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1 of 2: This is Satchel Tate from Nova Scotia. During a game last week, playing for @HPAsBaseball 13U, he had a stroke. His recovery will be lengthy and difficult, so I’m asking for your help; not with money, but with a card or letter..

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2. The baseball community in Canada is vast. Let’s show him. Please consider writing to: Satchel Tate c/o IWK Health Centre 5980 University Avenue Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 6R8 (Retweets encouraged).

INFO| A 3ª temporada do anime Tate no yuusha no nariagari terá troca de diretor, Hitoshi Haga (Made in Abyss) substituirá o diretor Masato Jinbou. Enquanto isso Keigo Koyanagi e Kevin Penkin continuam sendo responsáveis pelo roteiro e trilha sonora..

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Bueno, demasiado por hoy. A acostarse contentos, tate! 🤣💤.

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Andrew Tate sounds like a few of my exes. A person who never thinks they’re never wrong.

Digga meine ganze Timeline besteht gefühlt nur noch daraus dass Andrew tate ein HS ist was natürlich stimmt aber irgendwann reicht es auch💀.

If I had a pound for every game I’ve seen optic choke Andrew tate wouldn’t even touch my bank balance. Joke of a team.

Millenials go crazy over Andrew Tate. My generation went crazy over Hunter Moore 🤧.

Additionally, Norvell likes how Tate Rodemaker continues to progress and how the offense moved under Jordan Travis. Norvell likes that room..

💻#FastNews Se reveló una imagen promocional para la tercera temporada del anime Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero). Todavía no tiene fecha de estreno. ~Aniki✨ #shieldhero.

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I just have to say that if you truly believe that ppl like Sneako and Andrew Tate are true men and alpha males, you are a moron. For starters, the fact that you are going to a random man to educate you how to be a man and to despise women shows how insecure you must be..

@YeeHawTactical Tate’s target audience vs. Tate’s real audience.

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The really intense str*nger th*ngs fandom is giving me tumblr AHS flashbacks. Eddie is Tate. It’s like watching social media history repeat itself..

Mary Martin, Perspex Group on Orange (B), 1969 #museumarchive #marymartin.

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@amangiechsin he was literally pretending to be andrew tate to get a reaction out of people lol.

@tate_san_sub しつかり垢2つでらぶりつしてくれてるの流石です🤣.

just saw a video of andrew tate saying isis are the real muslims and i didn’t think my hate for him could grow even bigger but here i am.

if you listen to andrew tate for anything other than comedic relief you have 0 brain cells.

[somoskudasai] Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari revela un visual para su tercera temporada -.

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@strangepacks_ ngl pewdiepie gave this generation humour. but ishowspeed and andrew tate ruined the teenager boys fr fr.

@patynazaret Todo estará bien, vas a ver que tendrás tus pelaos. De pronto tu no te acuerdas de mí, pero yo sí me acuerdo de ti, tú eras ex de un panita de Caricuao, eras panita. Tate quieta, todo estará bien..

@MrOverpaid Saw a girl with “rate Andrew Tate from 1-10” in her Tinder bio today The council of thotties must’ve had a meeting recently to combat their waning influence.

Acabei de saber quem é Sharon Tate é o que aconteceu com ela e tô simplesmente 😔😔😔😟😟.

@somoskudasai En pocas palabras, esta S3 de Tate no Yuusha puede ser bastante TOP, o almenos no cometerá el mismo error de la S2. Además roguemos de que algunos del Staff de Made in Abyss ayuden en la producción de la S3..

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El anime Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari» [The Rising of the Shield Hero] anuncio Qué Está en Producción su Tercera Temporada..

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Disfrutar un triunfo asi de Union con mi viejo y mi que feliz soy !!! Gracias tate querido 🇦🇹❤.

This girl I met at work keeps sending me videos by Andrew Tate I AM CRYING TRYING TO EXPLAIN ORIGINS OF THE FAMILY TO THEM.

@Third_X3 しおたんおはようございます🌞 うちも家族の予定何も無いなぁ…😇笑 ご時世もあるし、高校説明会以外ヒキコモリかな🤔 ヤバいのってナンダナンダ?!?!!?!👀👀👀👀✨.

If you have 50mil. You are still much much closer to being broke than being a billionaire. - Andrew Tate.

@tatereeves You get that the math shows the exact opposite, right ? That Blue States are the givers, and Red States are the takers ? Of course you do. You are the Governor of the biggest taker state in the nation ! So, please Welfare Queen Tate, sit down. The adults got this taker.

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