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me at thanksgiving dinner explaining to my GFs family who Hasbullah is.

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One of my favorite White House traditions was telling Thanksgiving jokes – which at least I thought were funny. Here’s a look back at some of my favorites:.

If your family starts arguing on Thanksgiving please go on live so we can all hear it.

Unfortunately, not everyone is having a great Thanksgiving break.

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THANKSGIVING 2022 - reunion of old friends. Alice Brock, Rick Robbins and Me 57 years after the crime..

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One last item for your Thanksgiving dinner: some talking points when that Uncle comes at you about @POTUS..

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Just so everyone’s aware: the government put out a message on thanksgiving announcing an attempt to ban semi-automatic guns..

Trump and Kanye spending thanksgiving together with one of the most famous and dangerous white supremacists/antisemites/holocaust deniers tells you everything you need to know about all these ...and those who have continued to give passes to Kanye and his antisemitism..

I’m heading home for Thanksgiving w/ the family. Well, I wasn’t going to come back to Georgia after this weekend, but — after meeting Herschel Walker & his wife — I’ve committed to returning. See you soon, Georgia: November 30th - December 6th..


Thanksgiving fake …. The pilgrims killed the Indians I still remember them books from school horrible I got Indian friends …. My family might link up!.

Two years ago, we couldn’t even safely celebrate Thanksgiving with large family gatherings. Now we can – that’s progress. Let’s keep it going. Get your updated COVID-19 vaccine and flu shot. Go to.

It’s pretty damn unnerving that the political team at the Washington Post has no problem raising hell when they don’t get invited to a wedding but slips back into objective observer mode when the former president has a nazi thanksgiving..

Music mogul Jonathan Hovain Hylton #diedsuddenly at his home after thanksgiving with his family. He was a household name in the industry and partnered with Ye/@kanyewest to promote Sunday Services. We don’t know the cause of death but we pray he’s not another victim of the 💉.

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As you hit the road for Thanksgiving, some good news: gas prices are falling in most parts of the country, sharply. -- 1 in 10 pumps ⛽️are below $ -- Several states down from Thanksgiving 2021 -- Most common price is $ per @GasBuddyGuy and @AAAnews.

One interesting question is why this is happening on the Sunday night of Thanksgiving week. In theory, Hollywood is about to be largely closed for about a month and a half..

Sky News
Sky News

A man who fell from a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico has been rescued after more than 24 hours stranded in the water. Read more:.

@StrokerAceKid Jay you are the most giving guy I have ever seen. From the races to Santa Jay for Christmas and everything in between. I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. Sorry that it seems every year people try to take advantage of your kindness..


In the annual White House Thanksgiving tradition, President Joe Biden pardoned two turkeys Monday. Biden also took time during the speech to poke fun at Republicans..

@AnIshia420 My first year home for Thanksgiving. So nobody trusts my cooking.🤨 I’ll make a pie and turkey enchiladas for myself then..

do y’all not get fed at home ??? never heard ppl excited for thanksgiving this much.

This time around officials are expressing concern with the early and earnest arrival of the flu season. The illness has already reached levels not seen in years..

@Opensiifyy I’m 3/3 solo shows rn so gimme that act and you’ll be marble by American thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, #Bitgetters 💙 In appreciation of your continuous support, #Bitget is giving away a 10,000 USDT prize pool and 3 cold wallets. ✅ Register here and trade a minimum of 1,000 USDT in Futures Contracts to participate in this promotion -.

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@maartenvda Good Morning ☀️ Maarten, how are you my friend? So happy you’re still on here! Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?! Hope you have a spectacular day!.

Aggravating Norway Fact: We imported Black Friday, without importing Thanksgiving, and the corporations have pushed it into half of November being Black Weeks At least they dropped calling all of November Black Month.

@GiantsSBchamps I’ve never had Mac and cheese on thanksgiving and don’t even like it so Mac and cheese for me.


Hundreds of struggling students at Santa Monica College can now enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal thanks to the school’s annual grocery giveaway program.

Time to go home and bake a pumpkin pie to pretend I’m in America for thanksgiving like I should be! 🥧.


@Jim_Jordan I was robbed Twice during Trumps administration. I don’t blame are and will be opportunist in this Thanksgiving 🍗.

November 23 is Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan, an occasion for commemorating labor and production, and giving one another #thanks..

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