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  • Martin Luther King was only 26 when he helped lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott. John Lewis was 21 when he went down to Mississippi as one of the original Freedom Riders. Diane Nash was 22 when she started leading sit-ins in Nashville. Our youth have always been our future..

  • In my mind, there is one clear winner tonight.... and that’s the king of khakis @SteveKornacki on @MSNBC.



    THE KING twitter.
  • Happy birthday to the king to my queen @_Go_Fisch 😘😘.

  • @Jake_Willard @The_Fuzzy_Biff @CarwellAugustus @Real___Eric @RapSheet And you definitely don’t watch Tannehill play if you think he’s mediocre.

  • I thought the library would have Lovecraft, Clive Barker, or Stephen King because they’re pretty major..

  • God save the King

  • @IMDb The man who would be king. Sean Connery was also fantastic in that movie..

  • my dad on the phone: you want free labor? we don’t do that me: marxist king...

  • The king is here 👑

    THE KING twitter.
  • @NOFSpodcast Adrienne King as Alice in the original Friday the 13th.

  • @brutalistPress Why are the officers in the background not giving this dindo the Rodney king beatdown (especially the male cop)?.

  • Remember that time when we stole the crown jewels? All hail King Jamison Fawkes the First! And, uhm, Duke Roadhog?.

  • I liked a @YouTube video [MV] Hyungdon & Daejune(형돈이와 대준이) _ The King of Math(중2 수학은.

  • ‘O King, O King, O King’, the word mocks itself on the tongue of my fierce beat. I’ll make of your crown a tiny watermark within my ferocious design." #poetry #entropy.

  • @ladyriven Yeah I agree Lion King is great. Thank you for the nice words ^_^.

  • @PlayfulEssence "Still kinda surprised King taught her tee bee haitch." He tilts his head as the grayed out scenes play out..

  • Revelation 17:14 They will make war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will triumph over them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and He will be accompanied by His called and chosen and faithful ones."

    THE KING twitter.

    THE KING twitter.
  • @King_Sekani @ElliottWilson @YouTube Come on. You don’t think the SH members aren’t at least 50% responsible for their own demise? All too convenient to blame the label for everything. Besides Joe’s the one who didn’t want GlassHouse released.

  • سعيد جداً جداً والسبب ميسي ♥️. God save the king 🤴🏻.

    THE KING twitter.
  • Shaun King, It doesn’t actually surprise me that you’re retweeting your articles from a year ago and tweeting about how we should (in the words of Plastic Ono Band) “Give Bernie A Chance” — while students across the country are demonstrating and demanding gun control. (Cont’d)

  • 1 Peter 4:18 King James Version (KJV) 18 And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?.

  • The King African Mack Oddcast Podcast Episode 1: via @YouTube.

  • @RusevBUL Rusev.....please. Beat the 4th level of The Lion King video game, THEN you can move on to #WrestleMania.