. Winning every single round with ease shows the level of his skill, power, execution and dominance. #SpenceGarcia #SpenceVsGarcia 120-107 120-108 120-108.

Manny be like ... “” 😂 #SpenceًGarcia #SpencePacquiao.

Good win for #ErrolSpenceJr now I would like to see him moved up two weight classes like Mikey did. All this Spence fan talking like he beat a guy his size or bigger. He beat a much smaller man and still couldn’t KO him #SpenceGarcia.

Tonight @ErrolSpenceJr proved he is one of the best fighters on the planet pound for pound. A complete domination of Mikey Garcia. Mikey dared to be great but he ran into a wrecking machine. Atmosphere was off the charts tonight @ATTStadium. #SpenceGarcia.

I asked Spence who he thinks will give him the toughest challenge. He pondered for a moment before answering “no one.” Then he said there’s lots of great welterweights and mentioned Terence Crawford first #SpenceGarcia.

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LMAO the internet is so quick #SpenceGarcia #SpenceCrawford.

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[email protected] immediately calls out @MannyPacquiao at mid-ring, says it’d be “an honor” to fight him, Pacquiao says “Yeah, why not?” #SpenceGarcia.

79-73. Spence se metio en la media ahora y la pasó mal Garcia. Ya sangra de la nariz el retador producto del sinfin de jabs que recibió. #SpenceGarcia #BoxeoxFOX.

No boxing production will ever have the “big fight” feel like HBO. Seriously, this doesn’t have a “this is worth $75” vibe to it #SpenceGarcia.

Watch Now Free � Boxing Fight Night Spence JR vs Garcia Live Mobile 🎥 : Live PC 🎥 : #SpenْceGarcia #SpenِceVsGarcia.

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Winner by TKO Luis Nery “Pantera” Out of Tijuana Mexico to improve to 29-0 23KOs #SpenceGarcia.

Por fin la esquina de Arroyo se apiada y ya no lo deja salir. Nery gana por KO en 4r. Lució muy rápido y poderoso. #NeryArroyo #SpenceGarcia.

DJ loopin’ Drake lyrics from his Scorpion album “Gotta represent Aye! Al Haymon checks off all of my events” AL a boss got DJ’s playing subliminal messages during big fights 😭😩😭 #SpenceGarcia.

LUIS NERY WINS AFTER ARROYO RETIRES IN THE CORNER. HE WAS DOWN 4 TIMES IN 4 ROUNDS. What next for Luis Nery? A mature and dominating performance yet again from the Mexican #NeryArroyo #SpenceGarcia.

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Playing Drake’s “Nonstop” here in-stadium and it’s just the line “Al Haymon checks for all of my events” on a loop for the last minute. Well played #SpenceGarcia.

Tonight 9ET/6PT #SpenceGarcia Watch Now Live Fight Here‼️ Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia link::.

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Definitely got my eyes on #SpenceGarcia tonight ... Who you guys got?!.

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