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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 07:56 PM IST

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Between Ubisoft lawsuit last week and recent abuse claims about Activision, EA might temporarily be the least offensive of the big three.

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Plus d’un ennemi d’Eivor a écarquillé les yeux en voyant sa flèche, son javelot ou sa hache revenir à toute vitesse en sa direction. Découvrez comment nos équipes ont rendu cette compétence possible dans ce nouvel article de notre blog tech. ⬇️

Between Ubisoft lawsuit last week and recent abuse claims about Activision, EA might temporarily be the least offensive of the big three.

@noisy_summer At least this is actually being investigated and has the potential for the hammer to be dropped on them by California, as opposed to just PR disasters that they try to just move on from (hi Ubisoft)

It’s heartbreaking to read that even after the Ubisoft story, major studios propped up abusers and a culture of harassment and fear. Women in the industry deserve so much better and if the next 30 years of my career is focused on giving a platform to their stories, so be it.

Can you IMAGINE that happening at Ubisoft or Activision Blizzard? Not at all. The upper management would be TERRIFIED of what their staff might have to say.

Tem casos tão ruins quanto e até piores do que as coisas que ouvimos da Ubisoft. A real é que é um problema que é parte da indústria e não casos isolados. A gente ainda vai ouvir a mesma coisa sobre outras empresas grandes.

Ubisoft kuoppaa vain vuosi sitten ilmestyneen Tom Clancy -räiskintänsä:

1/7 The key thing I’d like to say about the Blizzard/Ubisoft news: “under-performer” is often the justification used against minoritized employees. It works well because “performance” is a subjective bar set to enforce values. If those values prioritize short-term profit…

@Ubisoft_Spain Las últimas palabras del Gran Maestro Asesino Ezio Auditore Da Requiescat in pace Gran Maestro.

Ya había mosqueo general porque en Ubisoft dejaban a varios jefes que abusasen a gusto, pero es que lo que ha salido ahora de Activision Blizzard es DE PESADILLA, una versión extrema aterradora de un sitio donde la mujer es basura como cultura de empresa. Esa empresa es el mal.

@Win98Tech Gonna be spicy, but at this point, anyone still working with Ubisoft or Activision-Blizzard is signing off on the abusive behavior. Same for everywhere else in the industry.

@DaniphoenixR pues ojala caigan tras esto de verdad, pero lo triste es que en unos días todo el mundo mirará hacia otro lado, igual que ha pasado con Ubisoft, y tantas mas la industria esta podrida con estos temas x desgracia

Ya habían salido a la luz escándalos en empresas como Quantic Dream o Ubisoft pero lo de Activision Blizzard es un nivel muy superior.

@MrxSoki Deberia de haber una reforma en toda Activision recordemos que hace poco tambien paso con ubisoft y Rios y no les paso nada todo el mundo les perdono

Después de lo del acoso sexual en Ubisoft, Activision-Blizzard. Ninguna sorpresa de que el sector es una sentina.

This alone is so insane that my brain cannot comprehend. I have a lot of swear words bouncing in my head that I cannot even articulate. How in holy hell Activision / Blizzard AND Ubisoft can get away with this for so so so so long?!

Ubisoft Foto,Ubisoft está en tendencia en Twitter - Los tweets más populares

Um jogo que parece revelar alguns problemas da #Ubisoft em lidar com novos títulos. #SkullAndBones

Anyone else miss the time when Tom Clancy games were abit more grounded and more in line with his writings ie rainbow six / splinter cell being more grounded and with a focus on good gameplay, rather than the new generic hero shooter defiant from @Ubisoft such a waste

Por favor, que no se quede en el olvido como los casos de Ubisoft

Ubisoft sigue apostando el 80% de sus recursos a contenido Premium

Me parecía muy grave lo de Ubisoft pero es que lo de Activision no me sale ni qué decir, que tremendo asco.

Ubisoft pone una condición para que sus juegos lleguen a Steam Deck


@Ubisoft @primegaming You guys really don’t know how to cater to the Ubisoft audience. What’s going on with these games that want to be like fortnite or COD

Sad thing is - we had so many shocking and horrendous allegations come out with Ubisoft and what changed?

Ubisoft haemorrhaging talented staff you say? I’m speculating but it’s kinda hard not to pin that on AC: Infinite being a terrible idea. Just me?

@IGN Quick reminder that, despite everything, Ubisoft and Yves have yet to make any real change within the company to prevent more sexual misconduct cases. Ubisoft don’t deserve our support. Until real change is made, #HoldUbisoftAccountable

@JamesTiddlyQuid Maybe Ubisoft saw that people were enjoying themselves and decided to pull the plug on the servers, can’t let players be having fun now can they 😂

Hay que dejar de consumir sus productos, lo mismo que con ubisoft

@ChaySorkin Not gonna lie, I didn’t even know it was out. I remember seeing it at an event that one time, and then this. Same time next year, Ubisoft? 😂

Wakacje, relaks, podróże 🌞 Jeśli nadal nie masz zabookowanego wypoczynku, to dobrze się składa, bo w Ubisoft Store właśnie ruszyła podróżnicza promocja! Sprawdź tytuły przecenione do -80% i zwiedź najgorętsze zakątki świata bez ruszania się z fotela 🗺️

Ubisoft Foto,Ubisoft está en tendencia en Twitter - Los tweets más populares
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